Welcome to A RAW Opinion, now that things are back to normal here on the LI, A RAW Opinion is back, tonights Raw will be in Columbus, Ohio.  WWE sent out a text message earlier this afternoon, they have announced that tonights main event will see CM Punk go one on one with John Cena.  But the big news tonight, the return of Jerry “The King” Lawler about 9 weeks after suffering a near fatal heart attack live on the air.

We start the show off this week with a video package for Veterans Day, being narrated by John Cena.  WWE always does great video packages, no different tonight.

We go live to the arena and Randy Orton is headed to the ring, he has a match against Dolph Ziggler, awesome.  Dolph Ziggler gets to job to Orton again tonight.  And despite interference by Alberto Del Rio, Blandy Boreton picks up the win.  Afterward Alberto went to attack Orton again but Kofi came out, this brings out Teddy Long, he says Vickie is busy with the AJ scandal and because this is a super show, he’s going to do something SUPER!  We got us a tag team match playa!  Ziggler and Alberto VS Kofi and Orton.  Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio get the win after Ricardo distracted Kofi as he went for Trouble in Paradise.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are in the ring.  We start back with this terrible storyline with AJ/Vickie/Cena.  Apparently Vickie has evidence that AJ “can’t talk her way out of” and she calls AJ to the ring.  They made it seem like AJ was going to admit to an “affair” with Cena but she said they were just friends.  Vickie played “voice mails” from AJ to Cena.  This is borderline unwatchable.  John Cena comes out after a bit.  AJ slaps Dolph and then Cena sends him from the ring, brutal segment, I love AJ but this was, ugh.

William Regal in a match!  His opponent is Big Show.  Thanks for comin, Regal.  After the match, Big Show was looking to hit the WMD on Regal until Sheamus came out for the save.

Kaitlyn Vs Layla up next to determine who becomes #1 contender for the divas title this Sunday at Survivor Series.  Kaitlyn gets the quick win tonight.

WWE airing a video of 9 weeks ago when Jerry Lawler had a heart attack on the air, why they would wanna show the man damn near dying on TV is beyond me.  But up next Jerry Lawler is back!

Michael Cole and Jim Ross are in the ring, Cole says talks about what happened 9 weeks ago, JR finally introduced Jerry Lawler to a HUGE ovation.  Lawler gives a speech until CM Punk interrupts, Punk says Lawler is lucky he left the ring when he did or he would have beaten him to death “again” Punk talks about Lawler being an old man and wanting to step in the ring with the champion, Punk says the person responsible for Lawlers heart attack is Jerry Lawler.  They went too far at the end of it with Heyman faking a heart attack.  Mick Foley came out and went crazy on Punk, he announced that tonight he’s going to be special enforcer for Punk VS Cena tonight.

Up next, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kid take on Prime Time Players and Epico and Primo in an 8 man tag match, I didn’t get a Rosa Mendes entrance, I am not pleased.  Ricardo came out and handed something to Rosa which caused a slight distraction, Gabriel, Kidd, Mysterio and Sin Cara get the win, damn good match, but Michael Cole sounded like Mike Tenay, overselling everything.

Tensai taking on R Truth next, Antonio Cesaro is at ringside for commentary.  R Truth gets the win, Tensai has really fallen off.

Brad Maddox VS Ryback is up next.  Squash match went WAY to long, Ryback wins.

Sheamus VS David Otunga.  Thanks for comin, Otunga.

Team Rhodes Scholars take on Kane and the new member of Team Foley as voted by the WWE Universe…  THE MIZ.  Miz and Kane get the win after Bryan went to attack Miz, Miz sent Daniel into Cody and then Miz rolled Cody into the ring to take a choke slam from Kane.

CM Punk VS John Cena is up next, Mick Foley is the special guest enforcer for this match.  Paul Heyman went to distract Cena but Foley pulled him out of the ring, Punk went for a GTS but Cena reversed it and locked in an STF.  Punk was able to reach the ropes, Punk left the ring and was about to leave, Ryback came out, Punk tried leaving through the crowd but Cena grabbed him and sent him in the ring, Punk went for a GTS again, Cena countered into the Attitude Adjustment, Ryback got in the ring, Cena and Ryback had a stare down and both men picked up the WWE Title as Punk tried to get it back, the show ends with Ryback and Cena both holding an end of the title.

Overall, decent show, it seems like this weeks show was a bit edgier, I wonder if it has anything to do with Linda losing the election for Senate last week.

AJ Lee/Vickie/Cena is absolutely brutal, I can’t believe this is WORSE then the Claire Lynch thing in TNA.

I could have done without the whole Heyman faking a heart attack thing, that went too far I think.

Brad Maddox losing didn’t make sense, they could have had Maddox get a win with help, and then have Ryback destroy Maddox afterward.  Side note, I don’t see HOW Ryback is over, he’s AWFUL.

I can see why the third hour always draws dismal ratings, aside from the main event, the third hour was awful.

I give this episode a 2.5/5, watchable, but just barely.

Thanks for reading the column, I hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of the show tonight.