Wade Barrett‘s return is coming, as evident by the vignettes WWE has been airing recently. However, he has been showing up on house shows. Although he usually wins in a squash match, Barrett almost entered the main event.

According to 411mania,

“Wade Barrett was originally scheduled to face Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus at Saturday’s live Smackdown house showmain event at the Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines, Iowa. The match however was changed to a 2-out-of-3 Falls match between Sheamus and Del Rio. Barrett had a match with Tyson Kidd instead which he won.”

Seth’s Opinion
I have been waiting for so long for Wade Barrett. He is going towards the main event, but very slowly. I don’t know why WWE is still waiting to put Barrett on TV. WWE has shown that they see the potential in Barrett by almost doing it at a house show. I think all WWE fans are sick of Del Rio in the World Heavyweight Championship picture and Wade Barrett would make a great replacment. Did you know Sheamus and Wade Barrett have seen each other in the past? Click here for the match. Enough is enough and its time for a change. Put Barrett back on TV and heading towards a long feud with Sheamus.
What do you think? Why do you think Barrett is performing at house shows, but not on TV? Does Wade Barrett have the potential to be in the main event?

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