2:08 p.m. has learned WWE Champion CM Punk is currently undergoing surgery on his left knee in Pensacola, Fla. Last night, after Ryback drove him through a table, The Straight Edge Superstar took a late night flight to Florida for an emergency consultation with Dr. James Andrews. A review of his condition resulted in the WWE Champion’s immediate surgery today. will continue to report on Punk’s condition as more details become available.
3:30 p.m. has confirmed that Dr. Andrews completed a scope of CM Punk’s left knee. Andrews successfully trimmed a cartilage tear in Punk’s knee. “CM Punk underwent knee surgery today to remove a piece of torn meniscus that had locked up his knee,” said Andrews’ colleague, WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. “The surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews, went smoothly and CM Punk is expected to make a full recovery.”

Here is the first article I did about our pal Rybotch, Rybotch is at it Again, where it showcases him failing to pick up Paul heyman, and then other various botches. (Note some of the videos have been pulled, sorry)
(In that article I forgot to mention on how he had a bloody eye, exercising)

This man is NOT main event material, his constant string of mis-fortunes, his piss poor ring abilities, and lack of any kind of skill should be enough to know, this man is not the future of the company, he is a flash in the dark and should stay that way.

While it has been known for quite sometime that CM Punk needed to have his knee looked at in the past, he was able to work past that recently, however thanks Rybotch here, in order for Punk to get ready for a TLC match with this giant idiot, he needed emergency surgery.

I genuinely dislike rybotch, and part of it is, being so pathetic in the ring, while still facing the champion for the THIRD time in a row.

The Problem here is that these are things I shouldn’t have to point out, but still do because for some reason, Ryback has FANS… WHY? is CM Punk that good of a bad guy where a walking disaster can be rooted for, and a catch phrase that would make Homer Simpson happy? Everytime I hear that stupid line, “FEED ME MORE” I think of this

To be honest there isn’t much difference between Ryback and Homer Simpson.
Both are walking disasters
Both have great success despite having talent or skill
Both demand more food.
Both are idiots

The one key difference is that Homer Simpson is made like this on purpose as a walking joke, people love him because his a joke… where as Rybotch fans are in a false world where they think he is good… I ask HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

A comment I made in my last article
” Sin Cara’s screw ups are not as career threatening as Rybacks. Ryback’s finisher, if not executed properly, can damage himself, or others. He is a big bulky guy with tons of strength, but no control, a terrible combo.”
Tooting my own horn here, but still…

All I got for now,

WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon has released a statement through his office, speaking to the developing situation surrounding the WWE TLC pay-per-view. Because of the previously reported knee injury to WWE Champion CM Punk, suffered this past Monday night on Raw, Punk is unable to compete at WWE TLC against Ryback Sunday, Dec. 16.

In the statement, Mr. McMahon also announced that a Six-Man Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match has been added to the pay-per-view, in which Ryback will team up with WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No to battle The Shield. Furthermore, for the first time ever, the winner of this TLC Match will be determined via pinfall or submissio

Letter from Vince

Well the good news is, that giant oaf won’t get another title shot for awhile, while in the letter, it does say that Ryback will get a title shot soon, the only opening in the near future is Elimination Chamber, which, locking Rybotch in a cage where he is already proven to be unsafe to work with, in one of the most dangerous matches, will not end will for the wrestler he decides to shell shock on the metal outside. Plus calling it now, he is getting spot 4 or 5, as he also hasn’t shown he can work long matches yet.

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