Hello, and welcome to the latest TNA Impact Wrestling review, “Insight into Impact”. I’ll be giving you the match results and segments from the October 25th 2012 episode, as well as adding on my views at the end of this article.

After a look back at last week’s episode, we see Hulk Hogan is in his office with Hulk Hogan. Hogan thanks Hardy for “making the world watch TNA”, and says Hardy needs to prove himself tonight. Hardy says he is a changed man and whoever he faces, they’re in for the fight of their life. Hardy leaves the office, and the segment slows as he walks past the 4 guys in contention to face him, over the top we hear Hardy’s thoughts on the potential opponents.

Jeremy Borash is at commentary with a guy by the name of Todd Keneley. They’ll be on for the first hour, Mike Tenay and Taz will take over for hour 2.

Match 1 for the TNA X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs Zema Ion

Both try to end early, Ion locks on a headlock which RVD breaks out of, armdrag, gorilla press slam and moonsault for 2. RVD tries to leap over the top, only for Ion to block the move, before RVD misses a crossbody, and Ion hits a somersault flip to the outside. Ion catches RVD with the tornado DDT, before missing a corkscrew off the top rope. RVD with a springboard kick, Rolling Thunder and 5-Star Frog Splash to retain the title.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

As RVD celebrates, Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan appear. RVD turns into a Carbon Footprint from Morgan, who gets on the mic to say Hogan wanted to see a different side, be careful what you wish for…

Austin Aries is listening into Hulk Hogan’s office, and is making fun of people kissing ass to try to get a title shot. He says Hogan’s using these guys for personal amusement, and he’ll be stood outside doing the same when someone is eliminated.

Daniels and Kazarian make their way to the ring, to new theme music. Anyways, Kazarian says it’s fitting Halloween is soon, as they’ve had a lot of tricks, but no treats. He complains that Hulk Hogan messed up his travel plans last week, and also how they lost their Tag titles to 2 guys who are probably in the US illegally. Daniels takes the mic and says it’s Championship Thursday, but they don’t get their rematch. He thinks that Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero are manipulating TNA, and just playing up to the stereotype of Mexicans as TNA want a Mexican fanbase…even suggesting they call themselves “Dos Stereo Typicos”. Daniels wants the fans to sign a petition for their rematch, and this brings out Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo says he’s happy to give them a rematch, so they can shove the titles down Daniels and Kazarian’s throats. Kazarian and Daniels get knocked out the ring, before the Tag Champs sign the petition for a rematch, anytime, any place.

Hulk Hogan is chatting to Bully Ray, James Storm, Kurt Angle and Mr Anderson. He asks why they deserve the title shot. Storm is fed up of taking the back seat, while Bully is steaming about Devon. Angle thinks if he never got injured, he’d still be Champion, while Anderson is tired of these grovelling for title shot moments. Hogan eliminates Anderson for lacking fire. As Anderson leaves, Austin Aries taunts him about not getting picked, and how he’s better than Anderson. Aries throws water at Anderson and they brawl. When the brawl ends, Aries tells Anderson he wants him tonight.

Devon is holding an Aces and Eights meeting. Apparently the president has said under no circumstances do they take the masks off. But tonight, they have to take someone out…and no, it’s not for dinner! The “VP” of the Aces throws a dart at photos of TNA stars, and while we don’t see who it hit, that is their target for the night.

Match 2 for the TNA TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs Robbie T (with Robbie E)

Joe strikes with a few chops but runs into a stiff clothesline from the Welshman. Robbie T with clubbing shots, Joe replies with punches, only to then run into a spin kick by big Rob. Robbie T tries to hit a chokeslam twice, second time Joe drops behind and goes for the Coquina Clutch. Robbie E sees this and gets on the apron, Big Rob breaks the hold, the move is tried again, and Robbie E distracts once more. Samoa Joe tries running and jumping onto Robbie T’s back, only for the bouncer to drop back…and while he thinks he’s break the hold, Joe sits up and locks in the Coquina Clutch, forcing a tap out!

