Normally I would go on here and talk about Wrestling related past memories and put up videos of said memories. In this case, however I’ve decided to go a different route. The biggest buzz currently going around the Wrestling world is the “CM Punk smacking a fan” incident. When this broke out everyone in the IWC and non-IWC people were talking about it. Some were negative and some were positive. The question is who’s in the right? Punk or the fan? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There are no definite answers, only opinions. Now instead of telling one side of a story (because we all know there more than one side to every story) I’ve decided to try to depict this incident from both the fan’s and Punk’s perspective.

Lets start with the fan. Here’s a guy looking over Punk’s shoulder, trying to see Vince McMahon, putting on his sunglasses, and then here comes this Wrestler swiping the glasses off of him and smacking him the face. I can the surprise factor in that. He comes to the arena hoping to enjoy the show and then he gets smacked in the face by a Wrestler. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good way to end your night. Unless you’re a CM Punk fan and you consider that a badge of honor.

Now lets look at it from Punk’s POV. Being a pro Wrestler is not an easy job. You’re on the road most of the year, away from your families, and it takes its toll on you. Plus you’re interacting with people you’ve never met before so you have no idea who they are and what they’re capable of. So here’s Punk who goes out into the crowd and gets padded by a fan and reacts accordingly. If you’re out there in a crowd of unknown people, you have to be alert and prepare for the worst. To me, it looked like Punk just reacted accordingly.

Well, there’s my depiction of both sides of the story. I tried to cover both sides as equally as possible. So now it’s up to you all to decide who you think is in the right. I’ll leave you with what I said earlier, there are no definite answers, only opinions.

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