Hello, and welcome to the latest “Insight into Impact” article, exclusively here on WrestlingRambles. In this post, I will be giving you the match results and lowdown on what happened on the 4th October 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, as well as giving you my insight into the episode too.

After the recap video opens the show, we see Hulk Hogan in his office with the Icon, Sting. Hogan is happy to have Sting leading the charge against the Aces, but wishes he could be beside him. Sting mentions how everyone wants to be his partner at Bound for Glory, and he’ll be keeping a keen eye on tonight’s matches to see who to pick. Hogan says they have to decide tonight.

Mr Anderson appears on the ramp. He tells Sting to watch what this asshole is about to do.

Match 1: Mr Anderson vs Gunner (w/Kid Kash)

Gunner attacks before the bell, only for Anderson to respond with clotheslines, swinging neckbreaker and a dropkick. Kash distracts Anderson, allowing Gunner to turn the match his way, and we see Sting is watching backstage. Gunner knocks Anderson down with an elbow shot, misses a splash in the corner, and Anderson hits the Mic Check to win.

Winner: Mr Anderson

In the aftermath, Kid Kash attacks Mr Anderson, but the “asshole” manages to strike with another Mic Check.

Tara is on her phone to her boyfriend, discussing how her match is next, and then “how Stacy and George have split”….oh Tara, they’re still together. I mean, anyways, Gail Kim appears and tells Tara she should be more concerned with their tag match. Tara suggests they double date after she wins the Knockout Title, but Gail warns Tara, if it happens, she’ll be wanting the title back.

Match 2: Tara and Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher and ODB

This match opened with Gail running into ODB’s bosom. Lucky Gail Kim. ODB tries for an early end, but fails, before Tessmacher is tagged in. Tessmacher knocks Gail into the corner and hits Asstastic (StinkFace), before ODB is back in, hitting the bronco buster to the recently tagged in Tara. ODB turns her attention to Gail, allowing Tara to attack. Gail back in, controls the match, until Tara finally tags herself back in. Tessmacher gets the hot tag and hits a faceplant to Tara. Gail breaks the pin, ODB spears Gail, before Gail pulls ODB outside. As Gail goes to attack Tessmacher, the Champ moves, Gail stops, Tara pushes Gail into Tessmacher, before hitting the Widow’s Peak on Tessmacher for the 3 count.

Winners: Tara and Gail Kim

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are backstage looking over a contract, before we see a video looking back at the issue between Joey Ryan and Al Snow.

Al Snow makes his way to the ring, before bringing down Joey Ryan. Snow mentions he allowed his emotions to overcome him, and his actions have put TNA in an awkward position, for which he apologises. Ryan doesn’t want a “company apology”, and makes Snow say sorry, before refusing a handshake from Snow, and admitting to manipulating Snow and the “87%-ers”. He asks Snow to share the agreement their legal counsels came to, to which Snow shows a contract for Ryan. Snow suggests reading it, but Ryan refuses and gets Snow to turn, so he can sign on his back. Ryan wants one last thing, for Snow to announce him as the newest star, but Snow suggests he should have read the contract…it’s not a permanent spot he’s signed, but for one night only. Ryan has signed to face Al Snow at Bound for Glory. Ryan does not look pleased as he looks over the contract, and Snow leaves the ring.

Kurt Angle is backstage with Sting, and the Olympic Hero is trying to convince Sting to let him pull double duty at the PPV. Hilarious how Daniels and Kazarian were so close, yet not spotted listening in. Sting wants someone to partner him with a clear mind, but will think about it. As Angle walks away, Bully Ray comes to reason with Sting. He reckons he’d be in the World Title match if it wasn’t for those pesky Aces, and asks what he needs to do to convince Sting. Sting suggests to prove himself, and be the “Bully he needs”.