Winner and still TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Miss Tessmacher speaks out about how it’s felt like an eternity for this rematch, that she loved how ODB manhandled Jesse last week, and she can’t wait to regain the Knockouts Title, sending the loved up couple back to Hollywood.

Back to Hulk Hogan’s office, where he asks Kurt Angle and James Storm their views on Bully Ray. Both guys say they feel he’s too focused on Devon. Bully agrees, saying if he doesn’t get a title shot, he wants answers from Devon tonight. Hogan thanks Bully, because he’s just made his choice easy, and eliminates Bully, before telling him to call out Devon.

Mr Anderson is backstage, and says he’s fed up of Austin Aries strutting around like a peacock, he’s been given permission for this match, so let’s get it on!

Match 3: Mr Anderson vs Austin Aries

Each time Anderson tries to get the upperhand, Aries takes a breather. When Aries goes for a waistlock, Anderson breaks out of it, and removes a pair of knuckledusters that Aries “planted” on him. Anderson with a hard irish whip to the corner, scoopslam and elbow drop for 2. Aries turns the match his way by throwing Anderson outside and hitting his suicide dive. After a break, Aries is in control, and shuts down offensive moves by Anderson, until the asshole rocks him with a few elbow shots, swinging neckbreaker, and roundhouse kick. Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge, and Aries uses the ref to block this, before both Aries and the ref fall to the mat. This allows Aries to take the knuckledusters back from the ref. Anderson knocks them from Aries, and goes to use them, the ref stops him, and as his attention is turned away, Aries uses a second pair on Anderson, before jokingly letting Anderson try to pin him, kicking out, and locking in the Last Chancery for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Brooke Hogan has Jesse and Tara with her. Tara complains about ODB, especially for putting her hands on Jesse, who himself complains about having to take 12 tomato baths to get the stench of ODB off. Brooke replies that Tara should be more concerned with her match tonight, and then has a word with Jesse, saying ODB has her eyes on him….which he isn’t happy about!

Commentators switch over now, as we see Mike Tenay and Taz take over for hour 2!

Match 4 for the TNA Knockouts Title: Tara (with Jesse)(c) vs Miss Tessmacher

Tessmacher goes after Tara before the Champ even gets in the ring, and controls early on. Even when Tara tries to crawl to Jesse, Tessmacher kicks his hand away. Jesse distracts Tessmacher, allowing Tara to knock her ouside. Tara with a “field goal” punt, and a slam, only to miss a slingshot legdrop. Miss Tessmacher builds momentum with clotheslines, Asstastic and a corner faceplant. As Tessmacher hits the ropes, Tara distracts the ref, and Jesse opens the ropes for Tessmacher to drop through. Jesse rolls the hurt challenger back in, for Tara to hit the Widow’s Peak, and retain her gold.

Winner and still Knockouts champion: Tara

Jesse and Tara celebrate, which is ended when Brooke Hogan appears. Brooke says next week is Open Fight Night, and she’s just got off the phone with a very feisty ODB….who wants to call out Jesse next week!!

Joseph Park enters Hulk Hogan’s office. He says Hogan never gave an answer to his Aces and Eights conversation. Hogan reminds Park he’s only had 1 match (actually 2, Hulkster), and the Aces are vicious. Park wants to know if Hogan is concerned about his health or liability, and when Hogan replies “both”, Park produces a contract waivering TNA of any responsibility should he get hurt. Park says he was there when Hogan asked him to be….now it’s time for the favour to be returned, or stand out of Joseph’s way.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring. He first off thanks Sting for tagging up at the PPV. Bully says he’s been in the business 20 years and not much shocks him, but Devon being in the Aces did. He thinks the excuse used by Devon is weak, and wants answers face to face. Devon appears with 5 of his gangmates. Devon says he doesn’t owe Bully an explanation, and this is nothing to do with him, because Bully is no longer a threat. Bully says it’s over when he says so, and discusses the night they were supposed to retire. Bully says they had the Motorcity Machine Guns beat with the 3D, till Chris Sabin did what no one else has ever done…kicked out of the 3D (which is actually false, as Masato Tanaka did it in ECW in 1998). Afterwards, while Bully felt down about losing, Devon told him “what’s the big deal? We’re rich, screw the fans!”, which is why Bully turned on him. Devon admits he said it, and doesn’t care. Bully says they’re talking too much, and suggests fighting, but Devon refuses, saying it will happen on his time, before leaving. Bully says Devon’s always been a coward, but to prepare, as next week is Open Fight Night, and the Bully is calling Devon out….and someone is going through a table!

