Welcome to How I Would Book It. This is a column I have been writing since April of last year, but it is making its Wrestling Rambles debut. This won’t be a weekly column. I would like to write one of these columns every month. In this column, I will be looking at current feuds and upcoming events in WWE and write about what would happen if I was in charge. I’m not predicting what will happen. I’m only writing about what I would do. Last Monday on RAW, it was revealed that CM Punk will face Ryback at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View and I will now tell you how I would book that match.

The location of this year’s Hell in a Cell PPV is very interesting. Atlanta, Georgia is hosting Hell in a Cell and former WCW and WWE star Goldberg was billed from Atlanta. It is also the same city where Goldberg won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship when he defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan during an episode of Monday Night Nitro on July 6, 1998. This information is interesting because the wrestler Ryback has been compared to the most is probably Goldberg. WWE fans have chanted “Goldberg” during many Ryback matches. Ryback responded to the Goldberg comparison in the most recent issue of WWE Magazine and he said, “I feel I’m a better athlete and wrestler than Goldberg ever was, and people are going to see that over time.” Goldberg responded to the comment by tweeting, “Better athlete? Come on dude wake up…..” That tweet was sent one day before Ryback became CM Punk’s Hell in a Cell opponent.

I don’t think Ryback is main event ready yet and I also think it’s too early for him to get his first loss in WWE. The best thing for Ryback would be that he doesn’t face CM Punk at the PPV. What I would do is have Ryback make his entrance and then he is attacked by some guy wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The guy pulls down his hood and it’s Goldberg! Backstage, CM Punk is heading back to the locker room because he assumes his match is cancelled but Mr. McMahon says that Ryback will be replaced by John Cena. The reports I have read said that Cena’s injured right arm might not be healthy enough for him to compete at Hell in a Cell, but CM Punk can attack Cena’s arm with a steel chair during Cena’s entrance so Cena doesn’t have to wrestle at a high level. The referee can ask Cena if he is able to compete and Cena will say yes even though Punk did major damage to Cena’s arm. CM Punk can win the match by taking advantage of Cena’s injury and afterwards, the storyline would be that CM Punk needs to prove he can defeat Cena when he is fully healthy. The storyline that would get the most attention would be the attack by Goldberg. The next night on RAW, Goldberg would start the show and talk about Ryback’s comments in WWE Magazine. Goldberg would also talk about how he didn’t want to see Ryback becoming the WWE Champion in front of Goldberg’s fans. Goldberg would say that he made sure Ryback couldn’t compete at Hell in a Cell because he wants to be the first person who defeats Ryback. The next WWE PPV would be Survivor Series and I think Goldberg vs. Ryback would be a great main event match for that PPV. The match-up is good enough to be a WrestleMania match, but I wouldn’t want it to happen at WrestleMania because it would be competing on a card that may include top superstars like The Rock, John Cena, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and Undertaker. WrestleMania doesn’t need Ryback vs. Goldberg to be successful. A match like that would be great for Survivor Series and would likely increase PPV buys. I would have Ryback would defeat Goldberg at Survivor Series and a win like that would make Ryback worthy of the main event level.

The main problem with a Goldberg and Ryback feud is that Goldberg is not currently employed by WWE (officially not employed…it’s possible that he secretly signed a contract with WWE). Last month, it was reported that Goldberg had signed a Legends deal with WWE, but Goldberg denied it on Twitter. I think WWE could make Goldberg a contract offer that he would accept. If WWE was able to bring back Brock Lesnar, I don’t think it’s impossible to bring back Goldberg too. Having Goldberg show up in Atlanta would make the PPV better and it would be great for Ryback’s career. The Hell in a Cell PPV would be a bad night for Ryback, but it would set in motion something that is going to make Ryback a main event star in WWE. That’s how I would book the main event of Hell in a Cell.


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