This past Monday we heard the motives behind WWE’s newest faction, The Shield. This group comprises of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Allow me to give you a little in depth look at each individual however, I feel their work in the ring speak a lot louder than any typed words. Especially Ambrose and Rollins’ work.

Roman Reigns

FCW fans may know him better as Leakee, but Reigns is a lot more than that. In College, he played for Georgia Tech, he played for the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL, and went on to become an Edmonton Eskimo in the CFL. He debuted in FCW in September 2010 as Roman Leakee. He was mostly a tag team wrestler that eventually got him a tag team title reign. He also challenged for the FCW Title but was unsuccessful. He made his NXT debut in late October of this year. He’s also a member of the Anao’i family as the son of Wild Samoan Sika and brother of 3 Minute Warning’s Rosey. He’s also the cousin of The Rock, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and Umaga.

Seth Rollins

To FCW/NXT/WWE fans he’s Seth Rollins but to ROH and other independent Wrestling organizations, he’s Tyler Black. A former ROH Tag Team and World Champion, a former FCW Tag Team and Heavyweight Champion, a former Jack Brisco 15 Champion, and the current NXT Champion. In the Independent scene he’s had many great feuds with the likes of Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Jack Evans, Davey Richards, Nigel McGuinness, etc. He even formed a group in ROH with Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher called “Age of the Fall”. He made his FCW debut in September 2010 as Rollins. There he feuded with the likes of Richie Steamboat, Hunico, Leo Kruger, Jinder Mahal, Damien Sandow, and even Ambrose himself.

Dean Ambrose

Another man more famous for his Independent work, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) made his name in such promotions as HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association), IPW (Insanity Pro Wrestling), CZW, Dragon Gate, etc. He made his FCW debut in July 2011. He had a great feud with Rollins over the FCW 15 title but it was his feud with William Regal where he got his best notoriety, in my opinion. He also had some choice words for Mick Foley at Wrestlemania Axxess earlier this past year.

In my opinion this is how the group should go: Ambrose should be the mouthpiece, Reigns should be the enforcer, and Rollins should be the diamond in the rough (much like Orton when he was in Evolution). What are you initial thoughts on “The Shield’?

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