Welcome back to “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Russo!” This week we’ll finally see the  conclusion as to how the New World Order  is going be brought back to life. Part two ended just before the TLC Pay-Per-View. Previously we saw Dolph Ziggler announce on Raw after Survivor Series that he was cashing in MiTB on a live Smackdown. Ziggler went on to take the title, courtesy of Kevin Nash who interfered when Sheamus was on the outside while Ziggler distracted the ref so he didn’t see Nash nail Sheamus with brass knuckles. The next week, a heavily beat up Sheamus demanded a rematch against Ziggler at TLC. Ziggler didn’t want to accept, but Booker T forced the match into happening, saying that it was only fair. We pick up from here.

At the TLC PPV, the main event is going to be Ziggler against Sheamus in a TLC match. The match is a rollercoaster, extremely even. Sheamus has Ziggler floored, before Brodus Clay interferes to stop his climbing the ladder. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Clay, which sends Clay down. Just as Sheamus is getting ready to climb the ladder once and for all, from nowhere Nash comes out. He smashes him over the back with a chair, and Jacknifes him from the ring through a table outside the ring (set up earlier in the match for this spot). This is a big bump to say the least, but it would be a fantastic moment if Sheamus agreed to take it. As well as being a cool bump, it would also really help in building the trio as being absolutely ruthless. If he isn’t up for this, Sheamus is thrown to the outside and powerbombed through the table. Ziggler has risen, and is looking warily at Nash. Nash tells Ziggler to get himself up the ladder and get his title. Sheamus is still motionless. Ziggler climbs up and retains the belt, takes the jump bump from the top just because he’s Dolph freaking Ziggler and he’d do it just for fun. Clay by this time would be back on his feet, and Nash, Ziggler and Clay celebrate, with Nash in the middle raising both Ziggler and Clay’s hand in victory. The show ends with the three in the ring.

The next night on Raw, it’s revealed that Sheamus is in hospital. He’s been written off TV for months due to the beatings he’s taken over the past month. He’ll come back eventually, but he’s away for the foreseeable future. Maybe WWE can put him in a film or something, I don’t care. But he’s off TV for a few months. Nash leads both men to the ring. He takes the mic and cuts a promo, something like: “The WWE only wiped WCW out because me and my boys weren’t involved. Regardless of that, over the past decade the WWE has become stagnant. Without any threat they’ve lost their edge, and everyone in the company needs a wakeup call”. He passes the mic to Clay. “I’ve been forced to live a lie since I debuted here. I feels like I’ve sold my soul to the devil, and the past year has been a living hell for me. But six weeks ago, I got to show the world who I really am. And I’ve gotta say, it feels good.”

Ziggler takes the mic: “The man who I beat last night isn’t any comparison to the Showoff Dolph Ziggler. I’m the best in this company, and it’s now it’s time to show what I’ve known for the past year. I am going to dominate the WWE” The three leave the ring, having created more questions than answers at this point. Throughout the duration of the event, everyone is talking about what’s transpired for the duration of the show. Cena has a match that night (main event, doesn’t matter who he’s facing, it’s pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things). The three men interrupt. They launch a brutal beatdown of Cena, leaving him out cold. Ziggler takes the mic: “This man embodies everything that is wrong with this company. Kid friendly, bland, boring, complacent. We’re here to change all of that. We’re here to change the WWE. To save it. And there’s only one way to do that. It’s time for a New World Order.”

At this point Brodus, Nash and Ziggler reveal their NWO undertops. The classic T-Shirts are back, Brodus goes to roll Cena back in the ring, on his front. The three crowd around him. They laugh. Ziggler jumps outside (Nash is staying in the ring, wouldn’t want him tearing his quad after all) and brings back a very familiar item: a can of spray-paint. The eternal initials are sprayed on the back of the leader of the Cenation: N…W…O. The show goes to black with Ziggler, Clay and Nash answering the cat calls of the crowd with the vintage NWO music in the background.

This ends part three. So, we’ve done it. We’ve brought the NWO back and I don’t think we’ve done it just for the sake of doing it. It has a purpose to be there, and is set to cause havoc in the WWE. However, there’s one final column to go. Next week I we’re going to explain the logic and reasoning behind some decisions we’ve made in how we’ve chosen to book the angle. We’ll also be looking at a couple of potential ideas for the NWO going forward. I hope you’ll indulge us for one more article on the NWO. I almost feel like we’re milking the New World Order as much as WCW did with the original!

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