With Booker T becoming the new Smackdown GM, there seems to be an open spot as color commentator for the show. WWE is reportedly considering two former superstars for the position.

According to,

WWE officials have had at least some discussions about using JBL and Mick Foley on SmackDown as commentators now that Booker T is working as the General Manager.

The feeling is that JBL has a much stronger shot at getting the job than Foley, despite Foley recently working with WWE on TV and JBL being occupied with other projects. The source that reported this news to us believes that we will see JBL back on WWE TV before 2013, as a commentator or some other kind of role.

Seth’s Opinion

JBL was a much better commentator than Mick Foley, as both held the position in the past. I would also argue that JBL is better shape, but that should not matter as a commentator. WWE is lacking color commentators with Jerry Lawler as the only true one. As most people are not fans of Lawler as commentator, WWE would be wise to add JBL and or Foley as color commentators. In addition, just as Lawler occasionally gets in the ring (whether or not that is good is a completely different story), JBL would again be a better choice to occasionally get in the ring. What do you think? Should WWE give the job to JBL or Foley? Or someone else?

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