WMC TV in Memphis is reporting Jerry “The King” Lawler did not suffer any brain damage as a result of his heart attack Monday during Raw.

There was a concern regarding the lack of oxygen being supplied to his brain as he was being urgently attended to by EMT’s and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Lawler still remains hospitalized in Montreal.

His ex-wife and former WWE Diva, Stacy “The Cat” Carter posted the following on Twitter:

This is indeed wonderful news. However, Jerry is not out of the woods yet but it looks like he will be on his way to recovery soon. Wrestling Rambles has not reported anything on ”The King” other than this update so therefore I will just post my thoughts on Jerry Lawler and how WWE handled the situation.

WWE, in my opinion, did a phenomenal job of dealing with this situation and they showed true professionalism.

I always liked Jerry Lawler, though, I was getting sick of him on Raw. I’m not being disrespectful or anything, just being honest. I also don’t want to come off as a hypocrite and write that I love listening to him each and every week as previously I expressed my opinion on how I am bored of him. It wasn’t just me that was getting bored of him either. The majority of you reading this felt the same. I hope none of you take it the wrong way because, the IWC is part of the wrestling world and we see things passionately, therefore I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I respect the hell out of Lawler. He’s been in the business for over 40 years and he still wrestles on the Indy circuit. He does that because wrestling is his passion, he loves doing what he does best. He is like every other passionate wrestler out there, he loves hearing us cheer or boo him. He clearly doesn’t do it for the money; that’s for sure. WWE pay their employees more than any other wrestling company. Therefore Lawler doesn’t need to be wrestling multiple times a month on the Indy circuit.

People thought WWE forced Jerry to wrestle for storyline purposes and that is not true. WWE respects Lawler and they show that when they put him in a TV match. You gotta respect WWE for doing that.

I hope ”The King” gets better as soon as possible and can start walking on his road to recovery. We love you man and hope to hear you call at least one more match with your long-time buddy Jim Ross or Michael Cole. I say that on behalf of everyone here at Wrestling Rambles.

Also I want to address what a marvelous job the ringside doctor and the medical team did during this situation. With in a matter of seconds Lawler was being assisted and he was so lucky he was at a WWE event where a doctor was on stand-by. That doctor saved his life. If it happened on the road, at a hotel or at one of the Indy shows he wrestles for — he may not of survived it. The situation was in the hands of somebody who knows how to control the situation. They’re the real heroes, not the men wrestling in the ring, not the Hollywood actors, not Justin Bieber etc etc You get my point.

Another man who deserves as much praise is Michael Cole. He had every right to stand down for the night or go to the back, but we saw Cole for who he really is. We saw him out of character. He handled the updates like a true professional. Just as good as JR did when he broke the tragic news that Owner Hart has died during the Over The Edge PPV. I have gained a ton of more respect for Cole.

Lastly — CM Punk, John Cena and Bret Hart need to be praised as they also showed true professionalism. Especially Bret Hart. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to lose my little brother, I don’t know what I’d do without him. Bret lost his brother at a wrestling event, I imagine Bret had nothing but flashbacks of his brother after seeing the state Lawler was in. Then for him to go out there and conduct an interview hyping the NOC PPV was a mark of true professionalism, respect and nothing less. CM Punk and John Cena deserve a ton of credit too. WWE easily could of scrapped the show and fans wouldn’t of complained or moaned considering the circumstances there were. The promo they cut was phenomenal and it made me interested in NOC again. It was the only part of the show, since Jerry’s heart-attack that I cared for. I don’t know if there is irony here or not, but it was almost as if the emotion we were feeling for Jerry was transcribed into the emotion wrote into the story Punk and Cena were telling in their promos.

That’s all I have to say on the matter and once again I hope ”The King” recovers as soon as possible and we see him back on WWE TV again someday. Thanks for reading and don’t be shy by sharing your thoughts below.


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