There was so many occurrences this past week on Raw. There was a “I Miss Lita” sign, Miz joined Michale Cole on commentary, Punk taking a personal day, Jack Swagger walking out, AJ going nuts, Daniel Bryan & Kane hugging it out, ADR beating Cena in a Falls Count Anywhere Match thanks to Punk, and Punk driving away with Paul Heyman. However I have decided to do a random “Remember When” this week because I’m in a random mood.

Do you remember when Macho Man Randy Savage was a commentator?

It was back in 1993 and Vince was focusing more on the younger talent and kind of pushing the veterans to the side. One of those veterans was Randy Savage. His first announcing duty was on the first episode of Raw on January 1993 and he would continue to do commentary all the way until the end of October 1994.

During that time he would commentate on the Raw shows, PPVs, and occasionally do some Wrestling with the likes of Doink, Rick Martel, Repo Man, and Crush. He also participated in the 1993 Survivor Series and the 1994 Royal Rumble Match. Personally, I loved Savage when he was a commentator. It’s common knowledge to any Wrestling fan of the 80s and 90s that Savage had a unique charisma about him and his promos are second to none. So, with someone like Randy Savage talking for a long period of time is definitely a plus in my book.

Here’s a sample of Savage’s Commentary work on Raw

Here’s Macho Man taking on the Repo Man

Macho Man vs. Doink

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