This week, I’ll be talking about my experience at the TNA House Show I attended last Friday in Hidalgo, TX. It was one of the greatest moments in my life and I’ll never forget it. Lets get to it.

It all started earlier in the day when Tara, Chavo Guerrero, and Hernandez were scheduled for a meet and greet at a Direct Auto Insurance in McAllen, TX. D’Lo Brown was there as well as Head of Security. Minutes before the M & G, the place was already packed. We started by getting 8x10s signed by the Wrestlers and after that we got photos with the Wrestlers. I was meeting a friend there, but he was running late however he managed to get both the 8x10s and photo.

When it was my turn, I met Chavo first, I shook his hand, and we chatted a little about his days with Eddie as Los Guerreros most specifically the vignettes. Chavo mentioned how those vignettes were supposed to make them heels but it backfired and made them faces. I thought they were great whether or not they were heels or faces. Then I met Tara (and yes, she’s more attractive in person). I shook her hand and talked about her feud with Trish Stratus. We also chatted about her shaving Molly Holly’s head at Wrestlemania 20 and how she cut one side of Molly’s head. Then it was my turn to meet Hernandez. I shook his hand and talked about his days with LAX, Homicide, and Konnan.

I know D’Lo wasn’t part of the M & G, but being a Wrestling Historian I had to shake his hand and talk to him for a bit. We talked a little about his NOD days, his tag team with Mark Henry, and the fact that he’s the first ever Eurocontinental Champion despite what Kurt Angle said. In fact to this day, Kurt still thinks D’Lo doesn’t count. Then it was time for the photo portion. All of us gathered in a line and one by one we got our photos taken with all three Wrestlers at once. In fact, Hernandez got to let us hold the tag team belt. The best part of that photo was I got to put my arm around Tara’s waist. AY! DIOS! MIO!

I also got a photo with D’Lo which was just as awesome. Up next was a raffle to see who would get ringside seats and meet & greet passes to the show. My friend pulled a Guerrero and stuffed the ballot box with a bunch of slips with his name. It worked thought as he won the raffle. He won 4 ringside tickets, 4 M & G passes, some DVDs, a couple of T-shirts, and an Abyss mask. Luckily, I was one of the 3 guests he invited and the other two were good friends of ours and they also work at the Wrestling promotion I work for.

There ends part 1 of my TNA live experience. Tune in next week where I’ll talk about the moments at the arena, the matches, and the other good stuff. Thanks for reading.

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