Welcome to my latest “Insight into Impact” post, where as usual, I’ll be giving you the rundown for what happened on the 13th September episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, as well as throw in a few comments on my thoughts about the show.

So, the show opens with a lookback at TNA getting put on lockdown at No Surrender, as well as how the Bound for Glory series ended too.

Austin Aries is out first. He discusses he did’t unmask any Aces (false, we now know Mike Knox is one), but he took a chunk out of their ass, before switching his attention to Jeff Hardy, who he calls out. Aries congratulates Hardy on winning, but as the Champ tries to speak, Bully Ray interrupts. Bully says both guys are lucky he isn’t in the main event, but Aries disagrees, reminding him both Hardy and Aries beat Bully last time they faced him. Aries suggests Hardy vs Ray once more, Hardy agrees, and as Bully tries to speak, Hardy’s music plays.

X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion (c) vs Sonjay Dutt

Dutt with the advantage early on, and everytime Ion tries an attack, Dutt blocks and counters with a huricanrana of some sort. Dutt tries a standing moonsault, Ion dodges and goes for Rings of Saturn to the injured shoulder of Dutt. Dutt reverses the submission into a pinfall, before hitting a standing sliced bread. Dutt hits his moonsault-into-double foot stomp, but Ion gets his foot on the ropes. As Dutt tries again, Ion drops Dutt on the turnbuckle, Dutt lands on his shoulder and Ion pins him.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: Zema Ion

After the match, Ion hits Dutt with his hairspray can, before locking on an armbar.

Daniels and Kazarian are in Hulk Hogan’s office, joking about. Kazarian is in kiss ass mode, with a Hulk Hogan shirt on. Hogan appears, first to congratulate them, but then to book them in singles matches. Daniels will face either Chavo Guerrero or Hernandez, Kazarian to face AJ Styles or Kurt Angle. If they lose a match, they’ll defend their tag titles against whichever person’s team wins.

We cut to AJ Styles and Kurt Angle discussing who will face Kazarian. AJ wants payback, but Angle thinks AJ gets too emotional over fighting either Tag Champ. Angle says if AJ can guarantee the win, he’ll let him have the match. AJ walks off, and Wes Brisco appears. Angle suggests Wes watches AJ’s match with him.

We get a lookback video of Bully Ray vs James Storm, and the controversy surrounding Bobby Roode’s return.

From that, Bobby Roode comes to the ring. He recaps losing his last chance at the World Title and going home, before saying he couldn’t stand watching someone who rode his coat-tails get a title shot….so he came back to stop James Storm winning the BFG Series. Storm has heard enough and makes his way to the ring, they brawl inside the ring, outside it, all the way out of the building!

AJ Styles vs Kazarian

AJ tries to end the match early but can’t lock in for the Styles Clash, so catches Kazarian with his awesome looking dropkick. After a break, Kazarian tries to suplex AJ back in, AJ brings him out to the apron and hits a devestating DDT onto the apron. AJ then tries to use the stairs for a flying forearm smash, misses, and Kaz hits a monkey flip. Back in the ring, AJ turns the match his way, tries for the Styles Clash, it’s blocked once more, before Kaz tries to pin with his feet on the ropes. As Kaz rushes at AJ, AJ dodges a clothesline, hits the Pele Kick and Styles Clash to win!

Winner: AJ Styles

Hulk Hogan in his office, warning Brooke she needs people guarding her while this Aces threat happens. Joseph Park appears, he tells Hulk that he has some info, but he needs clear evidence before he can speak, and that evidence will hopfeully be here next week. Hulk says he’s off to the ring, and needs Joseph to guard Brooke for him.

Bully Ray goes into Jeff Hardy’s locker room, and suggests if Hardy wants to fight, put his title shot on the line. Hardy stands with his eyes shut, and Bully calls Hardy a coward. Hardy replies he was ready earlier, but if Bully wants the title shot, he’ll put it on the line.

