Hello, and welcome to this week’s “Insight into Impact” review, where as always I will be giving you the lowdown on TNA’s Impact Wrestling, as well as giving you my opinion. Without further ado, let’s jump into the 13th December 2012 episode!

An irate Bobby Roode opens the show, and wants answers from the Aces and Eights, as despite paying them, they didn’t help him. Well, the Aces appear, only for Devon to say someone paid them more money, and we might find out later. Jeff Hardy and James Storm arrive looking for a fight, and clear the Aces out of the ring.

Velvet Sky talks backstage about how great it was to be back, and how she is now more focused on regaining the Knockouts Title.

Match 1: Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Short Knockouts match, but for the time it was given, I thought this was an okay match. Seemed to me like Velvet’s been training during her time off, and it showed. Velvet picks up the win after hitting “In Yo’ Face”.

Velvet Sky wins by pinfall in 3:10.

Kurt Angle chats with Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff backstage, saying they’re on their own tonight for their tag match, before giving them a “5 hour energy drink” (another ad placement).

Kazarian and Daniels turn up in the Impact Zone, and are asked if they paid to have Bobby Roode attacked. Daniels says his mind was focused on AJ Styles, and suggest maybe it was AJ who paid the Aces…

Match 2: Robbie E and Robbie T vs Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff (with Kurt Angle)

The main thing I picked up from this, is apparently I’ve been spelling Garett’s name wrong for months. Whoops. Robbies worked over Wes, till Garett gets the hot tag, and then Wes with a blind tag, and crossbody for the win. Should have skipped this match (if you’re watching after reading this review, SKIP THIS MATCH!).

Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff win by pinfall in 3:27

After the match, while Kurt Angle celebrates the win, an Ace rushes out to attack him with a pipe. Brisco and Bischoff conveniently miss it as they were looking away.

We see Joseph Park check into OVW to begin his training with them. Danny Davis puts him through his paces, until Park throws up! (Reminds me of that Louis Theroux episode when he went to the WCW Power Plant….UK readers might know what I mean).

Tara and Jesse go in to see Brooke Hogan, with Tara suggesting their “men are fighting each other” tonight. She also thinks Brooke should let her help choose her own opponent next week for Championship Thursday, which Brooke refuses.

Another promo video, this time saying: Vengeance will have a name, he will descend upon them like a plague, and they will fear him. 1.3.13.

Kenny King discusses how Sunday was his dream match with Rob Van Dam, and he learnt a lot from his loss, which he’ll show in his rematch with RVD.

Match 3: James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs Aces and Eights (D.O.C. and “Big Ace”)

Good match between these two teams, Aces gained control by attacking Hardy from behind, beat him down and kept him in, till he managed to wriggle free, and tag the Cowboy in. Just as Storm and Hardy got the upperhand, a few more Aces rushed in, only to be knocked out one by one. Storm with the Last Call to D.O.C., Hardy with the Twist of Fate to the other Ace to win.

James Storm and Jeff Hardy win by pinfall in 11:03

Storm and Hardy avoid the Aces and get out the ring. Devon gets on the mic and informs everyone it was Austin Aries who paid them off at the Pay Per View….

Backstage we see Hulk Hogan and Bobby Roode flipping out about what they just heard from Devon. Austin Aries calls Hogan, and Hogan says Aries has till the end of the night to explain himself.

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring, and states his doesn’t know what the next step is, but he needs to look after number 1. He’s sick of always doing the right thing, and now feels he needs to do his own thing.

After a break, Dixie Carter stops AJ Styles backstage to ask “who he is”, but AJ walks off. We cut to Kazarian and Daniels, who celebrate that Daniels has sent AJ packing!

Match 4: Kenny King vs Rob Van Dam

Enjoyable back and forth X-Division action here, felt King was showing more of an aggressive side than we’ve seen from him before. While RVD thinks he has the upperhand with a crossbody, King rolls through it, and puts his feet on the ropes for the 3 count.

Kenny King wins by pinfall in 5:44

Bully Ray storms in to see Hulk Hogan, and asks if Hogan’s changed his mind on Bully. Hogan suggests Bully should have been upfront with him. Hogan asks about their “meeting” recently, and Bully says Brooke was saying sorry to him, for how Hulk has treated Bully. Bully says he has bled, and stood up for Brooke and Sting to earn Hogan’s respect, before saying Brooke is old enough to do what she likes with her life.

Match 5: Jesse (with Tara) vs Bully Ray

Bully Ray wasn’t in the best of moods, and it showed during this match as he took it to the former reality TV star. While Jesse did get a bit of offence in, Bully still picks up with the win with a Bully Cutter.

Bully Ray wins by pinfall in 6:00

Austin Aries finally arrives, and admits to paying the Aces and Eights…but says at least they get paid for doing other people’s work. Aries mentions TNA got him to do their dirty work with the Aces, only to be pushed aside for the “Hardy Bandwagon”. Jeff Hardy appears, saying Aries should just asked for a chance, but Aries says he most likely would have to jump through humps. Hardy suggests “Hardy vs Aries 3” next week, but Aries refuses, as he won’t do what the fans want. Hardy says he gives fans what they want, before attacking Aries. They brawl, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, but as he goes for a Swanton Bomb, Aries rolls out the ring. Hardy looks on, as the show ends….

I felt the action on this show was good (apart from Robbies vs Brisco/Bischoff), with the Hardy/Storm vs Aces match being my pick of the bunch. Also enjoyed the Jesse vs Bully Ray match, despite their mix of styles, but that may have been down to Bully beating up Jesse! King vs RVD was enjoyable, not as long as their PPV match, but good action. Feel a bit unsure about the AJ Styles segment, I’m guessing it’s done to move AJ away from Daniels, but I’m just not too sure about his promo. Felt a bit confused by the end of it, if I’m honest. Also a bit surprised they had Austin Aries as the guy paying off the Aces, I felt they were moving away from the title, and through an issue with Bully Ray and/or Hulk Hogan. They may still do, and have one cost him vs Hardy, or have Roode get revenge. Either way, I have mixed feelings on this episode…

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, appreciate it as always!

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