Welcome to the 1st November 2012 edition of “Insight into Impact”, where I will be giving you the lowdown on TNA’s Impact Wrestling, as well as my thoughts on this episode too.

The show opens with a graphic that this episode is in memory of Brad Armstrong, who sadly passed away at the age of 51.

Joseph Park is in the ring, and is nervous as it’s been a while since he spoke on a mic. He’s been here long enough to know what Open Fight Night is about, and despite not being a wrestler, he needs to stand up for himself. Hulk Hogan won’t allow him to fight, but being a lawyer, he’s found a loophole…Open Fight Night! Therefore, he challenges any member of the Aces and Eights to face him. Instead, he’s faced with 4 Aces, who surround him, until Kurt Angle and then Sting rush down for the save. Sting warns the Aces someone WILL be unmasked tonight.

Magnus is walking through backstage, and asked if he’s off to help unmask the Aces. He replies that he isn’t, but he will unmask a phony in the ring next.

Tara and Jesse are backstage, and Jesse is freaking out about an ear infection, and saying how he’s a man, and shouldn’t be facing ODB tonight. Tara says she’s got his back, before helping to sterilise him.

Magnus has now made his way to the ring. The phony he’s calling out? TV Champion Samoa Joe, because Magnus doesn’t feel Joe is the image of a TV Champion, unlike himself.

Match 1 for the TV Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs Magnus

Joe charges down the ramp and takes the fight to Magnus, strikes with the inverted atomic drop, big boot, and a running senton. Magnus replies with a flying knee strike, and a clothesline. They trade blows, Joe tries for the Coquina Clutch and Magnus blocks it, before running into a ST-Joe. Outside the ring, Joe runs Magnus shoulder first into the post, and as the ref tells them to get back inside, Magnus gets a weapon. Back inside, Magnus strikes Joe with a wrench…

Winner: Samoa Joe by DQ

Sting and Joseph Park join Hulk Hogan in his office, when Kurt Angle joins them, and he isn’t alone….Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff are with the Olympic Hero. Angle demands Devon tonight, but Hogan can’t do it, as Bully Ray wants him tonight, so Angle can face him at Turning Point. Angle says Brisco and Bischoff are backing him, and Sting suggests if they all wanna fight, to go rip some masks off.

Samoa Joe is being checked over backstage, and he faces the camera with a warning for Magnus: Magnus made the mistake of attacking him and then trying to escape. Joe wants the rules thrown out…because Joe is gonna kill Magnus!

A lookback at Austin Aries attacking Jeff Hardy is followed by the Vagina Monologues. Sorry, another Hardy inner monologue (same thing, innit?). He reckons Aries is a thief, and his overconfidence will be the end of him.

Time to hear from Kazarian and Daniels. Kaz says it’s amusing how Heath (Sting) is hellbent on unmasking the Aces, yet allowing the biggest frauds in Hernandez and Chavo to go unpunished. They told the truth last week, and it upset a few people. Daniels says tonight, they’re calling out 2 men who are proud of their Latino heritage, one is a member of wrestling’s most respected family, the only known for his size and strength….yes, Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina! The commentators reluctantly make their way into the ring, and don’t wanna fight. Daniels pushes Urbina over, and Hector strikes him, but 2 on 1 takes Hector down, until Chavo and Hernandez run down, causing Kazarian and Daniels to scarper.

The GutCheck video on Christian York is shown again, with him discussing how long he’s been doing this, and how this is his last chance.

ODB is on the phone to Eric Young again, and complaining how his phone has gone to voicemail. She tells EY that she’s gonna beat Jesse’s “tight ass” tonight, and needs her man. Plus fried chicken.

Jeremy Borash has left the commentary booth to announce GutCheck, he runs through the rules then introduces Christian York. York is in the ring, and his GutCheck is against Zema Ion!

Match 2: Christian York vs Zema Ion

York throws Ion’s spray can back up the ramp, and seems to one up everything Ion tries, including countering a huricanrana by doing a cartwheel. York strikes with a big boot, followed up by a half nelson suplex and a cannonball in the corner. Ion tries to get a breather, which was a trap, allowing the chance to, first guillotine, then deliver a tornado DDT to York. This doesn’t slow York down though, who hits a hard clothesline to Ion, followed by “Mood Swing”. The match goes outside, where Ion thinks he’s flipped York back inside, only for York to drop back down and hit a headscissor takedown. As they go back inside, Ion boots the ropes, before locking his armbar submission (now dubbed “Submission Impossible”) for the win.

