Hello, and thank you for clicking on to the latest “Insight into Impact” article. In this article, I’ll be giving you the rundown on the action provided during the 27th September 2012 episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling, as well as giving you my opinion on matches and segments.

So the show opens with Hulk Hogan making his way down to the ring. He mentions he’s been sidetracked by the Aces, so needs to sort a few issues out. First off, he says the TV Title is in the balance, due to Devon not negotiating a new contract, but a new Champ will be crowned tonight. Hogan also says he’s fed up of the issue between James Storm and Bobby Roode, as it’s so out of control, even refs can’t contain them, so at Bound for Glory, Storm will face Roode in a Street Fight, with MMA star King Mo as special guest referee. Hogan turns his attention back to the Aces, saying he’s going to their clubhouse for a fight, even if he goes alone…but Sting appears. Sting mentions how all this started with him being attacked, and how he promised to have Hogan’s back, so he’ll be going alongside Hogan.

Mr Anderson discusses his Bound for Glory memorable moment, being in the main event of Bound for Glory 2010.

Match 1: Kurt Angle (w/AJ Styles) vs Chavo Guerrero (w/Hernandez) vs Daniels (w/Kazarian)

Angle and Chavo double team Daniels, but once Kazarian trips Chavo from the outside, the match breaks down. Chavo blames AJ Styles, and an arguement breaks out between them and their respective partners, before they bring Daniels and Kazarian into it. After a break, we see the ref has restored order, banning those on the outside from the ringside area. Chavo knocks Angle outside, before taking down Daniels. Angle back in, belly to belly on Chavo and Angle Slam to Daniels. Angle tries for the Ankle Lock, only to see Chavo break the hold. Daniels rushes at Chavo, who dodges it, and Angle gets hit again. Chavo with the 3 Amigos to Daniels, as he goes to the top, Angle locks the Ankle Lock on Daniels. Daniels breaks the hold by kicking Angle into Chavo, before Chavo and Angle argue, only to have Daniels rush them both into the corner, then hit a running STO on Chavo to win.

Winner: Daniels

Hulk Hogan is in his office with Mr Anderson, Magnus, Garrett Bischoff and Samoa Joe. He asks them why they deserve to take the spot of being TNA TV Champion. Garrett suggests because Devon saw something special in him, Magnus and Joe argue over their former partnership, while Anderson says he just wants to fight someone. Joe reckons none of the others should want to fight him tonight. Seems like Hogan agrees, as he’s leaning to putting Joe in the match, but first, he eliminates Magnus. Funny moment as Magnus can’t open the door properly to leave the room.

Brooke Hogan is stood with Tara. As Brooke begins to tell Tara about her consequences from last week, Tara takes a call from her “Hollywood boyfriend” about a meal with “Stacy and George”….Anyways, after the call, Brooke says Tara needs to earn another Title shot, and Tara’s phone rings again. Tara tells her boyfriend that “someone needs to learn respect”, Brooke takes Tara’s phone to mock the veteran Knockout, before saying Tara’s match is next, and leaving with Tara’s phone.

Match 2: Knockouts Title #1 Contender’s Match: Tara vs ODB (w/Eric Young)

Eric does his usual trick of locking up with the referee, who once again is Taryn Tarrell! Onto the match itself, ODB brings Tara into the ring the hard way, slingshotting her in. ODB controls the match, throwing Tara about, corner splash and bronco buster. Even when Tara wants a handshake, ODB beats Tara down. Tara gets kicked outside, and holds her knee. EY acts concerned, ODB throws Tara in, before telling EY not to “knock up other Knockouts”. Once back in the ring, ODB goes to check on Tara and her “injury”…which was faked because Tara rolls ODB up for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tara

We’re shown GutCheck again with Evan Markopoulos, before we see Bruce Prichard and Al Snow. Bruce tells Snow he’s acted unprofessional hitting a non-contracted guy in Joey Ryan, and it’s a potential lawsuit they don’t need. When Taz joins the room, they discuss Markopoulos, and agree that the guy was good, has guts and passion, but Snow is concerned by his age.

Bully Ray is being followed backstage, and tells the interviewer to “never bother him while he is on his fire-breathing twittah machine”, before saying how good the World Title looked in his hands last week.

We cut to Hulk Hogan who is with Mr Anderson, Garrett Bischoff and Samoa Joe. Hogan says he’s not worried about Joe, but is unsure on the other two. Garrett thinks he can hang with Joe, and while Hogan agrees Garrett has been on a roll, now isn’t the time for his shot. Garrett doesn’t look pleased as he walks off, and Hogan tells the other two he wants a war out there tonight.

Bobby Roode goes to see Austin Aries in his dressing room. Roode lets Aries know, the It Factor is teaming with Bully Ray tonight, when they take on Aries and Jeff Hardy. Roode mentions he’ll be pulling for Hardy at Bound for Glory, because it means he gets another chance to go for the World Title. Roode discusses how he’s beat Hardy, but lost to Aries, and thinks Aries is the better man. Roode ends by saying “they don’t want to see a man like Hardy as Champion”.

Match 3: TNA TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Mr Anderson

Both guys try to end it quickly, but fail. Anderson rolls Joe up for 2, before grounding and pounding on Joe. When Joe tries to go to the top, Anderson blocks any attack, and tries for the Green Bay Plunge, Joe counters into a choke hold, Anderson gets out of it and hits the Green Bay Plunge at the 2nd attempt, only to have Joe crucifix pin him for 2. Anderson again tries to roll Joe up, Joe reverses into the Coquina Clutch, and despite Anderson’s numerous attempts at escaping, he passes out.

