The SummerSlam buy rates have been released and Brock Lesnar is getting a lot of credit for them. With his WWE contract expected to be up around WrestleMania time, one must question – how will the SummerSlam 2012 buyrates impact Lesnar’s future with the WWE?

According to,

“According to new data released by WWE, the 2012 SummerSlam pay-per-view was a huge success with 350,000 worldwide pay-per-view buys. This breaks down to 264,000 North American buys but just 86,000 international. This is the most successful SummerSlam since 2008.

75% of the buys coming from North America indicates that Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H was the reason. Lesnar’s main drawing power from his UFC days was big in the US and Canada but little international.

In comparison, the 2011 SummerSlam pay-per-view did 180,000 North American buys and 131,000 international buys for a total of 311,000. Last year was headlined by CM Punk vs. John Cena with Triple H as referee and Randy Orton vs. Christian.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter”

Seth’s Opinion

For the amount of time WWE devoted to promoting the Lesnar-Triple H match, Vince and staff should pat themselves on the back. I questioned how much of a draw this match would be since Brock Lesnar was only appearing sporadically.

With that said, these buy rates must have an impact on Brock Lesnar and his future with WWE. I fully expect WWE to re-sign Brock Lesnar. However, I hope his next deal is different.

The biggest issue I have had with Brock Lesnar’s recent run in WWE is the sporadic appearance. By appearing so infrequently, it was difficult to believe Lesnar’s participation in a real feud. If WWE can sign him to a more regular schedule deal, then perhaps Brock can be inserted into some real feuds. I have been discussing the idea of a new Two Man Power Trip involving Lesnar and Punk. How about Sheamus and Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship?

What do you think? How will the SummerSlam buy rates impact Brock Lesnar’s future with the WWE?

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