Winner: Zema Ion

Austin Aries is questioned backstage about taking the World Title, and replies he took it, because he could, but also Aries feels he’s still the face of TNA. He ends the interview by going to see Robbie E and Big Robbie T, saying “do you remember 5 points?”…

Garrett Bischoff stops Bully Ray backstage, and says how Devon also turned on him, and that he has Bully’s back. Bully appreciates him stopping him to say this, but before the chat goes any further, they’re interrupted by a crewmember, saying the Aces are outside. Garrett and Bully rush out, and it’s a standoff between TNA guys and Aces. A brawl kicks off, and we see Devon turn up, to goad Bully, who chases his former tag partner off. Sting taunts the Aces about unmasking, before they run off.

ODB makes her way down to the ring to call out. She’s calling out (and I quote) the “eyebrow tweezing, chest-waxing, overrated 6 pack abs, working out 7 days a week, protein shaker drinker, egg white beater eater, eating every 3 hours, fake-tanning, Tara’s little boytoy, but I heard his battery ain’t that big, Hollywood TMZ wannabe, Big Brother reject, Jesse!”

Match 3: ODB vs Jesse (with Tara)

The majority of this match is ODB slapping Jesse’s chest. ODB attacks in the corner, and Jesse pushes her away, before he misses an elbow drop. ODB lifts Jesse wheelbarrow style before dropping him, and also dropping his head repeatedly onto the turnbuckle/her crotch, only to then miss a crossbody. Jesse with a scoopslam, he turns his attention to Tara, allowing ODB to first scoopslam Jesse, then spank him! Tara argues with ODB, allowing Jesse the chance to roll ODB, while holding her frilly undies to win.

Winner: Jesse

Todd Keneley passes the headset over to Mike Tenay, as hour 2 starts. JB stays on, due to Taz being unable to make the event, due to Hurricane Sandy.

While Tenay and JB are talking, Robbie E’s theme interrupts, and the two Robbies are on their way out. Robbie E says the most memorable part of the BFG Series was him defeating Jeff Hardy. Well, lightning will strike twice, as he’s going to call out Hardy to beat him again tonight.

Match 4: Robbie E (with Robbie T) vs Jeff Hardy

Robbie E tries to attack before Hardy gets in the ring, but Hardy rocks him back with punches, inverted atomic drop, leg drop and a dropkick. Robbie E goes outside, and pulls Hardy outside, only for Hardy to whip him hard into the stairs, then use those same stairs to deliver Poetry in Motion. As they go back in, Robbie T attacks Hardy, and we’re off to a break. Back from the break, Hardy turns the tables, and delivers a dropkick to Big Rob outside, before seeing a Twist of Fate turned into a DDT by Robbie E for 2. Hardy responds with a front suplex, Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the 3 count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

As Hardy celebrates, the REAL World Champion, Austin Aries appears on the ramp. Aries says he is still the greatest wrestler in the universe, and despite 3 seconds at Bound for Glory, he’s been the most dominant man in TNA. The fans chant “overrated”….seriously?! They deserve a lifetime Impact Zone ban! Aries says at Turning Point, he’ll regain his spot. Hardy gets a mic, and suggests they do it right at the PPV, and gets a ladder. Hardy suggests Hardy/Aries 2 be a ladder match, and Aries isn’t happy as he storms off.

Now we see the opening of Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop. JB is interviewing Hogan, when Matt Morgan appears. He suggests that maybe he is missing 1 thing, and looks at a cape that Hogan doesn’t want him to take. Hogan says the cape is part of history (H2 wore it at Shea Stadium when he faced Andre the Giant), and Morgan replies “wait till you see what history I make in this”.

