Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, WWE Raw is in Chicago, Illinois tonight, the hometown of WWE Champion CM Punk, a rumor going around is WWE is planning something big for tonight, should be interesting to see what WWE does to try and get Punk booed in his hometown.

We open up this week with a video package of what happened last week between CM Punk and Jerry Lawler.

We go live and Michael Cole is alone at commentary, they show a video of what happened just before Raw went on the air, CM Punk beat Jerry Lawler up as officials were trying to pull him off.

Sheamus is introduced, he comes out from the back CM Punk comes out from the back to a thunderous ovation.  Punk tells Sheamus not to try and talk to his hometown.  He says that the camera doesn’t show everything and that Lawler attacked him first.  Sheamus says Punk thinks he’s The Best in the World, but he’s the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus says Punk is doing to him what The Rock did to Punk, but at least Rock had the guts to get in the ring.  AJ interrupts them and says that Night of Champions is two weeks away, she makes two matches for tonight, John Cena takes on Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk takes on Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler VS Randy Orton is the first match of the night.  Ziggler is great, I cannot wait until he finally becomes the champion, this time hopefully for a lot longer then he had it last time.  Dolph Ziggler steals a win after a roll up and holding the tights.

After the match, The Miz comes out and joins Michael Cole on commentary.

Anger Management session up now.  Hilarious stuff again, they were asked to do an anger collage, Daniel had paper that had NO and YES written on it and went insane screaming both.  Kane had a blank paper, threw it away and then the garbage pale caught fire when Kane did his arm raise thing.

Rey Mysterio teaming with Botch Cara here tonight, their opponents are Tensai and Cody Rhodes.  Rey and Cara get the win, decent match.  Funny botch at the end, Rey hit a 619 and tagged in Sin Cara as he was standing on the apron, then Rey got in the ring and had to tag Cara again, this time when Sin Cara was on the top rope already.

Anger Management video again, another hilarious video!  Daniel Bryan fell backward and Kane caught him, then they asked Harold to fall back and let Daniel and Bryan catch him.  Bryan and Kane let him fall and started acting like friends.

Sheamus VS CM Punk up next.  CM Punk says that the WWE Champion VS the World Heavyweight Champion is a WrestleMania main event, he then says that today is Labor Day and most people took the day off from work, and that is exactly what he’s doing.  He walks out, AJ runs up to him and says he can’t do this Punk says he has personal days, and hes taking one.  Matt Striker tries to talk to AJ and AJ doesn’t know who he is, she tells him to tell Sheamus to stay in the ring she’s going to find him an opponent.

Sheamus’s replacement opponent is Jack Swagger.  Alberto Del Rio is at commentary for this match.  In no surprise, Jack Swagger loses, Sheamus made him tap out to a Cloverleaf.

Divas match coming up.  Eve Torres VS Kaitlyn.  Layla is at commentary for this match.  Eve gets the win.  Commentary was brutal with Miz and Layla.  I had to mute it mid match.

Jack Swagger is leaving, AJ asks where he’s going and he says he’s taking “extended time off” because he doesn’t know what happened to him but he’s better then this.

Another anger management session, Daniel says he’d be happy to give him a rematch from when he beat him.  We get to vote again for what happens between Daniel and Kane.  A one on one match between the two, a tag match with them teaming up, or them hugging.

Jinder Mahal VS RyBerg.  Thanks for comin Jinder.

Daniel Bryan and Kane segment up next, #WWEHug went trending #1 on Twitter…  So sadly it looks like they’re gonna hug in the ring, ugh.  And in no shock, Hug it out wins.  I repeat, UGH!  Daniel starts screaming NO!  Hilarious segment, but I kinda feel it went on way too long.  After the hug they both get into a bit of a slapping arm and shoving match which then turned into an all out fight.  Still think this went on way too long.

Antonio Cesaro defending the United States title against Santino Marella.  Cesaro gets the win.  VERY disappointed how silent this crowd was for Cesaro.

Zack Ryder VS Heath Slater up next.  Zack Ryder wins on Raw on my birthday!!!

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring holding the show hostage about how AJ is running Raw.  AJ comes out saying she just got off the phone with the board of directors and that her actions have been juvenile and that she’s not to put her hands on any superstar, manager or anyone else ever again and that she has to apologize.  She apologizes.  Vickie asks if she’s apologizing for being a bad GM or apologizing for what she did to Vickie, she demands AJ apologize to her right now.  AJ says she’s sorry to Vickie, Vickie says that was pathetic, she wants AJ to apologize and make it mean something.  AJ does it again and Vickie slaps her, AJ looks angry and Vickie says AJ can’t touch her.  Vickie slaps her again, AJ starts going crazy in the ring slamming a chair on the mat before throwing it up the ramp and screaming.

John Cena VS Alberto Del Rio in a falls count anywhere match is up next.  I think this ends with CM Punk possibly costing Cena the match even though he “left the arena” already.  Great match between these two, both men can’t put the other away, Alberto put Cena through the announce table with a belly to back, Del Rio got on the microphone and said he was going to break Cenas arm, Del Rio went for the arm bar submission Cena countered into the STF and Alberto hit Cena in the head with the microphone.  Cena sent Alberto out of the ring and they fought up the ramp.  They fight up by Del Rios car, which means Del Rio is going to be slammed on it soon.  Cena and Del Rio fight backstage, surprisingly leaving the car in tact, CM Punk came out of nowhere and kicked Cena in the back of the head, he put Del Rio on top of him and Del Rio gets the win.  After the match CM Punk continues the assault a bit and just says respect before going back to the car, holding up the title and it drives off, WITH PAUL HEYMAN DRIVING!

Overall, GREAT show, I loved it.  There are a few things that confuses me, why would they put CM Punk and Paul Heyman together?  Punk doesn’t need a mouthpiece or the rub from Heyman to get over, I think he’s doing great enough on his own.  But I’ll let it play out before pissing on it.

Zack Ryder winning AGAIN on Raw tonight, great!

I’m pretty upset about the anger management videos ending, those were great stuff.

I can’t wait to see what happens with AJ and Vickie, very interesting, I have a feeling AJ ends up quitting as Raw GM to feud with Vickie.

I’m going to give this show a 4/5 this week, great ratings for a great show, this is I believe the 3rd straight week that WWE has had me very interested to see what happens next.


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