This past Monday, Ryback received the biggest opportunity of his entire career. He will be facing CM Punk at Hell in the Cell for the WWE Championship. This will be a “Feed Me More” edition of “Remember When”.

Do you remember when Ryback was on Tough Enough?

It was 2004 and Ryback (Ryan Reeves) was given a chance, along with 49 other hopefuls, to try out for the 4th installment of Tough Enough. Reeves and 7 others were chosen for the show. Reeves was working along side guys like Nick Mitchell (Spirit Squad’s Mitch) and Mike Mizanin (The Miz). Reeves did exceptionally well, coming in third place. The eventual winner ended up being Daniel Puder but that didn’t stop Mitchell, Mizanin, and Reeves from achieving success in WWE.

Reeves went on to DSW in 2005 where he was mostly a tag team wrestler. He was later transferred to OVW where the Ryback character was formed. In this case, Ryback was a Terminator gimmick which got him his most success by winning the OVW Title. He was released from OVW in January 2007.

Several months later, Reeves signed a developmental contract with FCW under the Ryback character but was quickly scrapped and replaced with another gimmick called Skip Sheffield. Skip was more of a Cowboy gimmick with such phrases as “Yep! Yep! Yep! What it Do!” and “Corn fed Meathead!”. Reeves got another opportunity at WWE TV during the inaugural season of NXT in February 2010 where he also didn’t win. Reeves (Under the Sheffield name) went on to become a member of Nexus where he would have his most success at that time. Skip would later be sidelined with an ankle injury.

In early 2012 Skip made his return to WWE in a dark match and within the next week or so, he would go back to his Ryback name and the rest is Wrestling history.

What do you all think of Ryback’s push? Do you think he deserves it?

Feed Reeves More!

Here’s Ryback before he was the Ryback we see today

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