Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of “Insight into Impact”, where I will be giving you the lowdown on what happened during the 6th September episode of TNA’s flagship programme, as well as giving my views on what happened too.

So the show opens with a lookback at the action from last week, before we see a video hyping the Bound for Glory Series, and the final 5 guys remaining in it. Cool video, but seemed to end quite abrupt.

Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe (68pts) vs Jeff Hardy (49pts)

Joe controls the opening of this match, and everytime Hardy tries to build a fight back, Joe shuts him down. The fight goes outside, Joe tries to slam Hardy’s head off the stairs, Hardy blocks, hits Joe’s head off them, then uses the stairs to hit Poetry in Motion on Joe. After a break, Joe is back in charge, and tries to wear down Hardy for the pin, but can’t quite do it. Hardy fights back and hits the reverse mule kick, inverted atomic drop, legdrop and dropkick combo for a 2 count. As Hardy goes to the top, Joe is up, Hardy leaps over him, but as he tries for the Twist of Fate, Joe turns it into a Coquina Clutch. Hardy struggles, but drops Joe on the turnbuckle. Hardy with a Whisper in the Wind, then Twist of Fate…Joe stands and stumbles, Hardy drops him with a modified Anaconda Vice which Joe ends up tapping from!

Winner: Jeff Hardy (+10pts)

This now means Hardy has jumped into 3rd place, and no one can catch James Storm at the top of the leaderboard. It also means Bully Ray vs Rob Van Dam will fight for the last place in the semi finals!

A video is played showing the Aces attacking Austin Aries. From that, Aries runs into Hulk Hogan backstage, asking how many more weeks will he be attacked, and says he wants answers. Hulkster informs Aries the guy attacked him was on their payroll as a “freelance worker”, and will be here at Aries disposure, to do whatever needed..even break the guys legs if needed.

Christy Hemme is about to interview Samoa Joe on the ramp, when Magnus appears. He says he knows Joe is upset having just lost, but he wants to explain how his temper got the best of him a few weeks ago. Magnus mentions how Joe split up a good team by acting like a egomaniac, but he’s over it and will be the bigger man. Magnus wishes Joe good luck…only to walk off, then come back to attack Joe!

Hulk Hogan has Kid Kash, Gunner, Robbie E.T. and Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero with him. He tells them he needs someone to lead the tag division, and wants to know why these teams deserve a shot at Kazarian and Daniels. Robbie E thinks it’s because he and Big Rob are the youngest and best athletes in the room, Kid Kash says he and Gunner are the best pick, and Chavo mentions he’s been a tag team wrestler since he was 10. AJ Styles enters the room, saying he wants a shot, and even Hogan agreed last week he deserves revenge. Hogan instantly eliminates AJ, because he doesn’t want 2 titles on 1 man.

Backstage next to the other Hogan, Brooke, who has Tara with her. Brooke says she was impressed with how Miss Tessmacher called Tara out at Open Fight Night, and wants to see them fight again. So, it’s booked for Tessmacher vs Tara at No Surrender. Gail Kim enters the shot, saying Brooke is pushing away talent for “eye-candy”. Brooke suggest of Gail wants to fight Tara, they’ll do so tonight. Gail and Tara argue as the segment ends.

Gail Kim vs Tara

Gail dominates most of this match, taking Tara down often, and on the offense. Gail connects with the flying splash in the corner and drops on the back of Tara who was hanging on the middle rope. Tara tries to sneak a pinfall but Gail blocks it and boots her. Gail tries another splash and misses, Tara builds momentum and goes for a suplex with a floatover pin for 2. Tara tries to go to the top, Gail drops her on the ropes. When Gail goes up, Tara blocks it, pulls Gail off the ropes in position for the Widow’s Peak and nails it for the win.

Winner: Tara

A lookback video at GutCheck showing Joey Ryan’s match, and all the problems he’s caused lately, including the attacks on Al Snow.

Al Snow is in the ring, and he says a jackass has been trying to get his attention, and he’s now done it, before inviting Joey Ryan in. Joey comes through the crowd, and tells Al he’s bring sleazy back to TV. Snow offers a 2nd chance, no judges, just win and Ryan wins a contract, to which Ryan refuses as he feels he already proved he deserves a contract. Snow goads Ryan, and tells him to earn the spot, before informing Ryan he’ll be facing Al Snow himself! Ryan says no one wants to see Snow in spandex, and Snow replies “I’ll whoop you in jeans then”, before slapping Ryan! Ryan whines about suing Snow for that, as Snow seems to regret what he just did.

Joseph Park is on his phone when Bully Ray interrupts. Bully says he’s not here to fight, but wants to know what info Park has found on the Aces. Joseph says due to client confidentially, he can’t say, but he’ll let Hogan and Sting know. Bully warns Joseph to be careful, as he knows what guys like the Aces are capable of.

A member of TNA security drags the Aces member who slapjacked Austin Aries into a room backstage. Aries appears, to let the guy know they’ll have a chance to get to know each other…or Aries might have a bit of fun.

Back to the Hulkster with the tag teams. He asks once again why the deserve the title shot. Chavo Guerrero says how he and Hernandez have already beat Kid Kash and Gunner, while Kash complains it was an unfair result. Robbie E highlights the other two teams have barely teamed up, while he and Big Rob have been paired for months now. Hogan eliminates Kid Kash and Gunner, saying it’s too personal for them.