Speaking of Hogan, he was watching himself backstage (egotistical, much?), when James Storm appears. Storm understood Hogan going with Kurt Angle last week, but reminds Hogan of a chat they had months back, when Hulkster suggested Storm walked away, recovered and came back kicking ass. Hogan says Storm’s proved himself, and if the Cowboy is a betting man, Hogan has an idea for him…

Time to hear from Bobby Roode. Roode doesn’t want to fight, but state a fact: last week, the IT Factor was overlooked once again for a World Title shot. Roode says the stipulation stopping him from a title shot is over, but maybe Roode wasn’t picked, as Hogan wouldn’t want to see him as Champion again. AJ Styles has heard enough, and comes out. AJ reminds Roode how, while Roode held the title longer than anyone else, AJ was dealing with issues to do with other people, including photos of him leaving an elevator with someone of the opposite sex (“seems to be a fad if your name is AJ”). AJ thinks the fans don’t care about the past, but about who is the next #1 contender, and suggests they fight for it now. Roode says he doesn’t want to fight, and goes to leave, only to turn and attack AJ. AJ knocks Roode outside, and Hulk Hogan brings James Storm to the ramp. Hogan thinks all 3 deserve a chance, and has an idea. At Turning Point, there will be a “Turning Point Match”…see what they did? Anyways, Storm vs Roode vs Styles, the winner gets a World Title shot at Final Resolution…but the one who takes the fall? He doesn’t get a World title shot between now and Bound for Glory 2013!!

After an ad break, Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan (in his new cape) make their way to the ring. Morgan says he’s been ignored for too long, and has had enough. He turned up at TNA House Shows taking the heads of TNA talent off to get attention, and now will “eat through the TNA roster, and shit them out 1 by 1 till he’s World Champion”. Nice choice of words. Ryan takes the mic, and says he usually avoids VDs, but is calling out RVD, to show the X-Division title can be X-rated.

Match 5: Joey Ryan vs Rob Van Dam

RVD knocks Ryan down, attacks with a few shoulderblocks, hits the rolling thunder, but as RVD tries for the 5 Star Frog Splash, Morgan pulls Ryan out the way, before Ryan goes for the side-roll pin, while holding the tights to steal a win.

Winner: Joey Ryan

After the match, Ryan attacks RVD, RVD with a spinning wheel kick knocking Ryan outside, only to see Morgan come in and knock RVD out with the Carbon Footprint.

Devon is taping his fingers up backstage, while his gangmates get him fired up ready for what is next…

Bully Ray is in the house! He sends a message to the North-East fans, telling them to stay strong, before asking for the “piece of crap” to get out here so he can kick his frickin’ ass.

Match 6: Bully Ray vs Devon

Bully charges at Devon, and Devon avoids him. Bully gets out the ring and brings in a table, setting it up in the corner. Devon hesitates, and doesn’t want to fight, and we see why…he waited for the Aces to join him.

Match is a no contest.

Bully Ray tries to hold back the 8 or 9 Aces with his chain, before Sting leads down TNA roster members for a brawl. It all goes off, and we are left with Devon and Bully mid-ring. Bully tries to go for a powerbomb, and is attacked by a tall Ace. Devon escapes, and Joseph Park gets in. The tall guy attacks Joseph, who tries to cover up, and tries to scratch at the Ace, in doing so, unmasks him and reveals it to be Luke Gallows! Gallows looks shocked, before chokeslamming Park through the table. Angle and Sting chase Gallows outside, and the show ends with Park laid out, with the table around him….

Probably my most used phrase when starting this part of the review, but I thought this was another good show. I’m glad to see there’s more development with unmasking of the Aces, and it doesn’t surprise me that Luke Gallows is part of them. Actually glad he’s in, feel he’s a good enough wrestler, and possibly a bit underused in my opinion. I’m pleased Samoa Joe and Magnus are still feuding, these two could put on an enjoyable feud, and if it ends with Magnus as TV Champion, I’d be fine with that, as he deserves the chance. GutCheck back again, and I felt Christian York did a pretty good job. Impressive physique, good moves, worked hard and had the crowd behind him…I actually thought he’d be the first GutCheck contestant to win. From one GutCheck guy to another, I didn’t see the point of Joey Ryan’s match with RVD, especially how quick the match was. I think the fans were as confused at the match as I was, you could hear the guy at the back of the Impact Zone farting due to how quiet it all went. Bit unsure on this “Turning Point Match” between Styles/Roode/Storm. It’s a clever new idea, and some different….I just don’t know which guy I would like to see pinned, because all 3 deserve title chances over the next few months. Finally, speaking of the title, Hardy/Aries is now a Ladder Match…advantage Hardy, right? I’m not quite sure, and could see something (or someone) costing Hardy. Maybe his words in this show could come back to haunt him: “overconfidence could kill him”….

Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoyed the review, and the episode of Impact!

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