The following is a rant posted by Gregory Iron on his Facebook profile. It outlines how Independent wrestling is in the dog house and how Indy wrestlers are treated by unprofessional wrestling promoters who lack a serious amount of knowledge and respect of the business we all love and adore.  As a fan and owner of this website, I feel a need to outline this problem to wrestling fans and more importantly to Indy wrestlers who may read on here. (Follow Gregory Iron on  Twitter / Facebook)


I love wrestling. But it seems like there are too many people out there who claim to “love” professional wrestling, make themselves a part of this business, and have no understanding on how to be PROFESSIONAL.


One of the main reasons independent professional wrestling is in the crapper is the so-called “promoters.” Do not get me wrong. There are some great dudes out there that try the best that they can to put on solid events. Sadly, there are far to many guys out there that attempt to run shows with no wrestling experience, no wrestling background, no knowledge on how to run ANY entertainment event, no promoters license (which is required in the State of Ohio, but the Athletic Commission doesn’t take wrestling serious enough to pay attention to all these fly by night promoters/promotions), and, perhaps most important… NO MONEY!


I have been in professional wrestling for over six years now. Wrestling is how I support myself and my family. I have worked very hard to attain the level of success that I have in this profession through hard work, determination, sacrifice, and through being wise enough to follow in the foot steps of guys who had success before me. Can you believe, though, that TO THIS DAY, I get messages and e-mails from “promoters” who legit try to offer me TWENTY DOLLARS to drive several hours to their “show”…? Of course, most of these e-mails are poorly written and just all around amateur looking in the first place. My actual pricing is very reasonable for being one of the more known independent wrestlers WITH a unique character, and I feel it is not much to ask.


When “promoters” are not offering me pennies to wrestle, there is the other guy, for which I will show you an example of today.


When you have been in wrestling long enough, you begin to see that what people SAY will happen and what will ACTUALLY happen are two greatly different things. Do you know how many times I have been offered flights to Japan, England, Australia, California, among other places…? Would you like to guess how many times I have wrestled in said places…?


Two months ago, a local “promoter” messaged me inquiring to book me. Everything was written so badly, I figured there was NO WAY that this show was going to occur. I shot the guy a price anyway, and I was “booked.” In my head though, I would have instantly took another booking had one come along, as the “promoter” never contacted me further after our first conversation. It was not until earlier this week that Matthew Justice contacted me, informing me that I was on the flyer, was I reminded of this event. The show flyer had some pretty legit names, like myself, Michael Elgin, Shark Boy, Facade, HENTAI, Jason Gory, among others. I thought, Wow, I guess this show is going to happen.


The show, UNDERGROUND REVOLUTION WRESTLING (great name) was to take place in Cleveland, Ohio, about 5 minutes from my house, tonight. Here is the conversation I had with said “promoter” last night. Please take in consideration that I deal with stuff like this FAR TOO OFTEN:


Is everything still good for tomorrow? What time should I get there?

Hunter Kaufman

Sorry been running around today couple of sponsors dropped out because of weather so asking family and friends for money to cover i understand your pissed i am pissed going to try to do the show

Gregory Iron

Well I am not pissed if you are paying me and running your show. Are you paying me..?

Hunter Kaufman

I am try all i can to do so

Gregory Iron

… Okay… What about dudes traveling long distances? Have you informed any of them that your show may or may not happen..??

Hunter Kaufman

Yes i am not a dick i cant control the weather if your off i understand but i am going to try to do the show

Gregory Iron

Okay. I did not say I am off the show, nor did I say anything about the weather. I am saying while I live fairly close to the venue, there are several guys traveling hours to wrestle for you, and expecting to receive pay. So I am asking you if you have informed people on the show that you may not be able to pay them..? Because if that’s the case, you are going to have a lot of very angry wrestlers to deal with, who will probably beat you up pretty badly.

Hunter Kaufman

Sorry dude just tying to do to much

I am contact poeple as i can and doing what i can

Gregory Iron

So you are canceling the show..? I am looking on the buildings website now and your show is not even listed in the events.

Hunter Kaufman

No they never change the website and i am try to get a show going that i can i dont fly in form vegas for nothing

Gregory Iron

So you will be at the venue tomorrow…? With a ring?

Hunter Kaufman

Yes and a fans i hope

Gregory Iron

One single fans..? Huh..? Okay. So what time do you want me there? And I need my (money) upon arrival.

Hunter Kaufman

I doing best to get it

Gregory Iron

Ok… this is the part where you tell me what time to show up.

Hunter Kaufman

I cant grenty you the money at this sec thats why I am being i honest man tell you if you want out i understand

Gregory Iron

Alright. “Grenty” is not a word. In fact, most of the stuff you have attempted to type cannot even be considered sentences or complete thoughts. I do not want out. I left this date opened because you booked me for a show. Now, you are creating an unfortunate situation for me, as I could have taken several other bookings in which I could have got paid. What I want is the money I asked for, and the opportunity to perform on your show. If I would not have taken the time to write you, would you have even informed me that you do not have money to pay anyone..?

Hunter Kaufman

Yes thar’s what i am was doing and not trying to be a dick and do the right thing and not waste your time as soon as i know

Gregory Iron

But you HAVE wasted my time anyhow. Its literally the day of the show and I could have taken other bookings. Are you going to be at the venue??

Hunter Kaufman

show is died give me more awhile and i will send you a money order

Gregory Iron

I shouldn’t give you any time because you owe me money TODAY.

Hunter Kaufman

I am being honest and offering to pay give me a brake all the other guys are understandable

Gregory Iron

You are only being “honest” because I called you out. You owe all of us money for wasting our times and forcing us to try and read any of your poorly spelled messages. This is very unprofessional.

Hunter Kaufman

dude first off i can gave you a long list of wrestling i have talk to before and after you and BTW it my plan to play people when i get it half understand and will take the money others are saying it cool and working together in the future

Gregory Iron

Talking like a tough guy would be taken more serious if you could type better than my four year old cousin with autism.

Hunter Kaufman

Sorry to have wasted your time and have a nice life.

Gregory Iron

I will have a great life, especially knowing that I am a 26 year old man who TECHNICALLY HAS BRAIN DAMAGE that has better writing skills than a 32 year old hill-jack from “Vegas.”


Hunter Kaufman stopped writing at that point. If Mr. Kaufman tries to “book” you or someone you know for a show, please keep in mind this man is a complete tool, with no higher than a second grade education.


This type of thing happens too often in pro wrestling. I have read many wrestling books where wrestlers have stated that they worked Indy shows and never got paid for it. It sucks that this still happens. It just goes to show you that it pays off to be certain of things and not just assume something will or will not take place. It also shows you to be careful with who to do business with. This ”promoter” didn’t know what he was doing and Gregory was being polite and professional with him but he just showed his stubbornness and his unprofessional-ism. Gregory did the right thing by outlining this. I want to thank Gregory for granting me permission to use the above information.


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