Last Monday on Raw, the show kicked off with Paul Heyman talking about the controversy surrounding the WWE Title match at last Sunday’s Night of Champions. Heyman even called out referee, Chad Patton to discuss the matter even further. This isn’t the first time Patton has been in the center of WWE Championship controversy. In fact, his first encounter is the center of this week’s “Remember When”.

Do you remember when Chad Patton took on Chris Jericho?

It was the summer of 2005 and John Cena was in the middle of his first reign as WWE Champion. Cena was involved in a feud with Eric Bischoff, who wanted the take the belt away from Cena. So, Eric tried everything he could to take the title off of him, including hiring Chris Jericho as his right hand man.

One week on a episode of Raw, Bischoff put Cena in a WWE Title match against Carlito with Chris Jericho as the Referee. Things were looking in Carlito’s favor until Jericho gets taken out of the equation and Chad Patton comes in to replace him. Cena ends up winning the match and the next week on Raw Bischoff put Patton in a match against Jericho with Eric as the Referee and Carlito at ringside. Obviously, the match was one sided and Jericho ended up winning.

Could we see a possible CM Punk vs. Chad Patton match after NOC? Or maybe we’ll see a CM Punk vs. Brad Maddox match after this past Monday. I’ll let you all think about that.

Here’s Chad Patton vs. Chris Jericho

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