Raw Lessons
That's Mine

1) Ryback Still isn’t ready for a main Event.
Two things learned in his match with Former WWE ref, and Current jobber with useless gimmick, is that Ryback is just a big slow guy, and while Vince loves the big slow ones, Ryback is just to dull. His gimmick of being the undefeated with an asterisk isn’t worth watching, and his squashing abilities means nothing to me. While Yes he is strong, he shows little in abilities, the only thing he can bring is pure power, and he even manages to mess that up every now and then.

2) WWE Sucks at developing Talent.
The second thing we learned, is that with up and comer Maddox, he already comes suited with a gimmick, a camera following him everywhere he goes for a youtube channel, AND TOTALLY NOT AN IDEA BASED AROUND Z TRUE ISLAND STORY, I mean a wrestler filming himself for a youtube channel show, who would do that? But other than that, he is squashed and beaten up in a matter of moments. This only builds up momentum for ryback, which, fine he is in the main event, but than what was the purpose of Vince offering a Million dollar contract, having him establish a character, the 3 week build up to what was nothing?

3) This isn’t the last we see of Maddox.
Already stated, but this is an on going story line, this isn’t the last we will see of Maddox, already established a character, and was seen talking to Paul Heyman, there is little to no doubt that this isn’t the last of the rouge ref. This is one of those things that it is too stupid and useless to not happen. Time was invested in the Maddox story line for the past 3 weeks, and while he lost the million dollar match, he still isn’t done.

4) Tag Division is Back
After the Tournament, all teams are still together by the looks of it. The only break up was R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, however we still have Sin Cara and Mysterio, Tyson Kid and Justin Gabriel, The Prime Time players, Primo and Epico, and The Usos, The Rhodes Scholars, and Team hell No. (Not counting CoBro, that isn’t a team, that is an upset). But with a massive 4 v 4 match, with 4 of these tag teams, The action was at a fast pace, not stop action. It was amazing to see how just a year ago the division was on life support, but is now almost as big as it was years ago when there was enough teams to have two sets of belts.

5) Something is going on With Rosa and Del Rio
Who cares.

6) Daniel Bryan is Awesome
Enough Said… ok Fine, Ill elaborate more. Daniel Bryan should be the WWE poster child, Good or bad, with just one word, he can get into arguments with the audience, he rips signs apart (or not to show he is calm) and is just generally a great overall performer, and wrestler. The way he portrayed feeling betrayed by not being with his tag partner was one of the priceless moments of the night.

7) Miz turning Face for Movie reasons
The Marine 7, I AM A TOUGH GUY SOLDER WHOSE FAMILY OR LOVED ONE WAS KIDNAPPED, staring Twatface Miz is coming out soon, and to ensure sales of this cinematic titanic of waste has a sale, it is time to turn the Miz into a face to reach out to a larger audience. It is what I like to call the Morrison effect, When Morrison’s DVD “Rock Star” was released, he suddenly was changed to face for no reason, and that same effect is happening with The Miz, at least there will be a build up to it this time. However, he is still a twatface, and sucks.

8) The AJ Lee Soap Opera
It is one of the most boring moments ever. Constantly rehashing old footage already seen is getting pathetic, and is a cheap way to fill 3 hours of Raw. This is the major side effect of what happens when Raw gets to be 3 hours, Filler, Filler Filler. Oh and this puts John Cena in TWO story lines, one with AJ Lee, Vicky, Ziggler, and another with CM Punk, Ryback

9)Survivor Series is a mess.
Team Foley VS Team Ziggler, with… why? The Original teams (While Predictable) were fine. But this puts everyone in a mess now, CM Punk fighting Ryback, Ziggler, Foley, and Cena, Cena fighting Ziggler, Ryback, and Vickie, Foley Fighting Ziggler, and Punk, and Most of them do not clash with one enough for any reason, other than the massive plot hole that is WWE Raw.

10) No More JR
Once the King made his grand return, Jim Ross didn’t stick around with his good friend, didn’t stick around with good version of Cole, he just vanished. While this is both good and bad, the good being a 3 man team sucks!, To much bullshit on the sides, which is fine, if you are bringing in a guest announcer, like a wrestler that is in a feud with someone in the ring, however generally it sucks. However the bad is, Well No more JR. Plain and simple JR is the voice of Raw, he brings life to the show.

11) The King wants to go back to normal
Many of the comments though out the night, were one liners directed at cole, from the King. It seems like the King doesn’t want this to be a focus on his long career with the WWE, and wrestling in general, he doesn’t want to be the one who almost died on Live TV after being in a match. However I disagree… Kings near fatal moment, did one thing right, and made Cole, less of an annoying prick, while still far from the best announcer (Spot Filled by Jim Ross) he is now doing his job… something King should do.

12) WWE is tasteless
The Smell of Katie Vick was heavy on this episode of Raw. While it is up in the air if those were the actual clips of Jerry Lawler being taking in the hospital (I mean they did have an ambulance on the Stage that looked exactly the same as the one in the clips), it still felt tasteless. And to top it off, to have CM Punk Come in, and ruin the king’s Return by having Paul Heyman faking a Heart attack, and making death jokes, (I found them funny, but then again I am a sinicle Bastard). Which brings me to my last point for the night….

Not saying he can’t do it, he is doing one hell of a job at it… the problem… FANS ARE STILL CHANTING FOR HIM! Now to be honest, it was most likely anti Cena fans, who at this point I think would root for hitler at this point, but still.. he attacks the Rock, attacks Cena, Sides with Paul Heyman, Walks out on shows, insults the crowd, insults fan favorites, plays dirty, acts like a snake in the grass, and even make jokes about Jerry Lawler having a heart attack, and FANS ARE STILL CHEERING FOR HIM. CM Punk was almost bragging about killing Jerry Lawler tonight, and made fun of him with Paul heyman, and still was rooted for. There is nothing that can be done to make him a hated heel. WWE should just throw in the towel, and let him be a rouge face, at least then it wouldn’t seem weird, he is demanding respect and getting it, but still demanding it… it makes little sense.

13) Most of this shit isn’t news, and this isn’t much of an article usually done by me, but simply pointing out the facts that anyone with eyes can see…

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