Match 3 for the TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs Rob Van Dam

RVD fails to lock a legbar on Joe, before they trade blows. RVD tries to do his leg-pin, but Joe turns it into an STF. RVD gets to the ropes, then falls outside, as Joe comes after him, RVD kicks him to the knee, and Joe responds with knees to the gut and throwing RVD into the stairs. Back inside, RVD builds up a bit of momentum, kicks, rolling thunder and his step-over enzuigiri. As RVD goes to the top, Joe is up quick and grabs RVD, delivering the Muscle Buster to retain his title.

Winner and still TV Champion: Samoa Joe

AJ Styles is backstage trying to justify to Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero that he didn’t interfere in the 3 way match last week. Kazarian and Daniels appear and try to stir it with AJ, saying how they heard Kurt Angle saying he doesn’t need AJ’s help to win. They leave, and AJ goes off to find Angle.

Dixie Carter with a nice tan discusses how her favourite TNA moments are memories about Bound for Glory, mainly Sting winning the World Title.

Austin Aries is chatting backstage to Jeff Hardy, and Aries says there’s no animosity, before saying they won last week thanks to his hard work. Bully Ray appears, saying he won’t punch them now…but will do so later. To prove himself to Sting, he’ll beat up Hardy. Aries suggests he should be going after the Champ, but Ray says he’s already beat Aries. Hardy suggests a triple threat, Aries isn’t happy, but Bully agrees and walks off.

Match 4: Chavo Guerrero (w/Hernandez) vs Kurt Angle (w/AJ Styles)

Chavo with a headlock which Angle finds hard to break out of. Angle attacks with a clothesline and suplex before locking on a waistlock. Chavo breaks out of it, only to run into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Chavo responds with a headscissor takedown, only to run into a belly to belly suplex. Angle fails to hit the Angle Slam, before hitting the trio of Germans. Chavo rolls out of the Ankle Lock, and hits the 3 Amigos, before missing a frog splash, followed by the Angle Slam. Hernandez distracts Angle, allowing Chavo to pick up the win with a schoolboy pin.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

All 4 guys are in the ring after the match arguing, as Kazarian and Daniels appear on the ramp looking quite pleased by what’s happening.

Match 5 for the X-Division Title: Douglas Williams vs Zema Ion (c)

Williams strikes with punches and headbutts, followed by a boot to the head, and knocking Ion outside. Ion pushes Williams into the ringpost, then rolls the Brit back inside. Ion blocks an elbow strike and locks in a unique armbar, which he drops back to “pop” Williams arm out. Williams taps out, and Ion stills holds the move on, so the ref reverses the decision.

Winner: Douglas Williams (Title does NOT change hands due to disqualification)

Ion takes the mic and tells Sting and Hulk Hogan to take him off the list of names to team with Sting, as he doesn’t want his good looks ruined.

Bruce Prichard is backstage with D’Lo Brown. They’re looking on a screen at Matt Morgan attacking a referee at a recent TNA house show. Prichard asks why this wasn’t dealt with properly, and D’Lo doesn’t know, before saying it won’t happen again…

James Storm comes down to the ring to talk. He says in 10 days it will be Bound for Glory, and it will also be 1 year since this issue with Bobby Roode began. Storm isn’t wanting to prove he’s a better wrestler, but to prove he’s a better man, before saying a special enforcer has been brought in due to refs being pushed about. Bobby Roode interrupts, saying he doesn’t care for the enforcer, and says in 10 days, the fire and hatred will explode. The only time Roode will stop, is when he’s stood over Storm’s bloody carcass, having ended the Cowboy’s career. Roode says even King Mo can’t stop him, and if the Bellator fighter was here, he’d tell him. Ask and you shall receive, as King Mo appears, crown and sparkly robe an all. Roode pushes Mo, the King retaliates by pushing Roode to the floor! King Mo makes his way to the ring, where Storm raises his hand, before they spray brewskis at the crowd.

Back to Hulk Hogan with Sting again, Hogan says everyone is on edge but he has picked a choice of partners for Sting. Hogan writes the name down, but Sting says there is 1 more match….and it’s Bully Ray he wants to see before making his choice.

