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The show opens backstage, Hulk Hogan is stood talking to Shaquille O’Neal. They discuss a show Shaq is on, before talk turns to the Aces and Eights. Shaq tells Hogan he has his back, and then calls out the Aces.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle make their way to the ring. Angle says they used to have the Tag Titles, before getting screwed by Kazarian and Daniels, and then got screwed again recently at No Surrender. Last week they won another title shot…but so did Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. With tonight being Open Fight Night, Angle and Styles are calling out Chavo and Hernandez.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Hernandez with early control of the match, he brings Chavo in who gets caught with a belly to belly suplex by Angle. Kazarian and Daniels appear on the ramp, as we head to a break. After the break, Hernandez gets a hot tag and takes down both Angle and Styles, even blocking an attack with a double clothesline. Chavo is back in and fails with the 3 Amigos, Angle is tagged in and hits German Suplexes to both Mexican stars. Back and forth attacks from both sides in quick paced action until Angle and Hernandez end up outside. Chavo misses a 5 Star Frog Splash, AJ hits the Pele Kick, but before he can hits the Styles Clash, Kazarian and Daniels attack both AJ and Chavo.


Kazarian and Daniels keep beating AJ and Chavo down until Angle and Hernandez run them off. As Daniels and Kazarian celebrate, Hulk Hogan appears. He says how there is a problem as there is no out-right challengers for the Tag Titles. Therefore, at Bound for Glory, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, as well as Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero will challenge for the Tag Titles.

We’re walking backstage with Al Snow. He jokes about his haircut, before he discusses the guy for GutCheck tonight. Snow is asked about Joey Ryan, and replies he’s been called to the principal’s office to find out if he crossed the line with his actions a few weeks ago.

Hulk Hogan is on the phone to Joseph Park. Apparently Park is in a queue trying to get in, and may be a while. Hogan has a member of staff go find Park, and bring him straight through to the Impact Zone, so Park can bring his evidence directly to Hogan.

There’s a Bound for Glory memory moment, as Samoa Joe remembers his crazy jump from a SkyBox across a section of seating to attack Sting during the 2008 PPV.

GutCheck video is replayed, giving a bit of a background check on tonight’s competitor, Evan Markopoulos.

Dixie Carter is chatting with Bruce Prichard. Dixie tells Bruce they need to figure out who the Aces are, but seem no closer to the answer. Prichard tries to inform her they’re safely locked in, but also thinks the Aces are winning as they have what they want: people in the company still talking about them. The chat ends as Al Snow appears, to chat with Prichard.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring, and he runs through the GutCheck rules, introduces Evan Markopoulos, then brings down his opponent: Douglas Williams!

Douglas Williams vs Evan Markopoulos

Williams plays about a bit, slapping at Evan. Evan slaps back, but Williams replies with a headbutt and uppercut. Evan tries a sunset flip, Williams rolls through and boots Evan. Evan gets a bit of offence in, dropkick and crossbody but Williams hits a hard clothesline. Loved hearing a football style “Eng-er-land” chant. Williams misses a splash in the corner, Evan rocks him with a few punches, Williams boots him, hits a few punches then drops Evan with a modified Anaconda Vice that Evan quickly taps to.

Winner: Douglas Williams

James Storm is here, and ready for a fight. He says last week he mentioned he’d call out a coward, and it’s what he’s here to do. But it won’t be a wrestling match, more like a “man kicking a coward’s ass” match. Bobby Roode’s music plays, and the “It Factor” isn’t dressed for action. Roode tells Storm that as long as he is around, Storm will NEVER win the World Title again, as as far as Roode is concerned, it’s over between them. Roode leaves, but Hulk Hogan stops him backstage. Hogan tells Roode either he goes back out to fight or there will be no more chances for Roode…Roode has 3 mins to decide.

3 minutes (aka ad breaks) are up and James Storm says he doesn’t have all night. Bobby Roode is back and starts to take off his suit to fight.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode

Storm attacks on the ramp, they fight around the announcers table, back down the ramp and in the ring. It doesn’t last long inside the ring, as Storm knocks Roode outside. Storm is whipped into the barriers, but Roode fails to spray beer at Storm, or hit him with a chair. Storm has help from fans on the front row, getting them to put their feet up so he can hit Roode’s head off their shoes. Roode blocks a suplex and hits a suplex on Storm. The fight goes in the ring, straight back out and the ref calls for the bell.


They brawl through the crowd and outside the arena again.

Hulk Hogan backstage with a worker who doesn’t know where Joseph Park is. Hogan’s phone rings, and it’s the Aces. They tell Hogan they have a lawyer, before Hogan says to them “you want to play, we’ll play that way”.

