Welcome everyone to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through this weeks (Sometimes agonizing) 3 hours of WWE Raw, tonight, Raw comes to us live from Greensboro, North Carolina.  What is going to happen tonight, WWE.com is teasing a possible Vince McMahon role on screen tonight.

We start the show with a video package highlighting last week, when The Shield attacked Ryback, saving CM Punk.

We go live to the arena and we get a tag team match to start things off.  Kane and Daniel Bryan come out, The Shield is in a box, Kane wants them to come to the ring and fight.  Kane and Daniel Bryans opponents however, are the Prime Time Players.  During the match they kept showing the sky box, Ambrose was alone at one point, Rollins and Reigns nowhere to be seen, as the match continued, Reigns was shown walking down the steps, as was Ambrose, still no sign of Rollins.  Kane and Daniel Bryan get the win after a roll up by Bryan.  After the match, The Shield attacked, Reigns and Ambrose took out Kane and beat his arm into the steps, Rollins attacked Bryan, all three men then took out Daniel Bryan and left through the crowd.  I thought it was a great match, I was glad to see The Shield not get involve directly in the end of the match.  In a nice side note, tonight was Kanes 899th match, making it the most matches in WWE history.

Up next is a divas match, Tamina VS AJ.  Tamina had control for a majority of the match, Tamina was about to go to the top rope for the super fly splash but AJ rolled her up for the pin, not a bad divas match this week.

CM Punk comes out from the back with Paul Heyman.  Heyman has the WWE Encyclopedia with him and says there isn’t enough CM Punk references, Heyman says at midnight tonight, CM Punk will tie, and tomorrow at midnight, will surpass John Cena as the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era.  (Past 25 years)  CM Punk says he’s still unfairly persecuted by people making excuses that he’s had help the entire time of his reign.  CM Punk says he’s the reason people still tune in for the entire “dismal three hour Raw” which is hard to disagree with.  Miz interrupts Punk.  Segment started strong and then Miz came and screwed it all up, Miz was kinda boring for the most part, best line Miz had the whole time was when he called Heyman a walrus.

Tag team match up next.  John Cena and Sheamus VS Dolph Ziggler and Big Show.  Another good tag match, but in a predictable ending, Cena and Sheamus get the win after Cena pinned Ziggler, again.

Damien Sandow comes out next, he gives a fan three questions to become his “apprentice” the guy fails the third question.  Santino comes out and makes an idiot out of himself, thus killing that segment, but I guess we got ourselves an impromptu match of Santino VS Sandow.  Sandow wins, surprising nobody.

Alberto Del Rio VS Sin Cara is up next, no Rosa Mendes with Del Rio so I don’t care about this match.  This match was actually very good, Alberto gets the win with the cross arm breaker.

Vickie Guerrero comes out from the back and heads to the ring, Vince McMahon is in the house tonight, Vickie introduces him, he goes to the ring.  This segment was beyond awful.  Vince basically made the match at TLC between Ziggler and Cena a ladder match for Zigglers MITB briefcase.

Brad Maddox is back in action for the first time since getting his ass handed to him by Ryback.  He has another opportunity to win a WWE contract.  His opponent is Randy Orton.  Orton gets the win, afterward The Shield attack Orton!  They leave Orton laying and exit through the crowd again.

R Truth and Kofi Kingston were supposed to go against Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett in a tag match, Teddy Long came out and trolled everyone!  He turned it into a fatal four way for either the IC Title or the US Title, the WWE Universe voted to make this match for the WWE United States Championship.  Great match!  Antonio Cesaro gets the win after pinning Kofi Kingston!

Up next is MizTV, a lie detector is set up which will be given to CM Punk.  CM Punk was great, Miz bored me.  Miz asked Punk if he was in on Maddox and The Shield helping him.  Before Punk could answer The Shield attacked Miz and beat him down, Kane and Daniel Bryan came out from the back, they went to work on Kanes arm again until Ryback came down to the ring, Ryback beat on Ambrose and chased him through the crowd, Kane and Bryan went at Rollins and Reigns.  Punk started to yell at Miz and beat on him a bit until Ryback came back to he ring, he hit Punk with a Shellshock, Ryback hit Punk with a ladder and a chair, Ryback set up a table and power bombed Punk through it.  The show ends with Ryback standing in the ring with his arms in the air.

I thought this was a great show tonight.  Unlike the other 3 hour shows, this one didn’t seem to drag on and it felt like it went pretty quick.  I give tonights show a 3.5/5.  The Shield made a pretty huge impact throughout the show and I’m very interested to see how they follow all this up next week.

In a bit of a side note, in 3 days, I will have been writing this column for a year. (Give or take a couple of weeks I’ve missed due to things outside my control.)  December 6th of last year was my first column here on WrestlingRambles.com, thank you all for reading and commenting.