Howdy Ramblers, 2013 is almost upon us and 2012 was a phenomenal year for Wrestling Rambles. It was a decent year for wrestling but let’s just hope 2013 will be a more interesting year for pro wrestling. I personally want to take this time to thank all of the writers, contributors and readers  for the continuous growth of wrestling rambles. For every column written, comment made and view by each reader we sincerely thank you all and we really appreciate it.

Wrestling Rambles was my creation and I am really proud of how much it has grown since April 24, 2011, and after 721 posts, nearing 20,000 comments, over 60 different commenters later, we’re only going to get bigger and better.

I want to give a special mention to Jordan, whom has always been there when WR needed her. She has been here since the beginning almost and has never left our side. I know J has been inactive lately but she is still there and will hopefully return to writing soon.

Our two-year anniversary is coming up and we’ll be planning something big for that. If you have any original, creative, fun ideas we could do for it, please post it below. Since our creation we have always taken your suggestions into consideration and that’s how we will always be so don’t be shy if you have an idea for us. I’m thinking we could do like a Rambling Week feature or something like that. 

In 2013 there will be more news coverage and original content. We hope to start our own weekly podcast and get Rambling Personalities up and running again. In the next coupe of days I will be ‘cleaning’ the site up a little. In 2012 we had just over 141,000 unique visitors, we hope to double that in 2013 so we got to ‘push the pace’ a little. That’s not views now, just the amount of different people who viewed the site. Of course, not all stay, but I am still damn proud of that. 

Again I want to thank everyone who has anything to do with Wrestling Rambles and on behalf of everyone here we wish nothing but the best for you all in 2013. 


 – Ray.