Sting’s problems with the Aces, and last week’s meeting with “the boss” are re-visited, before we cut to the Aces. They have Joseph Park tied and gagged to a chair. One member talks about TNA holding auditions to pick Sting’s partner, where as the Aces have guys “ready to die for the brotherhood”. It looks like they’re about to torture Joseph, as the camera shuts off.

Match 6: Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

The match started during a break…meh. Anyways, Hardy suplexes Bully, and it looks as if Aries and Hardy are about to fight, before Bully pulls Hardy outside the ring. Aries gets the upperhand on Bully, before running into a big boot, to which Aries drops on all fours and Hardy uses him to do Poetry in Motion. Hardy runs through signature moves, before a Twist of Fate and Swanton to Bully, but Aries breaks the pin and throws Hardy outside. Aries with the Last Chancery on Bully, but Hardy breaks that move before Hardy and Aries argue again, only for Bully to clothesline them both. Bully throws Hardy outside, then Aries onto him. As Bully tries to bring Aries in, Aries drops him on the top rope, hits 2 dropkicks but can’t hit the Brainbuster. Bully grabs the World Title, and as he goes to use it, Hardy rushes at Bully, Bully dodges and lets Hardy run into Aries, before hitting the Bully Bomb on Hardy for a 3 count!

Winner: Bully Ray

Bully Ray makes his way up the ramp, as Aries and Hardy resume their arguing, with the fans clearly behind the Charismatic Enigma.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are now coming to the ring. Hogan says they’ll play by the Aces rules, but he’s not happy that it’s now personal, or that he can’t put himself in the match. Everyone wants in, but they need to pick someone to get the job done, which is why they’re picking a guy that hit 2 Mic Checks tonight, Mr Anderson. Anderson doesn’t appear, because the Aces have attacked him backstage. Bully Ray runs to the ring, and asks Sting to talk sense into Hogan, especially considering he just picked Anderson over Bully. Bully wants the Aces bad after they cost him a title shot, and tells Sting “he’s the guy”. Sting turns to Hulkster and says “he’s the guy, let’s go with Bully”. After a short while thinking it over, Hogan shakes Bully’s hand and tells him “go to war and fight for everyone, brother”, as the TNA10 logo appears…

Now, I was going to open this part of the column by saying “this was better than last week’s show”…but by reading comments from my last review, I know you guys would reply “no shit, Sherlock!”. It was good to many different stars used throughout the show, and a few storylines continued, as well as being tied into the main story of setting up for this TNA vs Aces match at Bound for Glory. The matches were good, despite being a bit short, but I was pleased with the in-ring action we saw, with Samoa Joe vs Rob Van Dam being my pick as the best of the matches on show. I also enjoyed the triple threat main event, and the Knockouts match too, I am liking this new side to Tara (despite feeling it’s a bit silly bringing names of former WWE Divas into the storyline when on the phone backstage). I was a bit annoyed about the X-Division Title match though, especially seeing Douglas Williams defeated in less than 2 minutes…he’s better than this.

I’m a bit unsure on adding King Mo to the Roode/Storm match. I can see why they’ve done it (refs can’t control them, so bring in a MMA guy to do it), but I just feel this storyline has gone on quite well with just Roode and Storm. Lost interest in Joey Ryan/Al Snow weeks ago, the petty tweets to help build this on twitter just came off as sad and it felt obvious that Joey was a part of TNA already. I’m glad to see them mention Matt Morgan attacking a ref at the house show recently, this is no doubt the start of bringing him back to TV, and I look forward to the Blueprint’s return! Finally onto Bully Ray being picked to partner Sting….this has to be a set-up, right? Bully to do something good for the company? I know the Aces cost him, but I still feel he could be part of the gang, and do feel he could turn on Sting, costing him the match and helping the Aces get what they want.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, as always, it’s appreciated!

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