CM Punk and The Rock
CM Punk and The Rock

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Normally I like to put focus on the past or present events, and not go into the magical world of “What Ifs” especially as something as dynamic as wrestling. While yes, many claim it is “predictable” there is still a level of unsure, and with the last two pay per views has proven, sometimes things go bizarre quick. With The NXT invasion, and Brain Madden (The Ref who low-blow Ryback, HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO BE FAMOUS) [Trophy Earned : Brad Maddox?], That things in the WWE are changing quick. And so I will be called a hypocrite as well, I really hate bleacher Report for doing these types of “What if” articles, and presenting them as news, I will get to why Bleacher Report sucks later on, I figured, I haven’t done an article of any time in a long time [Trophy Earned : Admitting Laziness], that for the hell of it, I will do one of these stupid magic, “What if” Articles, under the Hail The Villain feel.

CM Punk, The Longest Reigning Champion of recent memory, surpassing the Likes of Dwayne “The Pebble” Johnson, John “Last son of Krypton” Cena, Macho Man “God Himself” Randy Savage. And still does not gain the Respect of the WWE Universe, or the WWE as a whole. When Punk was celebration is one year run with the title, how do they present their champion… with a montage of thumbs downs and boos. This is not how you treat a great and powerful leader such as CM Punk, who has been the voice of the voiceless. But there is one opponent standing in his way, and it isn’t that human garbage disposal known as Ryback, it is The Pebble, or if you want to call him by his in ring name, The Soft ass, tooty fruity, strudel lovin, people’s chump, Dwayne, Do you smeeeeeeellll-l-l-l-l doing the invisible blowjob -l-l-l-l-l what the the pebble is cooking.

You see, it will be at Royal Rumble where CM Punk, continues his eight year reign, to surpass Bruno Sammartino’s joke of a title run, and where Punk would put himself, and all of his doubters on the spot, him on top, and everyone else below the dividing line of ignorance, where Our Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses, Mr.Sandow, can help them. After CM Punk goes on to win at the Royal Rumble, he will go on to win at Mania, against the winner of the 50 man royal rumble, and The Pebble can go have a silly rematch with Cena and go into a match that no one will remember since the tag line “Once in a lifetime” will be thrown out the window.

When Cena sees, that the peeble can actually be beaten (admittedly be THE BEST IN THE WORLD) Cena would demand a rematch, to cast off the shadows of last year, and to deny his haters the satisfaction of losing, we call this being a bitch, and not moving on, but still. With Punk holding the title for well over a year working toward 2, (1 of many years may I remind you) there will be only one person who can end the streak of The Best in the World, at mania, you guessed it, The One and Only, The man with a streak so legendary, he only needs to work one match a year… You guessed it, BROCK LESNAR.

That is Right, at Wrestlemania 29, Which will be no where as near as awesome as Wrestlemania 28, Brock Lesnar will bring his legendary streak into play, his streak, of only wrestling 3 matches in a year, while still being the 2nd most over paid mistake The McMahon family did this year (The First being Linda McMahon’s election)… will come to test, when he goes Toe to Toe, with THE BEST IN THE WORLD, and Brock Lesnar will be a foot note, like many, oh his long 11 year title run.

Punk will go on to face Brock “I work 4 matches a year” Lesnar, and in the process, give into your shallow cries, and betray his own ideals and goals, to save face, and be a fan favorite again, the corporate sell out, just as you all want him to be. but until that moment comes, CM Punk is your current champion, and you should show him respect.

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