LATEST News on Batista’s MMA Debut Fight

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With the show eight days away, who Bautista will be facing is still a mystery.

Bautista’s original opponent was Rashid Evans, whose main claim to fame is that his name would be easily confused with one of the biggest stars in the sport. He was given the lottery ticket of being someone who had never had a pro fight, but was going to get to headline a pay-per-view. The downside is that Evans was incarcerated, but according to trainer Phil Dunlap of Advanced Fighting Systems in Mahwah, N.J., they were able to get him released based on the fact he was given this opportunity.

According to Dunlap, Evans violated the terms of his probation, when caught driving without his license, and then panicked when police tried to pull him over. He’s back in jail and won’t be out until after the fight.

The golden ticket was then passed to Bruno McKee, a super heavyweight at his gym that also would have been making his pro debut after a few amateur fights. But days ago McKee, a part-time fighter compared with Tank Abbott, pulled out, from a combination of nerves and feeling he wasn’t going to have enough training time to get ready, according to sources.

Ray’s Opinion 
Just to clarify, Batista’s opponent was not Rashad Evans of the UFC. A lot of people think that it was him so just clarifying that it wasn’t him. I’m not sure what to think of Batista’s fight now as he doesn’t have one. I’m sure they’ll announce a fighter by tomorrow but you cannot expect people to have much interest in this match with no real hype between the two fighters. As a huge fan of Batista’s run in WWE; I will watch this fight. I’m not sure if it’s available on TV over here but I’ll watch it online somewhere if I have to. I hate to admit it but I think the only reason Batista is fighting is because he w ill be a large ‘enough’ draw. He’s bound to be with his success in WWE. He’s 43 now and that’s a little old to be starting in MMA but if he can fight, then you can’t blame him for trying. 

Thanks for reading, Ramblers. Please let me know your thoughts on Batista not having an opponent one week from the even he is headlining. I’d also love to know your thoughts on Batista making his MMA debut at 43. Thanks again. 


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