5:30 into it
(Post Published Note : WWE has Removed this video)

Replacement Video!

1:03 into it.

What was a decent match with CM Punk, Ryback goes for his finisher on PAUL HEYMAN, and cannot set up for the Shell Shock. This puts Ryback at a disadvantage, limiting the number of moves he can do if was to continue his run, because while many in the WWE can fit the mold for ryback to face, Some of the challenging ones are not. I don’t expect CM Punk to put bigshow in the GTS, but at the same time, Knowing the range and abilities of CM Punk, I would imagine he can figure out another move to save himself, when it comes to Green as Gooseshit Ryback, I don’t expect much.

Other moments,

Failure to pick up Lord Fatsai

Jack Swagger landing on his head and neck awkwardly.

1:10 into it.

From NXT to Now, He has been one thing, and one thing only, dangerous, and not in a good way.

He has been shown to be careless in the ring, and with himself, time to stop his run ASAP.

Goldberg once said it was an honor to be compared to Ryback, as wrestling fans still know who he is, and is respected in the business, well if Ryback is anything like Goldberg, one more botch could cost another wrestler his career.

I am all for pushing Young stars to the top, but this one I say needs more time honing his skills before something tragic happens, with a locker room full of candidates, it seems like a bad idea pushing someone who has shown little development, or worse, back stepped from his NXT Skip Sheffield gimmick.

In the case of Rybotch here, he came in having a southern accent, and went by the Cornbeef meatheat, Skip Sheffield,

Meanwhile on his gimmick, “Feed me More!”


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