Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, as always, I take you through WWE Raw, tonight WWE Raw is live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Jack Swagger is backstage at the event which, if any of you remember who he is (slight joke lol) he’s the guy who “took a leave of absence” after he couldn’t buy a win, I’m pretty sure he was 0 for the year, should be interesting to see if WWE brings him back tonight as a face.  Tonight is Jim Ross appreciation night!  I wonder if we’ll see Jerry Lawler make an appearance to honor his friend.

We start the show with a video of what happened last week to end the show, with the CM Punk/RyBerg stare down, I cannot believe this guy is getting pushed like this, god help us.

We go live and Michael Cole is with Jim Ross at commentary, we start things off with CM Punk and Paul Heyman coming out from the back and heading toward the ring.  CM Punk says that last week he was blindsided with a pipe and those are the actions of a sad man, he said what he did to Foley was because Foley muttered something under his breath so he had to put him down.  CM Punk said that at Hell In A Cell, CM Punk VS John Cena is STILL not going to happen.  CM Punk whispers to Heyman and gives him a microphone, Heyman says Punk and himself would now like to move on, and they show a clip from last week where AJ slapped Heyman.  Heyman says AJ violated the terms set forth by the WWE Board of Directors.  Heyman wants AJ removed as Raw GM effective immediately.  Heyman says he wants to be new GM, this brings out Vickie and Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler says what if Vickie and Heyman teamed together and BOTH became Raw GM and they could be Co-GM’s of Raw.  AJ comes out and says that the WWE Board of Directors placed her on probation, but thought they would make an exception for a “creepy, greasy” man like Heyman so they have given her a “coach” to help in her growth as Raw GM, Daniel Bryan comes out and nobody knows whats going on.  Daniel apologizes because he knows that all this started because he dumped AJ, Daniel says he’s a catch, he’s handsome and “I’M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!”  Kane comes out and says everyone has forgotten that AJ is a phenomenal kisser, Kane says that everything else Daniel said is true, except for one thing Kane starts screaming “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!”  both men start going at it and eventually EVERYONE in the ring starts screaming.  AJ screams in the microphone for everyone to stop it, she said Raw is HER show and that permission or not she’s still GM of Raw and what she says, goes.  She says tonight CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler will team up to face Team Hell No tonight.  HILARIOUS opening segment with everyone trying to scream over each other.  On the plus side, not a single mention of RyBerg and Punk staring at each other to end last weeks show.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio take on Epico and Primo, and the ONLY person involved in this match I care about is…  ROSA MENDES!  I am not happy that Rosa didn’t get a TV entrance.  Darren Young and Titus O’Neil come out from the back with chairs, they stop and set the chairs up at the top of the entrance and watch the match.  Sin Cara was wearing a Rey Mysterio like mask, too bad the old school Rey mask didn’t make him “go” like old school Rey, Sin Cara looked sloppy as hell, but that’s nothing unusual.  Rey and Sin Cara advance in the Tag Team Title tournament, surprise, surprise.

Brodus Clay VS Antonio Cesaro up next.  Antonio Cesaro gets a quick win, what’s even more impressive, Cesaro was able to hit The Neutralizer!  I’m a big fan of Cesaro, I wish the fans actually gave the man a reaction.

Zack Ryder is in the ring.  No TV entrance, damn WWE, thats two!  His opponent is The Miz.  Miz gets the win after Ryder gets his usual offense in.  I think WWE gives Ryder a few offensive moves just to shut the Ryder fans up, it aint gonna work, Ryder needs a push.

Up next we have a “World Heavyweight Champion Debate” between Sheamus and Big Show, fans were able to ask questions by using a hash tag on Twitter, Booker T is moderating the debate.  This was a train wreck from beginning to end.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.  Only entertaining part was Booker T was reading a question and STILL messed it up.

Oh my god my dream match!  Tensai VS RyBerg!  How did WWE know I wanted this!?  UGH!  I don’t think I have to wait to post this, RyBerg wins, just call me a psychic.  ONLY great part of this match was RyBerg botched the finish of his match after he couldn’t pick up Tensai for his finisher, so he ended the match with a clothesline.

Eve Torres going to the ring next, she takes on Beth Phoenix.  Eve gets the win, it was kind of a long squash match, which I don’t really like.

Santino Marella VS Heath Slater up next, Slater has Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal in his corner.  Santino hit the Cobra and McIntyre and Mahal attack Santino, casing a DQ.  It looks like Slater is the leader of this group, kill me…

Sheamus VS Damien Sandow up next.  Actually a pretty good match, of course Sheamus got the win after hitting a Brogue Kick, on both Cody AND Sandow after Cody attempted to get involved.

Up next, Jim Ross appreciation night!  Michael Cole introduces Jim Ross.  CM Punk interrupts almost immediately as JR is about to talk.  I have to say, I was disappointed in the segment, I hate that the only way WWE can get CM Punk heel heat is by having him say the same things every week, he tried to get JR to call him The Best in the World, JR wouldn’t and Punk told him to go to the back, he was done commentating for the night, JR started up the ramp until RyBergs music hit, RyBerg had JR go in the ring with him, RyBerg and Punk had a state down until Punk left.

Alberto Del Rio VS Kofi Kingston.  Alberto got the win, best part of the match was Ricardo on commentary.

Team Hell No VS Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk is up next.  AJ Lee is special guest referee for this match.  Kane and Daniel won, Heyman and Vickie both got ejected from ringside, Dolph left with Vickie leaving Punk alone, Kane hit a choke slam for the win.  Afterward Daniel and Kane argued about who the tag team champions was.

Overall I enjoyed the show, I thought that there were a lot of good points in the show, I didn’t think it was the greatest but it was watchable.

CM Punk starting to get stale to me, the way they continue to have him come out and say the same things over and over again is getting very old.

I give this show a 2.5/5.  The opening segment is what saved this show, I’m not happy that Jim Ross appreciation night was cut short for CM Punk to get cheap heat.