Firstly I want to take time to wish Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler a speedy recovery.  A sad occasion watched with horror by millions around the world.  Michael Cole showed great professionalism as did all the WWE Superstars in such a grave situation.  Kudos to all the medical staff involved on the night and the days after.  They saved a life of a much loved man.

Seeing Bret Hart on Raw this week made me think back to some of the greatest and most shocking moments I’ve witnessed over the years as a fan.  I’m going to share my all time favourite moments with you, the Rambling masses…

10.  Kurt Angle’s milk truck vs. The Alliance.  Every WWE fan remembers this.  If you weren’t old enough to remember watching it, you sure as hell looked it up and watched it.  Austin named this night ‘Austin appreciation night’.  He and The Alliance were in the ring celebrating Austin’s ‘victory’ against Angle at Summerslam 2001. Kurt interrupted the celebrations by entering the arena driving a milk truck.  No I wasn’t seeing things; he was driving a milk truck!   Angle threw some cartons of milk at Alliance members before grabbing a hose and dousing everyone in the ring with milk.  He made sure Austin got more than his fair share!   Whilst having a couple of glasses of the white stuff, JR passed comment referring the Stephanie as ‘the dairy queen’, an image I will never forget.  Television GOLD!

9.  Raw is Jericho.  1999 saw the debut of Chris Jericho.  WWF had been counting down for weeks to the Millennium, but the countdown ended in August with the entrance of Chris Jericho.  He interrupted The Rock cutting his usual promo full of insults on an episode of Smackdown.  The countdown hit zero, the lights went out, his music hit and Jericho emerged on stage to a massive pop.  Jericho’s debut was and remains one of the best if not THE best I’ve seen.  He was and still is one of the greatest heels and wrestlers in the industry and I can’t wait for his return!

8.  The first ‘Rock’ concert.  2003 saw The Rock in full heel swing.  After challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin to a match at Wrestlemania 19, he stated he wanted to beat ‘that bald candy ass’ and a great back and forth war was waged.  On Raw The Rock held his first of many ‘Rock Concerts’.  He sat in the ring and played his much loved, signed Willie Nelson guitar and recited hilarious lyrics slating pretty much everyone.  Stone Cold was forced to listen from the car park and was being kept out of the arena (for now).  After one too many insults Austin hit the ring to fight with The Rock.  The Rock didn’t waste much time in retreating and forgot his guitar in his hurry to escape the Rattlesnake.  Austin subsequently destroyed The Rocks prized possession.  There match at Wrestlemania was crap, however, the build up to it is certainly one to watch!

7.  Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Mr McMahon some TLC.  In 1998 we saw the feud between Stone Cold and Vince reach fever pitch.  After Kane and Undertaker hospitalised Mr McMahon WWE cameras were to follow Vince’s recovery.  Feeling somewhat sorry for McMahon, Mankind paid him a visit at the hospital to cheer him up.  Vince couldn’t have been less pleased to see Foley standing over his bed!  Unable to escape he was forced to endure the dulcet tones of Yurpel (Foleys adored party clown).  Mankind also brought along, for the first time ever…  MR SOCKO!  Sockos debut was in fact giving a kiss to the injured leg of McMahon.  Later in the show we watched Vince become more and more tetchy and aggravated.  A doctor announced ‘I’ll take it from here nurse’.  That doctor of course turned out to be Austin who beat the living daylights out of McMahon.  The sound the bedpan made bouncing off Vince’s head was utterly priceless!  This has to be one of the most watched, loved and famous moments in WWE history!

6.  Mick Foley wins the WWF Championship.  That famous night on the first Raw of 1999 Mankind was set to fight in a WWF title match against The Rock.  Entering as the underdog thanks to connections The Rock had with the Corporation it seemed Foley didn’t stand a chance.  Then came DX to even the odds out a little.  Nitro was showing live that night, WWF had been pre recorded.  It was on this night the famous ‘switch over’ took place.  Trying to steal the limelight from WWF the Nitro announcer as he regularly did revealed the results from Raw.  What he failed to realise was just how much loyalty the fans on Mankind had for him.  More than 600,000 people immediately changed the channel to watch the underdog Foley win the big one.  Foley stood victorious, the biggest win of his career.  DX hoisted him to their shoulders and Foley gave a heart warming speech dedicating his win to his children.  His emotion was clear to see.  A fantastic moment for wrestling fans, for Foley and for WWF.

5.  Eddie Guerrero’s tribute night.  The untimely death of one of the greatest wrestlers that we have ever seen was a monumental blow to the professional wrestling industry.  In November 2005 Eddie was found dead in his hotel room after suffering heart failure.  The following night on Raw WWE and its fans paid tribute to this great man by dedicating the whole of Raw to his memory.  Videos were played, matches dedicated to him, speeches from friends and colleagues and a ten bell salute filled the arena.  No superstar was forced to compete that night, but many stepped forward to dedicate their matched to the late and great Eddie Guerrero.  It was an emotional night, but a great way to bid farewell to one of wrestling’s heroes.  I certainly won’t forget it.  Viva la Raza!

Next week I will reveal my top 5 favourite moments of all time.  Until then, thanks for reading and enjoy the videos!

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