Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I bring you through three (sometimes agonizing) hours of WWE Raw, tonights Raw comes to us from Newark, New Jersey.  This is the last episode before the PPV, we are just 6 days from WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs.  CM Punk underwent knee surgery last week and is out of the main event, but will he be there tonight?  What will The Shield do tonight?  Last weeks show was great and it didn’t seem to drag, hopefully tonight they give us more of the same.

We start things off with Dolph Ziggler in the ring standing on a ladder, he’s talking about Cena being given chance after chance to win a WWE Title and he couldn’t do it.  Dolph says he’s going to win, cash in on Big Show and become greatest champion of all time.  Sheamus comes out next and says he’s going to beat Big Show and that he doesn’t think Ziggler can beat Cena.  Big Show comes out and says he’s going to destroy Sheamus.  Sheamus says that just because Sheamus can’t touch Big Show doesn’t mean he can’t touch someone else, he tips the ladder off and Ziggler falls to the outside.

Vince McMahon comes out and brings out Vickie, tonight we’ll have three “main events” I’m guessing at the end of each hour.  John Cena VS Big Show, Sheamus VS Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee VS Vickie Guerrero.  Vince as a face does not work for me at all.

R Truth VS Wade Barrett up next, Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston both at ringside doing commentary.  R Truth gets a win with a roll up, afterward Truth and Cesaro got into a verbal fight, Kofi was able to blindside Barrett with a cross body off the top rope.

Fatal Four Way tag team match up next.  Prime Time Players VS The Usos VS Epico and Primo VS Team Rhodes Scholars.  Either Cody Rhodes has impeccable healing powers, or WWE’s graphics team made a fuck up.  Apparently Cody is healthy enough, wow.  Primo and Epico were eliminated first, Prime Time Players were eliminated next, during commercial, Team Rhodes Scholars get the win, this Sunday they face Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara.

Eve Torres VS Alicia Fox is up next, Eve gets the win in a decent match.  I always thought Alicia was underrated.

CM Punk comes out next with Paul Heyman, he’s on crutches.  They say that Punks injury is 100% real, and that there are people saying its fake just because he wants to duck Ryback.  They take a few shots at Dwayne.  He says he’ll be at TLC on Sunday to watch The Shield do to Ryback, what Ryback did to him.

Sheamus VS Dolph Ziggler up next.  Dolph Ziggler got himself disqualified after hitting Sheamus with a chair, afterward Sheamus ended up giving the Brogue Kick to the chair and sent Ziggler running off.

Alberto Del Rio VS Zack Ryder is up next.  Del Rio wins, what a shock.

AJ Lee VS Vickie Guerrero is up next.  There is no referee in the ring, this brings out Brad Maddox wearing a referee shirt.  AJ had Vickie pinned but Maddox didn’t count.  Vickie rolled up AJ and Maddox counted the 3.

Kofi Kingston VS Antonio Cesaro is up next.  Antonio Cesaro wins a great match!  I love that they’re building him up like this.

Miz TV up next, Team Rhodes Scholars is on it.  Another real winning segment here.

John Cena VS Big Show is up next, Dolph Ziggler is at commentary for this one.  Typical Cena match.  The Shield comes out and attacks Cena at the end.  Kane and Daniel Bryan come out next, Ziggler attacks Cena, Sheamus attacks Ziggler, all hell beaks lose, eventually Ryback gets to the ring and throws a ladder in the ring taking out all three members of The Shield, the show goes off the air with a huge brawl ensuing.

Overall, considering this was the last show before the PPV, awful.  If it had been after the PPV, thats one thing, but your last show before the PPV and you barely mention the PPV main event until the end of the show.  I give tonights show a 1/5.  Three hours seemed to drag a lot this week as well.  The only good part about now hyping the main event was we only had to see Ryback once tonight.