Austin Aries goes to talk to Jeff Hardy. Aries lets Hardy know, that despite people thinking BFG will be about Hardy, it’s not. Aries lets Hardy know he wants what Hardy has and has already achieved in wrestling (titles, respect, connection with the fans). This means Aries has gotta beat Hardy. He also informs Hardy, anything he can do, Aries can do it too…

Tara makes her way to the ring. She says all she’s heard is people not understanding why she turned on Miss Tessmacher…but it’s because people are using her. Tara says her new boyfriend has opened her eyes to realise what is going on, including Tessmacher using her to become Knockouts Champion. Tara calls out her victim…Christy Hemme?! Christy protests, but Tara wants respect. Tara asks who Christy’s favourite Knockout is, and Christy replies “right now it’s Miss Tessmacher!”. As Tara grabs Christy’s hair, Tessmacher runs down to make the save.

Backstage, Brooke Hogan stops Tara and asks what that was. Tara says she taught Christy respect. Brooke says she is disappointed in Tara’s actions lately, and there will be consequences next week (is Creed coming back?!).

Time for Rob Van Dam’s BFG Memories, and his are the matches he had with Abyss (2010) and Jerry Lynn (2011) at Bound for Glory.

Mike Tenay announces next week is “Championship Thursday”, where they will crown a new TV Champion. Well, at least they got it back from Devon.

Hulk Hogan walks down to the ring. He says they’ve got Joseph Park hostage, and will only release him if Hogan goes to their “clubhouse”. Hogan agrees, and asks them to release Joseph. The Aces appear on screen, and tell Hogan he needs to realise next week, it’s “clubhouse rules”…I sure hope clubhouse rules include singing the Hot Dog song. Anyways, they said Joseph was too close, and they captured him. Upon looking at his laptop, they need to do some work, and one gangmember smashes the laptop. Joseph freaks, saying he has the info in his head anyways…which causes them to hit him with a hammer. Hogan looks on, and isn’t happy.

We’re shown a video of Jeff Hardy discussing the BFG Series, and getting a chance to win the World Title again.

Time for the World Champion, Austin Aries comes to the ring. He says the video shown proves his point, people are focusing on Jeff Hardy. He reminds Hardy what he told him earlier about “whatever you can do”, and says Hardy beat Bully Ray twice, 2nd time to prove it wasn’t a fluke….so Aries will call Bully out now to do the same. Bully appears, and says Aries has a lot of nerve calling him out. While Bully wastes time, Aries comes over the top with a twisting plancha.

Austin Aries vs Bully Ray

Aries takes the fight to Bully, but when he goes to the top, Bully pushes Earl Hebner against the ropes, and boots Aries off the top. After 2 breaks, Bully is in control. Bully with a big splash, badmouths Aries and keeps stopping any attempt at a fightback by Aries. Bully yells at Hebner, allowing Aries to get up, and both guys trade blows. Aries with the discus elbow, before dropping Bully on the top rope and hitting a missile dropkick for 2. Aries tries to end the match twice but fails, Bully then reverses an irish whip, seeing Aries squash Hebner in the corner. Aries drops Bully and locks in the Last Chancery, which Bully taps out to. Sadly no ref, as Aries goes to check on Hebner, Bully gets his chain, Aries rushes at Bully, only to get knocked out with the chain. Bully rolls onto Aries as the ref comes round to count 1-2-3.

Winner: Bully Ray

Bully Ray celebrates by hugging Earl Hebner!! Bully gets the World Title, but as he goes to use it on Aries, Jeff Hardy makes the save. As Bully scarpers, Hardy raises the belt, to the annoyance of Aries. Aries takes the title back, and argues with Hardy as the show goes off….

Good show this week, once again leaving questions unanswered as we continue on the road to TNA’s biggest PPV. I did have slight doubt Joseph Park would be able to deliver his evidence to Hulk Hogan, so no real surprise to see he got kidnapped. Started to think any reveal will now come at Bound for Glory, kinda like “10-10-10”, which I’d be fine with. One thought on this…where’s Sting gone? Strange how he’s not been around. Good win for Bully Ray this week, and I can see him trying to bully his way into the main event at Bound for Glory. I’d be fine with a triple threat match, and feel Bully deserves a shot at this PPV. Wow, words I never thought I’d type. Not surprised to see a 3 way for the Tag Titles either, and feel that could be a stand out match at BFG. Also interesting to hear “Chavo sucks” chants, wonder if it’s cause of who he was facing, or if TNA fans have turned on him? GutCheck, while Evan Markopoulos didn’t do much in the match, I’d say yes. Remember, the guy’s only 18. Sign him up, send him to OVW, and train him up there.

The Bound for Glory card is starting to take shape now, and making me look forward to what happens next.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as always, it’s appreciated!

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