Welcome to this week’s “Insight into Impact” review, in which I will be giving you the lowdown on the 29th November 2012 episode of TNA Impact, as well as giving you my views and opinion on this particular episode.

You’ll be surprised to know the show opens with a Hulk Hogan promo. He wants to know what is going on with Brooke and Bully Ray. Bully comes out, and asks if Hulk really wants to know who the #1 man is in Brooke’s life, which brings her out. Austin Aries appears on the big screen asking when Hogan will stop airing his private life in public and deal with his stars, before joking he can’t lay on Hulk’s desk…then saying hi to Brooke which causes Hulkster to storm backstage. Aries once again coming off quite funny in his promo.

Match 1: Gail Kim vs Mickie James

As you’d expect between these two “veterans” of the Knockouts divison, a good physical battle. Gail seemed to control most the match and tried wearing Mickie down, until Mickie caught her with a Mick Kick, built up momentum and finished off with a huge Mickie-DT off the 2nd rope. Good match, but didn’t live up to the billing of “how female wrestling is done” by Dixie Carter…

Winner: Mickie James

James Storm discussed how he stands by putting his title shot up against Bobby Roode. AJ Styles interrupts saying Storm shouldn’t complain, at least he won’t have to wait till Bound for Glory 2013. Storm replies AJ should concentrate on tonight, not the past.

Hulk Hogan bursts into his office, where he makes a beeline for Austin Aries, while Kenny King, Zema Ion and Kid Kash go quiet. Aries reminds Hogan he’s GM, so Hogan takes this chance to allow all 4 to make their claim for a shot at Rob Van Dam, before King is eliminated (for laughing at Aries mocking Brooke, I guess?).

Bobby Roode cuts a promo in the ring, saying he made a statement last week that the World Title will come back to him, and mocks Jeff Hardy for nearly losing to Christian York. York appears, and slaps Roode, challenging him to a match right now.

Match 2: Christian York vs Bobby Roode

Despite Roode dominating most of this match, it was another good showing from York. He managed to soak up the attacks of the IT Factor, before fighting back, taking Roode down and delivering the cannonball in the corner. York fails to hit MoodSwing, Roode goes for PayOff and York with a roll up for 2. As York tries to roll Roode up, Roode holds the ropes, York pushes the ref away, and Roode knocks York down, before making the GutCheck winner tap out to the Crossface. Enjoyable match from two talented stars.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Roode gets a chair and tries to use it on York, only for Jeff Hardy to make the save. They brawl, but as Hardy goes for Twist of Fate, Roode gets out of harm’s way.

Video lookback at the chaos caused by Aces and Eights, before we cut to their meeting. It’s mentioned D.O.C. will face Kurt Angle next week, before Devon requests a chance to get back “his” TV Title, and if it’s granted, no one gets hurt tonight.

GutCheck discussion backstage between the judges. They talk up how Wes Brisco is a 2nd Generation star, and the first GutCheck guy to win, but all 3 have issues with mistakes he made in the match. Taz likes the fact Kurt Angle gives Brisco a “stamp of approval”.

From that, we see Kurt Angle talking to Bruce Prichard, trying to convince him to give Wes Brisco a contract. Prichard says he’s mind is made up, before he talks to D’Lo Brown, trying to figure out where Al Snow is.

Kazarian and Daniels make their way to the ring, where Kaz says it’s ironic James Storm and AJ Styles are tagging up, as he is “sorry about Styles’s damn luck”, before saying Daniels will be declared the better man once and for all at Final Resolution (once and for all….or until 2 months time when Styles/Daniels have nothing else to do).

Match 3: Daniels and Kazarian vs James Storm and AJ Styles

This match played once more on Styles being off form, and his timing being affected by his “bad year”. Storm fails to hit the Backstabber on Kazarian thanks to Daniels grabbing his team-mate. Kazarian and Daniels work over Storm, until they decide to do Gangnam Style, allowing Styles back in. Styles builds up a head of steam, which falls flat when…well, AJ falls flat, leaping over the ropes and missing Kazarian who moved. When Kazarian and Daniels try to double team Styles, Storm drags Kazarian out, does a blind tag, and delivers a Last Call to Daniels for the win. Good match as expected, but it’s getting a bit dull seeing any combination of these 4 guys time and time again.

Winners: James Storm and AJ Styles

Storm tries to raise AJ’s hand, but the Phenomenal 1 refuses, and walks away.

TNA hype that Lockdown 2013 will be heading to the Alamodome, in San Antonio, Texas. Apparently this will be held in a 10,000-11,000 capacity theatre part of the Alamodome.

Back to Hulk Hogan’s office with Austin Aries, Zema Ion and Kid Kash. Hogan wants someone to stir things up tonight, and after listening to the 3 guys argue, he eliminates both Ion and Kash, meaning Aries will challenge for the X-Division title tonight.

