Behind the Mask #1 (and Only?)

I don’t know if I Will do this as a monthly submission to Wrestling Rambles, or as a one off, or whenever I feel like it… Either way, I am sort of breaking my own forth wall doing this, as I love portraying a heel like reviewer, for many reasons, and one being, it is easy, some of the most talented Wrestlers right now are actually heels. Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Antonio Cesaro, just to name a quick few. However the point to this article is to give a more insight to my change in views as of late, I normally was the asshole who would still root for the faces as long as that face wasn’t cena. I respect Cena as a person, many charity works, and his work with Make a wish, makes him the most untouchable person on the planet… however the Character is a different story, I hate the cena character, the Never Give up mentality he tries to promote, while being given multiple shots… kinda gets old. Any back to point…

The Dramatic change in my own views… well it is directly in line with CM Punk’s change… and to be honest, I DON’T like CM Punk as a heel. Don’t take it to mean I don’t like him at all, he is hands down, one of my favorite wrestlers currently on the roster, and Ranked 4th of all time. (And in case you ask, 1-The Undertaker, 2-Macho Man, 3-Stone Cold, 4-Cm Punk, 5-Roddy Piper) However with that said, Why I don’t like him as a heel is because of the dramatic change, and without warning moment in which it happened.

The Main reason given, was that He felt he could never top Cena as the top Face, which is both True and False… I know that sounds weird, but Ill explain in a minute, and with no true Heel, he could easily be the Top heel. Yes WWE has a fair share of bad guys, but it really doesn’t mean much if non of them could get over as much, and are just there to be ran over time and time again, hell even Sheamus was a ran over heel.

Let us look at some of the top bad guys really quick. The Miz, I wrote two articles on why he sucks, but to keep in short, he isn’t that good in the ring, and isn’t very good on the mic, Remember, Loud does not mean good. He is LOUD on the mic, but he is very generic in his promos as of late… or ever. Del Rio. Del Rio hasn’t evolved since his feud with Edge 3 years ago. Same gimmick, same style, and yes while very good in the ring, one of the best actually, very stale. Dolph Ziggler, I am a fan of his, but he needs to drop vicky G, as much as I love Vicki as a mouth piece for heels who cannot talk, she plays an evil manager well, Ziggler can now do fine on his own. It is almost like they are afraid of Ziggler to be on his own for even a second. Big Show, He is the human coin, Flips every month, sometimes heads, sometimes Tails… Heads he is face, tales he is heel… Nothing is ever long term with him. Brock Lesnar, 5 Million Dollars to show up at 20 events a year… can’t really trust a guy to only be there less than half a year. Orton. I hate this tool but besides that, he is on his last warnings, so WWE really can’t have to much faith in someone who is just one Drug test away from being fired. So in all sense of it, the top bad guy spot is open.

Now here is why What is True about CM Punk Never being the top guy… Cena is just too damn marketable. He has the clean cut look, he is built like an action figure, he is basically the ultimate marketing device for a show like Raw, Smackdown, or anything WWE Wants to put their hands on. And there is no shame in that, compare Punk to Cena, Punk, who is littered with Tattoos, Lip piercings, and sometimes long hair (in the past), you got someone who is only appealing to the wresting crowds… and that is a wrestler. Where Cena’s wrestling Skills comes into question now and then, he is still a marketing machine.

Which comes to why what Punk said is false.

As Marketable As John Cena is, Ever since he stopped being the Doctor of Thuganomics, Cena has never gotten an entire arena to chant his name as fast as Punk can. He out ranked the Likes of DX, The Hardys in their Good times, and Even Cena himself. In fact he is one of the People that when he wrestles Cena, it isn’t Cena Sucks chants, it is CM Punk chants, which is not an easy task, the only other person I can recall to get their name chanted was Edge (maybe Brock Lesnar, but to be fair I didn’t watch Extreme rules all the way through so I don’t know). Weather it is Del Rio, The Big show, or the Twatfacemiz, the Cena haters, are not rooting for Cena, Not Rooting for His opponent either, they just want him to lose. You see, While Punk as a face was the change he spouted off in his pipe bomb a year ago.
and in case you missed it….

So this goes back to one thing, and at this point some are you are saying “man why are you dick riding CM Punk so much lately” and well, I got no answer true answer, other than, CM Saved Wrestling for me. If it wasn’t for that promo, if it wasn’t for Money in the Bank, The odds of me going to Wrestlemania 28 was slim to none. Other than a selected few, I really didn’t care for wrestling at that point anymore, I felt that they were all just going to be just part of the Cena show, and so far I was half right. As much as I hate wishing ill on another person with meaning, there is one thing to say, “I wish you would jump into a well made of FIRE!” than actually meaning it. I like Wrestling more when Cena is injured. and as wrong as that sounds, and trust me, I feel bad for just typing that, but this last monday was great proof that with Cena gone, Wrestling can still go on, He wasn’t at TLC, and there was still a great event. Smackdown has no word from Cena, and is actually a good show. With Raw on, before the Promo that changed the world of WWE, all eyes were on Cena, Cena VS Punk, Cena VS the Rock, Cena Cena Cena… and I grew tired of it.

This goes back to my point on how CM saved wrestling for me, it was someone I could root for, a smartass, a great talker, and a great wrestler. I can never root for The Cena character, because he has no true flaws anymore, it is the Batman/Superman Debate, do I root for Superman who is more pure with no weakness, or Batman whose purity is corrupted by his past, but is only human? Cena has over come the odds so much, that I can’t picture him in any dire situation, where as Punk, He hasn’t so there is something to constantly be on the edge of your seat for. So if that means he is going to the dark side, so will I, I guess. To be honest, this gives me a chance to talk about more heal characters now at least, other than “Damn good wrestler” I can get into a false character, and use my abilities to sell, that Heels are actually the good guys, and of course I know no one is buying, but that is a null point, I am not trying to sell to persuade but to have fun. That is why every Hail the villain (ALL TWO OF THEM WOW!) has, and will have a satire note involved in one way shape or form. So this was Behind the mask, and I don’t know if I am going to do this again or not, but as for now, it is time, TO HAIL THE VILLAINS!!!

Thanks for the Read, and I will see you on the Dark side.


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