Last Monday night was the Slammy awards. We saw so many surprises that night including the returns of Tommy Dreamer, The New Age Outlaws, Triple H, and even the WWE debut of Big E Langston. But one of the most memorable returns has to be the return of the limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin, wheelin and dealin son of a gun, Nature Boy Ric Flair. So get ready for a Nature Boy edition of “Remember When”.

Do you remember when Flair had his own talk show?

When Ric Flair left WWF in February, he made his return to WCW later that month. Because of a “no compete” clause in his WWF contract, WCW gave him a talk show so he can still appear on WCW TV. The show was called “A Flair for the Gold”. It had a penthouse like set with Arn Anderson acting like the sidekick and Flair even had his own maid named Fifi.

The show had so many legendary guests such as Sting, Rick Rude, Sid Vicious, Harlem Heat, The Hollywood Blondes, etc. However there was one guest that Wrestling fans will remember for all of Wrestling eternity. The debut of the Shockmaster. That’s right, the Shockmaster made his infamous debut on Flair’s talk show.

Sadly, when Flair’s no compete expired so did the talk show. Once Flair started going back to Wrestling, he started doing less and less segments and the show was axed completely towards the end of 1993.

I personally loved the segments, especially the ones with the Hollywood Blondes. I wonder what this return means for Flair and WWE.

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