Hail The Villain : Cena the Disgrace.

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Last Monday on Raw, after given the chance to walk away, AFTER already Demanding ANOTHER title shot, for what seems like the 13th time this year alone, John Cena, shows his true colors yet again, by disgracing the WWE, and the WWE Champion by beating him up with a lead pipe, and as a means to hide the evidence, gives the pipe to a fan member, now this fan is an assesory to assault with a weapon, and Cena just doesn’t care. Cena, SHOULD not, and CAN not be the face of the company, with acts so vile and terrible.

Let us start with ANOTHER title shot, after losing, IN HIS HOME TOWN, where he lost. No, this isn’t the special Olympics, not everyone is a winner, he went in seeking to leave as the champion, and left empty handed, by simple logic, that is losing. Another point to back up this logic up, is the champion’s side, The Current Reigning champion, walked into Boston, and walked out as Champion, he left with the gold belt, so thus he is indeed the winner. Now ignoring the marketing disgrace of having the challenger (who lost), be on all the Night of Champions poster. Cena has had enough chances, as he is already a former 10 time wwe champion, which means he already lost it ten times.

By his continued actions, he is doing the unthinkable, and holding back greater wrestlers, from living their dreams, and being a bully. By not allowing someone to follow their dreams, John Cena is also being a Hypocrite. This BeAStard program, which John Cena is a “Proud” member of… an organization that Promotes anti bulling, well, Mr.Cena, Why are you acting like one!

Now let us get back to Monday Night, where an Injured Cena, like a baby without his bottle, Cried nonstop, about getting what is rightfully his. While INJURED NO LESS. Instead of allowing himself to heal up, he is being a greedy Sonvabitch and just asking for more and more, after losing more and more. And then when told he should leave the ring, that he is indeed injured, and could come out worse, how does “our brave hero” do, He beats Punk up with a weapon.

After giving a chance to leave the ring safely and to get a chance to heal up, what does he do, beats the hell out of the champion with a weapon. Is this the respect he deserves, does Cena really deserve, let alone EARNED another chance, after a faulty win, right after a clear loss. Let us not forget, that Punk’s Foot was on the bottom ropes, and that he was wrongly pinned 2 weeks ago. Is this the face the WWE should get? someone who needs a weapon to cheat himself into another title shot?

Cena is a Disgrace to the WWE, the Belt, and more importantly himself. How dare he be given multiple chances with nothing in return, meanwhile, when Punk won the title, he beat a mexican millionaire, and with that victory, there was no looking back, after defeating the likes of Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Twatface Miz, Big Show, and of course Cena Himself. Cena should finally get off his High horse and accept the fact, that PUNK IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

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