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It is the hot topic of the evening, but this might be the moment of Punk’s career, and not in a good way…

No I got nothing, just watch the clip and judge for yourself.

Could be an internet junkie trying to get his 20 seconds of fame, but here is a really good twitter convo

Statement by WWE Representative
“WWE security was unfortunately not in the appropriate place at the time. Given CM Punk’s persona as a ‘bad guy’ fans were naturally heckling him, but unfortunately a few fans began shoving him and one struck him in the kidney and on the back.”

The rep adds, “WWE regrets that proper security measures were not in place, and CM Punk apologizes for reacting in the heat of the moment.”

CBS 13
“Just got an update from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department about the alleged incident involving @CMPunk. The Sheriff’s Department says at this point the fan does not want to proceed any further and there is no evidence that a crime occurred. The Sheriff’s Department also says the video is not part of the investigation because there is no investigation.”

Punk told WWE.com.
“I think the whole situation sucks,” “It’s an unfortunate and isolated incident. I was up in the stands, surrounded.”
“Somebody said, ‘let’s push him down the stairs,’” Punk explained. “I got hit in the ribs three times. I was getting shoved and I was getting punched…Then I started getting tagged in the back of the head. Unfortunately, I lashed out in the heat of the moment and I apologize. I’m really just glad nobody was hurt.”

The Story is now up on WWE.com