Hello, and welcome to the Impact into Insight review for the 20th December 2012 episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. As usual, I’ll be bringing the results and segments from TNA’s TV show, as well as giving my opinion on this.

The show opens with TNA posting a message sending their deepest sympathies to the families involved in the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Match 1 for the TNA TV Title: Kurt Angle vs Devon (c)

Due to the Aces backing up their Sgt, Angle calls for backup: Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff..only for them all to brawl and get kicked out. Devon works over Angle’s knee, Angle runs through his signature moves, and just as he locks in the Ankle Lock, the Aces return, as does Kurt’s backup, and while the ref is distracted, another Ace appears to whack Kurt’s knee with the pipe, allowing Devon to pick up a win.

Devon wins by pinfall in 6:30 to RETAIN the TNA TV Title

Brooke Hogan has Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, ODB and Mickie James in her office to decide who will face Tara later on, and eliminates ODB first, so ODB can “go look after her hubby”.

Backstage, Kenny King denies any issue with how he defeated Rob Van Dam last week, and says he can’t wait to team with RVD this week, to kick the teeth down the throats of their opponents.

Match 2: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan vs Kenny King and Rob Van Dam

King and RVD work well, before Ryan and Morgan work over King. RVD gets tagged in, King and RVD begin getting the upperhand, but once Morgan comes in for a Carbon Footprint, King bails out the ring, leaving his partner to take a big boot and lose the match.

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan win by pinfall in 4:53

The latest 1-3-13 video is played: The time for forgiveness is over…there is no appeasement. They will be judged. The answer is close. (Do we know a wrestler called “Close”?).

We lookback to AJ Styles’s promo last week, before hearing from Kazarian, who makes jokes about AJ being out of sight. Kaz says he’s more concerned about Christmas, and a surprise for his fans, as well as for his very best friend, Daniels. Segment ends with Kazarian taking a call from his friend “Nick”.

We’ve lasted 25 minutes of the show (without breaks that is) before our first appearance of Hulk Hogan. He mentions how TNA is a company on the up, but then the Aces interrupt him. Devon says how 2012 was the year the Aces arrived, and 2013 will be the year they are revealed (about time!), and their goals accomplished. Devon says Hulk won’t see it though, and the Aces surround the ring. Bully Ray rushes down with his chain and chases them off (6 guys scared of 1 man and a chain? Jeez…). Bully and Hulk stare down, before Hogan walks off.

Jeff Hardy talks directly to Austin Aries, saying he respected Aries after their first 2 matches, but doesn’t respect how Aries paid the Aces. Hardy ends by saying he’ll make it 3 wins tonight.

Back to Brooke Hogan with the Knockouts. First, she won’t allow them into the office, before eliminating Miss Tessmacher from the running, as she’s had 2 title shots and failed, where as the other 2 are only recently back on the roster.

Kazarian comes to the ring, which has a throne, Christmas gifts and a Christmas tree. He brings out Daniels, then says how good Daniels has been, before bringing out Santa Claus. Bad Influence give Santa a pair of Zubaz, before lying how they’ve been good. Santa allows them a wish, and Daniels wishes Santa to give gifts to AJ’s kids, as AJ can’t this year due to being a loser. James Storm has heard enough, and suggests both Kaz and Daniels should be on Santa’s naughty list. Storm then has a bone to pick with Santa about not getting what he asked for when younger. To prove this is the real Santa, Storm asks what he wanted last year. When Santa is wrong, Storm hits the Last Call.

Backstage to Austin Aries, he makes fun of the inner monologues of Jeff Hardy, before saying tonight isn’t Hardy’s speciality, but Aries’s, a straight up wrestling match.

1-3-13 video, this time repeating all messages of previous videos…before revealing it’s Sting. Ah, nuts, bloody knew it! He says he’s coming to get the Aces, and he’ll put an end to them.

Next is a visit to the Aces and Eights clubhouse. The main guy doesn’t get why they let Bully Ray run them out (glad it’s not just me). He says they need numbers, so Devon suggests a guy he could bring in. The gang vote, all voting “yay”, so he’s in next week apparently.

Brooke Hogan is stood with Velvet Sky and Mickie James, she mentions both have only fought once since they returned (actually, Mickie’s fought 2-3 times), but Mickie didn’t get a fair shot, so gets the match tonight.

Match 3 for the TNA Knockouts Title: Mickie James vs Tara (c)(with Jesse)

TNA finally remember to put on a wrestling match!! Tara controls the early part of the match, and anytime Mickie goes on the offence, Jesse helps out his girlfriend. Mickie finally puts a combo together, and hits the Mickie-DT, only for Jesse to pull Tara out the ring. Mickie with a Thesz Press off the top onto Jesse, she throws Tara back in, but as Mickie tries to get in too, Jesse grabs her foot, and Tara hits an inverted atomic drop, with Mickie landing with her leg bent awkwardly, for Tara to retain.

Tara wins by pinfall in 6:57 to retain the TNA Knockouts Title

We’re shown Joseph Park’s OVW training, where he struggles to do the simplest of moves. One of the OVW guys is asked to show Park how to punch, he does, but causes Park to bleed….this causes the lawyer to freak out, hit a clothesline and Black Hole Slam to the amazement of Danny Davis!

Match 4 for the TNA World Title: Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy (c)

Back and forth opening, before Aries takes the match to Hardy, and wears down the Champ. Hardy tries to fight back, but misses a splash thanks to Aries getting his knees up. Both guys try to end the match, but fail to hit vital moves. Hardy goes for his legdrop onto the groin area, but Aries kicks Hardy back into the referee. Aries hits a low blow on Hardy, then the Brainbuster, before calling for a new ref. The new ref rushes down as Aries goes for the pin, before the ref counts, Bobby Roode pulls him out. Roode is in, and counts to 2, then stops. Aries turns, Roode with a middle finger salute, before a spinebuster. Roode exits, Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Jeff Hardy wins in 14:34 to retain the TNA World Title

Hulk Hogan is shown leaving the Impact Zone. He’s asked about the World Title, the Aces and Eights, and Bully Ray, which he discusses. As he’s doing so, he turns to see Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan kissing. Hulkster gets in his car and drives off, as the kiss continues to end the show…

Hmmm, is it strange to think the only thing I enjoyed here was the tomfoolery of the always entertaining duo of Kazarian and Daniels? Oh, and Austin Aries making fun of Jeff Hardy’s inner monologues. Apart from that, I’m really struggling to see anything that I found enjoyable throughout the show. Can’t really say the action was positive, 3 matches were just a re-hash of previous bouts featuring the same people who have faced off recently, while the tag match just felt thrown together to continue the King/RVD storyline. Actually, will admit I was glad those segments where Brooke decided who gets the title shot were kept short, not keen on them. What’s the point in asking them “why should you get the shot?”, surely they should have shown you they have earned one with their in-ring action? Plus, they get eliminated for dumb reasons, or we just see the usual suspects in the final 2. The Aces stuff is just dragging on, and I’m no longer finding it interesting, it’s just gone stale. And on the subject of “1-3-13”, what a complete waste!! I mean, we knew it was gonna be Sting, but what was the point in hyping up this….to then just give it away 2 weeks before the date?! Ugh. Usually I try to be positive about TNA, but finding it more difficult lately. And ironically, since TNA went back to taping these shows in the space of 2 days again…

Thanks for taking the time to read this, appreciate it. Also want to wish you all a Happy Holidays!

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