Monday’s WWE Raw drew a 2.94 rating, up from a 2.48 rating the week before. Raw averaged 4.1 million viewers for the three-hour show, up from the 3.5  million the show averaged last week.

  • The first hour drew 4.306 million viewers
  • The second hour drew 4.217 million viewers
  • The final hour crashed with 3.783 million viewers.

This just proves that the third hour of Raw is too much for a lot of viewers. WWE have done nothing productive with the extra hour the USA network have granted them. The only aspect that has improved since Raw went 3 hours is the tag team division. However the diva’s division, character development, the WWE championship still isn’t of great importance as it should be, creatively in story telling has not improved at all. WWE are now doing a storyline that TNA just did with AJ Lee and John Cena having an ”affair” with Vickie disposing some ”evidence”. I don’t know where WWE will go with this. Maybe it’s a shot at TNA to show that they’ll to do a better job of telling a story like this? Whatever it is they’re trying to do; it sucks, it’s bland and it’s boring. They are putting together matches like Orton vs Barrett which just doesn’t seem right. Ever since Barrett came back, he hasn’t been build up properly again and therefore he’s not a threat to Orton. Why not build him up then put him in the ring with Orton at a Pay-Per-View or something? Their mid-card titles are a joke. They’re jobbers to main eventers. Example? The Miz (when he was IC champion) getting destroyed by Ryback.  WWE have been putting on random matches that makes no sense storyline wise. That’s not how you improve a product. It’s like Vince McMahon forgot how to book a show. Nothing seems to be making sense and the whole show is lacking creativity.

I think WWE will be happy with that rating because they’re not using the extra hour efficiently. It’s going to get worse and worse if WWE does not pull themselves together.

Do you agree with me? What do you think WWE need to know to improve Raw? I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions so please leave them below.   Thanks for reading.


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