Winner and NEW TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Quick note, funny to notice Samoa Joe was handed the old TNA World Title, and he held the front of the belt away from camera at all times!

History of Aces and Eights is run through, before we cut to Hulk Hogan and Sting. Hogan asks Sting to let him be peacemaker. Before they can go, a woman stops them, asking Hogan to sign some documents. As he starts to sign, she sprays them both in the eyes, and they are abducted by Aces in a van. Wondering if the Aces kidnapped Joe a few years back?

Jeremy Borash is in the ring for GutCheck. He introduces the judges, then brings down Evan Markopoulos. Taz first, he says Evan is ahead of the curve and has a lot to learn, and he wants Evan to learn under TNA, so he votes yes. Bruce Prichard next, he agrees with Taz, but votes no. Evan gets a chance to speak out, and goes on to say he took a beating, but came back for more. Al Snow says Evan is what GutCheck is all about, but Snow doesn’t think Evan is ready yet, so votes no.

We cut to Sting and Hulk Hogan who are tied to their chairs with covers on their heads. The covers are took off, and they’re informed “the boss” is on his way.

Magnus talks about his Bound for Glory memorable moment, winning his first TNA Title at the 2009 PPV with Douglas Williams.

So, now we see Hulk Hogan and Sting meeting “the boss”. He’s facing away from them, and tells them it’s not important who he is. He mentions the Aces were having fun until they got run out the building, and he has a proposition for Hogan. Hogan suggests they fight right now, but “the boss” doesn’t want that. He recommends Hogan picks 2 of his best to face 2 Aces at Bound for Glory. Hogan suggests himself and Sting, but “the boss” doesn’t want this, he wants Hogan to have to watch 2 guys get beat and stand there helpless. “The boss” suggests if the Aces win, they get full access to TNA, but if they lose, they’re gone, and TNA get Joseph Park back. Hogan agrees, and I have a BAD feeling after this segment.

James Storm speaks to the camera, and he says it’s about damn time he got what he wanted, as he’s sick of Bobby Roode’s game. Storm also says it’s great King Mo wants to make a name for himself in TNA, but all he needs to do is raise Storm’s hand after he boots Roode’s teeth down his throat.

Match 4: Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode and Bully Ray

Hardy gets Bully on the defensive, only for Aries to tag himself in, and Roode comes in too. Aries with a hiptoss, then drop toe hold to Bully, Hardy comes in and hits a double clothesline to Roode and Bully before we go to a break. Back from commercials, Hardy goes to hit Whisper in the Wind, Roode blocks it, dropping Hardy on the turnbuckle. Hardy does manage to tag out, and Bully is in too. Aries with the hot-tag, until Roode knees him in the back. Bully and Roode make quick tags to keep Aries in, only to have him break out from a bearhug. Hardy wants the tag, and Aries refuses. Aries drops Roode, knocks Bully off the apron, then tries Last Chancery, which Bully breaks up. Aries deals with both guys, knocking Bully outside, then countering a Pay-Off attempt into a Brainbuster. Hardy tags himself in, and hits the Swanton Bomb, as Bully drags Aries outside. Bully can’t get back in, as Hardy wins.

Winners: Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy end up in an arguement once again.

The Aces return Hulk Hogan and Sting to the Impact Zone. They take the handcuffs off Sting, and as he turns to attack, a knife is pulled on him, warning him off. They leave, and Sting suggests Hogan pick him as one of the guys to face the Aces, as the show goes off air…

I wasn’t too keen on this week’s show if I’m honest, and will get to the reason why shortly. First off, the things I did like. Last week, I mentioned I wouldn’t mind seeing Tara go back into the “psycho heel” side we’ve seen her portray before. Rather than that, we have a “spoilt brat” type gimmick, wanting it all her way. I felt this worked well, and made for 2 enjoyable segments on the show. I’m also pleased to see Samoa Joe win the TV Title. Sure, I would have loved to see him win the BFG Series and face Austin Aries again, but seeing as that didn’t happen, I don’t mind him now winning this title. My hope is that after the issues with Magnus, both before this episode, and during it, will see these two face off at BFG and possibly even keep a feud going a bit longer afterwards. Not surprised Storm/Roode will face off in a street fight, makes sense considering they keep going out in the street to fight!!

Now onto what I didn’t like, and it’s to do with the Aces and Eights. I didn’t mind the set-up of Hogan and Sting getting captured the way they did, made sense, especially to continue along the lines of someone on the inside assisting them. Wasn’t too bothered about Tenay and Taz nearly exploded in their pants at “STING IS HERE!!!!”…even though he’s only been gone a few weeks. What I didn’t enjoy was the segment with “the boss”, because it gave me a very dodgy feeling watching it. I hope I’m wrong (and that the dodgy feeling was just stomach-ache), but listening to the boss talking, the way he was speaking, I was getting this feeling, that the boss was Eric Bischoff. If it was Eric, and turns out to be him all along, I’d feel like this has been a letdown, and not because I want Jeff Jarrett back on my TV. When this storyline began the day after Slammiversary, it would have been less than 2 months after he was last seen on TV. IF he’s revealed at Bound for Glory, that will mean he was off TV for 7 months. It would make a mockery getting rid of him in the first place, to then (plan and) bring him back so soon. Then we have Garrett giving an evil look towards Hogan for not picking him in the TV Title match, which would lead to him being the insider, helping his Dad. But again, his Dad treated him quite poor in the past year, and this episode was the first issue between Hogan and Bischoff Jr, so it would seem strange having him help out a few weeks ago. I may be looking into this way too much, and possibly went on about it more than I intended too…..

As always, thanks for taking the time to read through this, whether you’ve loved or hated it, agree or disagree with me, it’s appreciated! 🙂

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