Samoa Joe speaks about Devon, saying Devon is the Sergeant in Arms, but does more talk than action. Joe says he didn’t steal the TV Title, but will beat down Devon if he tries to take it back next week.

Match 4: Douglas Williams vs Matt Morgan

This was Morgan’s first official match back on TNA TV since April 2012. Also Williams first match on TNA TV since he got injured at the hands of Zema Ion. Anyways, Williams didn’t get much offence in, and Morgan dominated. Williams leapt off the 2nd rope and got caught in a Chokeslam, before Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint. Not sure what this did, just showed Morgan can dominate, but didn’t help in his storyline with Ryan and Hernandez/Chavo. Bit pointless in this show.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Bruce Prichard and D’Lo Brown backstage once more. Al Snow is still missing, and they can’t do GutCheck with just 2 judges. So, because D’Lo has seen the match, and does GutCheck on the road, he’ll step in tonight.

GutCheck time in the ring. Bruce Prichard introduces D’Lo Brown, and says why he is out here for it. Wes Brisco comes down, and we go straight into votes. Prichard says he’s known the Briscos for years, but thinks the match last week was poor. Despite this, he sees potential, so votes yes. Taz up next, repeats what Prichard said…but votes no. Wes gets 30 seconds, in which he says he’s doing this for his fans and family, and wants a chance to prove himself. D’Lo repeats what the other two judges said, and respects Prichard and Kurt Angle standing up for Wes, so votes yes. 2 votes to 1, Wes Brisco wins a TNA contract. Kurt Angle and Garrett Bischoff run down to congratulate him, and I have a weird feeling about all this…

Hulk Hogan runs into Bully Ray, where Bully suggests Austin Aries offended him, and both Hogans. Bully thinks Hogan is confusing business with personal life, but Hogan says it’s Bully doing so, before the Hulkster walks off.

Jeff Hardy is shown as being on a show called “Ink Master”….man, I REALLY need to find that to watch!

ODB talks about Eric Young, she says she finally got him back, only to have the Aces and Eights beat him up. She gets emotional, and ends the interview.

Austin Aries is about to go out for his match, when Hulk Hogan stops him. Aries says Hogan fell into his plan, he’ll win the X-Division Title tonight, and hold it till Destination X again. Didn’t catch Hogan’s reply as the audio messed up, and don’t really care what Hogan said either!!

Match 5 for the TNA X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam (C) vs Austin Aries

This was a first time match between these two, and as I expected, quite a good back and forth battle. Loved how they changed up the RVD legdrop barrier spot, with RVD missing it, and Aries delivering a neckbreaker off the barrier. Aries also delivered a hard spike DDT in the middle of the ring. They battled back and forth, till RVD got the upperhand, ran through his signature routine. RVD took a bit too much time going for the 5 Star Frog Splash, allowing Aries to push him off the ropes, onto the barrier. Aries threw RVD back in and grabbed a mic, stating RVD was “out of breath, sweaty and on his back….like Brooke Hogan”. Bully Ray rushed down and interefered, but as he tried to powerbomb Aries, Aries rolled out of it, and out of the ring.

Match ruled NO CONTEST.

Aries backed off up the ramp, yelling at Bully Ray, until he turned and saw Hulk Hogan had appeared. Hogan though, was staring a hole through Bully Ray, and the show went off with both guys staring each other down…

Must say, this show was an improvement on last week’s show, but that isn’t really saying much considering how crap last week’s was! The main downside to this, as many have said, too much Hogan. Just looking over my review, I can see 6 different times he appeared on screen. Sure, they’re developing this storyline with Bully Ray, but there’s no need for that amount of appearances. Cut it back, and give time to other stars, or a bit extra time to some of the matches. I gotta say, the matches this week were enjoyable, and we saw some good hard hitting action throughout. Unsure on which match I would pick as the best match on the night, seeing as I enjoyed York vs Roode, Styles/Storm vs Kazarian/Daniels and RVD vs Aries, and felt all 3 were good matches. If you push me to pick one though, I’d probably go with York vs Roode, another good showing from York and a good battle with the #1 contender to the World Title. I mentioned in the GutCheck segment about having a weird feeling about it all, and here’s why. Remember a couple of months ago, a strange backstage segment between Hulk & Brooke Hogan, Dixie Carter, Al Snow, Bruce Prichard and D’Lo Brown? Discussing someone being a “insider” letting the Aces & Eights in? I get the feeling that links into this, and it was D’Lo letting them in. Why link into this? Because I feel he and/or the Aces were behind Al Snow’s disappearance this week, allowing D’Lo on the judges to help get Wes Brisco a contract, and later on, we’ll see Wes revealed as one of the Aces. I could be wrong, but just putting it out there….

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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