Welcome to Laying The Smackdown. WWE SuperSmackDown LIVE was not live in Birmingham, England this week. Smackdown starts with Michael Cole and Sheamus. Cole tells the WWE Universe that there was an incident last night at a pub involving Sheamus and Big Show. Cole shows a video of Sheamus and William Regal in a pub. In the video, they are attacked by Big Show. After the video, Sheamus says he wants to fight Big Show right now. Big Show appears on the titantron and tells Sheamus that he will fight Sheamus at Survivor Series and not now. Sheamus thinks Big Show is too scared to fight him, Big Show says he has no reason to enter the ring with Sheamus tonight. Wade Barrett comes out and he talks about his match against Sheamus that is scheduled for this week’s Main Event. Sheamus wants to fight Barrett now, but Barrett walks to the back. Sheamus is definitely addicted to fighting. Every time he cuts a promo, he always talks about wanting to fight someone.

The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston (WWE Intercontinental Championship match)

Kofi won after hitting Miz with a crossbody off the top rope. I liked this match, but I thought it was too short. It got some time, but not enough for them to have a very good match. I wasn’t expecting Kofi’s crossbody to end the match and I was hoping for at least a few more minutes. I was starting to get interested in the match and that’s when it ended.  The time length of the match shown on TV was 7:30.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Rating: **3/4

After the match, Miz offers to shake Kingston’s hand and Kofi kicks him out of the ring.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

Rey Mysterio went for the 619 on Titus O’Neil, but Rey got distracted by Darren Young and the distraction helped O’Neil get out of the ropes before the 619. When Rey turned around and tried to complete the 619, O’Neil was out of the ropes and he hit Rey with the Clash of the Titus. O’Neil pinned Rey and won the match. The match was too short for me to enjoy it. The time length of the match was 3:17.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Rating: *1/2

After the match, Matt Striker tries to interview the Prime Time Players, but O’Neil takes the microphone from Striker and interviews Young.

Smackdown shows a video recap of the AJ-Cena scandal on this week’s RAW.

In Booker T’s office, Booker and Teddy are talking about the upcoming tag team match. Booker asks Teddy if he thinks Vickie Guerrero could come up with a match like this. Teddy says she might. Booker asks Teddy if that means Booker is not original. Teddy changes his answer and says he doesn’t think Vickie has the vision to make a match like that. Booker gets mad because he thinks Teddy is sucking up to him and he didn’t hire Teddy to do that. Teddy says he doesn’t know what Booker means and Booker starts laughing. Booker says he was just messing with Teddy.

Sheamus and William Regal vs. Big Show and Wade Barrett

Big Show won after knocking out William Regal. This was a good tag team match and I enjoyed watching Regal in this match. The time length of the match shown on TW was 9:43.

Winners: Big Show and Wade Barrett

Rating: ***

The RAW Rebound is sandwiched in-between Del Rio and Orton promos that promoted tonight’s main event match. This week’s RAW Rebound focuses on the Brad Maddox storyline from this week’s RAW.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio (Falls Count Anywhere match)

Orton won with the RKO on the steep steps inside the ring. The finish of the match was predictable, but this was a good match. It wasn’t a great match in my opinion. It reminded me of the Falls Count Anywhere match Orton had with Kane at Extreme Rules this year. This match needed a few more good spots. Most of the match was Orton and Del Rio fighting each other near the crowd. I wanted to like this match a lot and it got more than enough time, but the match wasn’t as great as it could have been. The time length of the match shown on TV was 14:27.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rating: ***1/4

Matches to Watch: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and William Regal vs. Big Show and Wade Barrett, Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Matches to Skip: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

Best Superstar of Smackdown:  William Regal

I would like to see William Regal in more matches. He’s not the most athletic wrestler, but he knows how to work a match. He did a great job selling the attacks by Barrett and Big Show. He made Big Show and Barrett look very strong. Regal helped make the tag team match enjoyable. I hope the younger wrestlers are asking Regal questions when he is the locker room.

Best Moment of Smackdown: Booker T ribs Teddy Long

The best part of Booker T messing with Teddy Long is his office is that I thought Booker was serious. If I was Teddy Long, I would have had the same reaction Teddy had when Booker accused Teddy of sucking up to him. But Booker was right…Teddy was afraid of losing his job and he was sucking up to him. Teddy definitely won’t be asking Booker to join him for a business dinner.

This week’s Smackdown only had four matches, but I thought it was a good Smackdown episode. Maybe I’m just thinking that because of how bad last week was, but this week had three good matches. The Orton-Del Rio match fell a little bit short of what I expected, but it was still a good match and it was nice to see them get nearly 15 minutes not including the commercial breaks. This week’s roster was similar to the weak roster last week, but they were able to have a good show without guys like Ryback, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes. Smackdown still needs to improve more, but it was nice to see that this week’s episode was better than last week.


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