savage1_7104[1]A source from has learned Randy Savage is “off the list” for the Hall of Fame this coming year, since his brother Lanny Poffo made it clear in discussions with WWE that the Poffo family would have to be inducted all together, because “that was Randy’s wish.”

Lanny went public with this claim during a recent “shoot interview,” further driving the WWE to decide “we don’t negotiate things like that.”

WWE feels its audience wants “the WWE Macho Man Randy Savage” inducted into the Hall of Fame, not “Randy, Lanny, and Angelo Poffo as a family unit.”

According to a key insider in WWE, a recent discussion with the writers led to the writers being told “we’re passing on Lanny’s claim, and so Randy will have to remain out for now.”

They were also told WWE wants to induct Savage, but not the way Lanny is demanding.

Ray’s Opinion
It sucks things have to be this way. But I agree with WWE on this one. To be honest, not many people will know Lanny and Angelo Poffo, it is Randy that people would want to see be inducted into the Hall of Fame. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with WWE or Lanny Poffo?


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