Bound for Glory Series: Rob Van Dam (55pts) vs Bully Ray (55pts)

While Bully swings and goes for attacks, RVD keeps going for pinfalls. Bully goes outside to complain, only for a baseball slide and then a dive over the top by RVD. RVD goes to the top rope and Bully drops him on the ropes, causing RVD to land awkward and tie his leg up. Bully works over the leg, but then decides to argue with Earl Hebner, allowing RVD to strike with a spinning wheel kick. RVD runs through signature kicks and moves, until running into a big boot from Bully. Bully misses a second rope splash, RVD catches him with a springboard kick. RVD goes to the top, as he goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash, Bully is up and hits a Bully Cutter in mid-air! 1-2-3 for Bully, it’s over!!

Winner: Bully Ray (+7pts)

Top 4 in the Bound for Glory Series: James Storm – 73pts, Samoa Joe – 68pts, Bully Ray – 62pts, Jeff Hardy – 59pts.

Back to Austin Aries, and he tells the guy he’s holding hostage that the Aces don’t care for him. Aries says he talks, or they’ll do this the hard way. The guy now identified as Mike stays silent, so Aries decides to pull at his tongue with a pair of pliers. Hulk Hogan stops this, saying “2’s a part but 3’s a bitch”, before slapping Mike. As Hogan is talking, he receives a call, from “the VP of the Aces”. Hogan suggests if they want Mike back, send down the guy who broke Aries’s arm alone, and the guy will also fight Aries at the PPV. Hogan slaps Mike once more, then tells Aries to let the guy live.

James Storm makes his way down. He discusses how the last year has been a rollercoaster ride, with failing to win back the World Title, taking time off, and then coming back to end Crimson’s undefeated streak, before topping the BFG Series. He calls out the 3 guys who are in his way for a title shot: Bully Ray, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy. Storm says Joe is one of the toughest guys to step in a ring, and he doesn’t need to say how good Hardy is. Which is why he picks Bully Ray for the BFG Series semi final. Storm calls Bully to the ring, and tells him last year Bully ended his BFG Series chances, this year, roles reversed. Storm then says he knows who Bully is, and now Bully will know who he is! They argue face to face, same for Hardy and Joe on the ramp.

Backstage to Christy Hemme who is interviewing Rob Van Dam. Magnus interrupts again, saying he can see RVD is devestated. Magnus thinks the old RVD wouldn’t have failed at the last hurdle, but maybe RVD can’t reach the bar the young guys are setting. RVD has heard enough, and they brawl until security splits them up.

Kazarian and Daniels come down to the ring. Backstage to Hulk Hogan with Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero and Robbie E.T., where Hogan says it’s been a tough choice, but he’s going with the team who need to prove themselves, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

TNA Tag Titles Match: Kazarian and Daniels (c) vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

The challengers rush down and a brawl starts the match, before the challengers use quick tags to keep themselves fresh, while beating down Daniels. Daniels tags out, but it doesn’t last long, Kazarian is hiptossed, and Daniels is back in. Hernandez holds Kazarian in a high vertical suplex, Daniels tries to stop it and Chavo’s in to hit the 3 Amigos, while Hernandez still holds Kazarian in the air. After a break, control has switched to the Champs, and they’re making quick tags while keeping Chavo in. Chavo finally gets out, Hernandez in to clean house. Hernandez goes to the top, Kazarian stops him, until Chavo pulls Kaz off the top, then hits a huricanrana on his own partner, dropping Hernandez onto Kaz!! Kaz and Chavo end up outside, Daniels tries a moonsault but Chavo moves and Kaz takes the brunt of the move, before Hernandez flies over the top too. Hernandez splashes Kaz in the corner, Daniels throws Chavo outside, distracts the ref with one title, before using the other on Hernandez, allowing Kaz a schoolboy pin to win.

Winners and still Tag Champions: Kazarian and Daniels

While Kazarian and Daniels celebrate, Hulk Hogan appears. He lets them know AJ Styles is backstage and feels he can beat them both at the same time. But rather than a 2 vs 1 match, it will be Kazarian and Daniels vs AJ Styles and Kurt Angle!

Taz and Mike Tenay run through the No Surrender Card. We see RVD vs Magnus, Tara vs Miss Tessmacher, Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion (no build up!) and the BFG Series Semi Finals added to the card.

Austin Aries leads “Mike” down to the ring. Aries says he was happy to beat this guy up, but a deal has been made, and he’ll go with that. He calls out the guy who broke his arm, only for no one to appear. Aries tells Mike perhaps the Aces don’t value him after all, and he goes to beat him up. Mike says he’ll talk, and as Aries goes for the mic, the “big guy” from the Aces appears, pulls Mike out the ring…and whacks him with a hammer!! Aries attacks with a suicide dive, they then brawl outside and inside the ring, before the TNA logo ends the show….


I felt this show had a nice mixture of both build-up to No Surrender, and the Aces and Eights storyline continuing. I expected Storm, Joe, Hardy and Bully to be the final 4, so it didn’t surprise me to see this confirmed on this week’s show. First off, I felt Joe vs Hardy and Bully vs RVD were too good matches, especially the latter of the two (what an ending from Bully too!). I look forward to the end of this series at the PPV, and I’m going to say I think Storm will win the series (although I wouldn’t mind any of the 4 winning). Nice way of continuing the Aces storyline, good to see them doing something different to having the group have 20 people attack TNA guys. Surely the big bastard will be unmasked this Sunday so we see one “key” member of the group? As for the rest of the show, good Knockouts match, enjoyable tag team match, and good to see Ray was spot on with his prediction for Snow/Ryan ending up in a match!

Thanks once again for taking the time to read this review.

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