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are interviewed backstage. Ryan says he doesn’t follow the rules, RVD doesn’t scare him and maybe it’s time for a little gold around his waist. Meanwhile, Morgan says Hulk Hogan started this last week, now Morgan will do what he wants, when he wants, and no one will stop him.

GutCheck is back next week, and Christian York will be the wrestler appearing. They show he appeared in TNA in 2002, tagging with Joey Matthews (aka Joey Mercury). York says he saw how Joey went on to success, and if his life was different, it could have been him too. This is possibly his last chance..

Kurt Angle and James Storm are talking to Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff, when Hulk Hogan interrupts. He says Storm has been through a war recently, and Hogan has a big plan for him, but for now, Hardy has a huge challenge, because Hogan’s picking Kurt Angle.

Match 5 for the TNA World Title: Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy (c)

Hardy takes down Angle with an armdrag, Angle breaks out of it and they exchange blows, before Hardy runs into a boot. Angle goes to come of the ropes, Hardy with the inverted atomic drop, leg drop, dropkick combo for 2. As Hardy goes for a headscissors takedown, Angle drops him on the top rope, then knocks Hardy heavily to the floor. After a break, Hardy on the offence, splash in the corner, headscissors takedown and dropkick out side, as well as a flying clothesline off the apron. Twist of Fate is blocked by Angle, and he strikes with 3 German Suplexes. When Angle tries for the Angle Slam, it’s turned into a Sit-Down Twist of Fate, followed by Hardy taking too long to go to the top, and a belly to belly from Angle. Angle rocks Hardy with a huge powerbomb, as Hardy kicks out, Angle turns it into the Ankle Lock, which Hardy breaks. Hardy tries for the Swanton, only to miss, and Angle hits the Angle Slam for 2. Angle tries for a German Suplex again, blocked, 2 Twist of Fates and a Swanton later….Angle kicks out!! Angle elevates the on-rushing Hardy outside, once the action is back inside, Angle goes for an Angle Slam, and Hardy rolls through, pinning Angle for the 3 count.

Winner and still TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

As they show the replays, Austin Aries appeared and laid out Jeff Hardy with the World Title. Aries says with the 4 eyes on Hardy’s face, he thought there would be some on the back of his head, before announcing when he wants his rematch. He won’t do it for free, but at Turning Point. Aries says he’s so confident that he’ll win, he’ll take his title now, and leaves with the real World Title.

We cut to backstage, and see the Aces and Eights are beating down Kurt Angle. Suddenly, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff run in, and scare the Aces off, before Wes shouts for help for Angle, as the show ends.

Good episode this week, with enjoyable in-ring action, and intriguing promos/segments to go along with it. It was good to see nearly all the titles on the line, and I felt we saw some good action for the time allowed in each match. Even Joe/Robbie T was good, especially liked the determination in Joe that he would get the Coquina Clutch on. Anderson/Aries stood out as my pick for match of the night, and again, I loved the role Aries is playing once more. This suits him much better than the “face” Aries we recently saw. Daniels and Kazarian impress me more and more each week they get mic time, they are quite good at getting their point across AND entertaining, especially Daniels, who makes me laugh often. I feel a bit surprised Aries will go for the title so soon, considering last week he was in no rush for his rematch…a week later, he wants it at the next PPV. Oh, and I felt Todd Keneley did a good job in his TNA debut. He seemed comfortable, knew the moves, and described the action well. Although, I’m a bit unsure on 4 commentators split over 2 hours. Only thing I wasn’t keen on, was seeing Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco running off about 5 guys at the end…I mean, come on!! Ridiculous!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you’ve enjoyed the review!

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