Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, tonights show takes place from Philadelphia, PA.  We are one night removed from a GREAT Tables Ladders and Chairs PPV.  Tonight, the WWE has also hyped the return of the Slammy Awards.  What will the fallout from last nights PPV be?  It’s funny how a great PPV gets you hyped up for Raw the next night, hopefully the show will be entertaining.

Rey Mysterio VS Damien Sandow starts the show off, Rey gets the win in a rather short match where Rey gets most of the offense in.

Slammy Award presentation for “Tell Me I didn’t just see that” award, Booker T presenting the award.  The Boogeyman shows up!  The nominees are: Daniel Bryan losing the WHC in 18 seconds to Sheamus, Brad Maddox low blow on Ryback, Kofi Kingston walking on his hands to keep from being eliminated at Royal Rumble and CM Punk giving Dwayne the GTS at Raw 1000.  I voted for Punk.  Kofi Kingston won the award.

Kaitlyn VS Eve in a non title match is next.  Another short match, Kaitlyn gets the “upset” win.

“Comeback of the year” Slammy Award being presented by the New Age Outlaws!  The nominees are: Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, D-Generation X and Jerry Lawler.  I voted for Jerry Lawler.  For the simple reason that Lawler actually sticks around after his comeback.  I’m glad Dwayne wasn’t nominated, since he comes and goes whenever he pleases anyway.  The winner is: Jerry Lawler.

Kofi Kingston VS Tensai.  Yeah, Kofi wins.  Another short match.  Afterward, Wade Barrett attacked Kofi and left him laying on the floor.

Vickie Guerrero is out next to present the “Kiss of the year” Slammy.  The nominees are: AJ Lee and Kane, AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan, AJ Lee and CM Punk and AJ Lee and John Cena.  I think best kiss should have went to Dwayne Johnson and Vince McMahons buttocks, but I digress.  I voted for AJ.  Oh, AJ and Punk.  The winner is: AJ Lee and John Cena.  Vickie wants an explanation from AJ about what happened last night.  AJ says she doesn’t owe her anything.  Dolph c0mes out and AJ eventually kisses him, Vickie screamed and stormed backstage.

Great Khali comes out with Natalya.  Khalis opponent is David Otunga.  Khali wins, yawn.  Match was actually the longest of the night lol.  Pathetic.

Superstar of the year nominees introduced by RIC FLAIR!  The nominees are: Sheamus, John Cena, CM Punk and Big Show.  I obviously voted for CM Punk.  The winner is: John Cena…  RIGGED!  CM Punk comes out and rightly so blasts the voting before telling Flair even on one leg he could kick his ass.  Punk and Heyman eventually get in the ring, Punk hits Flair with a crutch, Flair pokes him in the eyes and Heyman gets put in a figure four!  The Shield comes through the crowd!  They make their way down the stairs, Flair is actually inviting them to the ring.  The Shield go over the barricade, Team Hell No come out!  Flair gets taken out and then Team Hell No as well.  Reigns clears off the announce table, they’re about to put Flair through the table until Ryback comes out.  Ryback, Bryan and Kane clean house and then celebrate with Flair in the ring.

Brodus Clay VS JTG just to show us they still employ him lol.  Brodus wins, another short one.

Santonio and TENSAI to present “LOL moment of the year”  They can’t even give Zack Ryder THIS!?  The nominees are: Dwayne making fun of Cena, Team Hell No in anger management, Orton brawling with Del Rio and then pouting hot chili on Ricardo (Which I don’t get why is funny) and Vickie Dancing.  The winner is: Dwayne making fun of Cena.  Of course Dwayne isn’t there to accept the award.

Cody Rhodes VS Sin Cara up next.  Cody wins, decent.

ZACK RYDER out to present with Layla!  They’re presenting the “Trending now” hash tag of the year award.  The nominees are: #FeedMeMore #PeoplePower #LittleJimmy #WWWYKI The winner is: #FeedMeMore of course it is.  What crap.

Big Show comes out and talks about not being surprised about not winning superstar of the year, he says It’s fine because he’s still the World Heavyweight Champion.  Sheamus comes out to interrupt him.  Sheamus beats him down, DOLPH ZIGGLER COMES OUT!  Cena is out and attacks Ziggler!  The bell never rang to start the match, Ziggler keeps his briefcase.

3MB comes out.  They’re taking on Alberto Del Rio, Miz and TOMMY DREAMER!  Actually a lengthy match, Del Rio, Miz and Dreamer get the win after a Dreamer DDT on Heath Slater.  GREAT seeing Dreamer back in a WWE ring.

Sheamus is out to present the award for “Newcomer of the year.”  The nominees are: Antonio Cesaro, Brodus Clay, Damien Sandow and Ryback.  The winner is: Surprise, surprise.  Ryberg.

Ryberg VS Antonio Cesaro up next.  Cesaro leaves the ring and gets counted out.

Mean Gene Okerlund is out to present with Ricky Steamboat and Jim Ross!  This is the final Slammy of the night, It’s the award for Match of the year.  The nominees are: Triple H VS The Undertaker End of an era match, Brock Lesnar VS John Cena, Sheamus VS Big Show from Hell In A Cell and John Cena VS Dwayne Johnson.  No CM Punk match was nominated?  That’s an absolute joke.  The winner is: The Undertaker VS Triple H!  Nice surprise there, I could have sworn it was gonna be Dwayne VS Cena.

AJ Lee comes out to the ring and she tells two crew members to put a ladder in the ring, she climbs the ladder and has a microphone in her hand.  She was about to give a reason why she did what she did at TLC until Vickie Guerrero came out and interrupted her.

John Cena teaming with Vickie Guerrero to take on Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.  This match quickly turns into a 1 on 1 match after AJ leaves after a quick catfight with Vickie, Vickie eventually leaves as well.  Ziggler missed a super kick and Cena locks in an STF, AJ comes back a bit later on with Big E. Langston from FCW, Langston takes Cena out and the show ends.

Overall, I thought it was very good, better then last week, fun show tonight.  I give this a 4/5 tonight.  Tonights show didn’t drag much after hour 1 which is good.

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