Ryback is on his way to being a top superstar in WWE as fans continue to get behind him. However, during a recent Smackdown house show, Ryback’s match was cut short. No pun intended.

According to 411mani.com via Rajah.com,

“Ryback’s match with Jinder Mahal at a Smackdown house show in Sarnia, Ontario was stopped and resulted in a no contest ruling. Ryback suffered a serious cut during the match about two minutes into it. The match was then stopped due to a doctor’s order and ruled a no contest.”

Seth’s Opinion
It is difficult to assess what a serious cut means, but hopefully this does not have a lasting effect on Ryback. Ryback is very much over with the WWE Universe and I think it is only a matter of time before he has gold. Last Monday, we saw Ryback attack MizTV. Does this mean he is going after the IC title or was this just a one time scare the Miz kind of thing? Whichever the case may be, the fact that the match had to stop could mean there was bleeding that could not be stopped or perhaps the cut went deep.
What do you think? Will this have a serious impact on Ryback?

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