Hulk Hogan takes his time getting to the ring. He praises Jeff Hardy winning the BFG series, before booking Hardy vs Bully tonight with the title shot on the line. Hogan states the Impact Zone is now on lockdown…only to have the Aces and Eights interrupt him. They ask if Hogan locked them out…or did he lock them in? The lead guy suggests Hogan needs to keep his eyes open, as anyone Hogan encounters could be part of their group…and he won’t know until they attack!

Backstage to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Chavo is unhappy how they had Daniels and Kazarian beat, only to get cheated. But tonight, they have another chance, and Chavo is doing this for themselves, and for “la raza”.

Chavo Guerrero vs Daniels

Chavo takes the match to Daniels, backbreaker and a monkey flip. Daniels tries to take a breather but Guerrero with a somersault off the apron. Daniels attacks Chavo as he tries to get in the ring, and drops Chavo with an STO. They trade blows before Chavo gains the upper hand, and knocks Daniels outside. Daniels tries to use a title, Chavo ducks, hits the 3 Amigos and Frog Splash to win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

GutCheck is back next week, and the guy taking part is Evan Markopoulos. He runs through his backstory, including mentioning he’s only 18! Checking up on this guy, he recently appeared on WWE Smackdown, being squashed by Ryback (he’s in this video, as Ari Cohen).

We see James Storm backstage, who says he hopes Bobby Roode enjoyed his night in jail, as Storm is about to make his life a living hell. Storm then says next week is Open Fight Night, which is good for Storm, but bad for Roode.

Tara is in the ring, and calls down Miss Tessmacher to congratulate her. Tara says part of her was upset at losing at No Surrender, but part of her was happy, because it means she taught Tessmacher well. Tara says she’ll always love Tessmacher, before asking to properly present the title. Tara puts the belt around Tessmacher’s waist and leaves the Champ to celebrate…only to return, attack, and drop Tessmacher with the Widow’s Peak.

Backstage to Hulk Hogan in his office with Brooke Hogan, Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, D’Lo Brown and Dixie Carter. Dixie suggests the Aces are out of control, with Hogan responding if they don’t end this, it may never stop. D’Lo suggests letting them in, Hogan agrees due to how easy they already got in. The group then discuss it possibly being an inside job, and that the 2 ladies need to be protected, before a slight disagreement as they all discuss could one of them be “the insider”.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy

Bully attacks before the bell, before Hardy turns the match his way, knocks Bully outside, and hits a crossbody as we go to a break. Back from the break, Bully runs into Hardy’s feet, and Hardy hits a 2nd rope splash for 2. Bully responds with a big boot, backbody drop and splash, also for a 2 count. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, it’s blocked and Bully rams Hardy shoulder first into the turnbuckle. After Bully works over the injured spot, Hardy manages to get his elbow up, and then the Whisper in the Wind. Hardy runs through a few signature moves, but as he tries for the Twist of Fate again, it’s countered by a Bully Bomb. A 2nd Bully Bomb is countered into a DDT, Hardy goes to the top, Bully stops him and hits a superplex. Bully misses a splash off the ropes, before Hardy then misses a Swanton Bomb. Bully hits a 2nd Bully Bomb, but then misses a big boot, before not one but TWO Twist of Fates from Hardy, and the Swanton Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy celebrates his win, as the show ends.

Enjoyed the show, and felt it was quite clever too. The idea of trying to move away from the Aces and on with the show was a good one, although as expected, isn’t quite working the way the Hulkster wants. I also like this idea of putting doubt into the minds of those in TNA about people helping the Aces. It could be someone like Wes Brisco who looks similar to one of the gang, or someone in the backstage department like D’Lo Brown. Either way, it could lead to some interested developments…as long as they don’t do that stupidity again from this week (during the promo in Hogan’s office, when it showed each person one by one, with a stupid sound effect). I look forward to how this goes. I felt Tara would turn on “her boo” after her reaction at the PPV, and I’m glad she did it on Impact. They kinda needed to shake it up slightly, and I like Tara as a heel, think she suits that role better than a face. Roode/Storm resuming is great, will be nice to see this feud continue without a title, and I’m sure they could put on a top match at Bound for Glory. As for matches, enjoyed all the matches on this show, with Kazarian/AJ standing out at the best (that DDT on the apron was Beeee-rutal!!).

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, it’s greatly appreciated!

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