Welcome to the first RAW Opinion of 2013, after taking a break due to the Holiday season, not only is Raw live once again, but so is A RAW Opinion.  I’m Joe and I am back to taking you through this weeks WWE Raw.  A huge show is in store this week, CM Punk defends the WWE Championship against Ryback, and if you somehow missed the 20 million promos for it, DWAYNE IS BACK!

We start this weeks show off with John Cena walking down to the ring.  He talks about what he did at the end of last weeks Raw dumping fake poop  on AJ and Dolph.  He then talks about Dwayne being back, almost pandering to him.  AJ and Dolph come out and talk, they go back and forth, Cena challenges Dolph to a match, Big E. Langston takes the microphone and accepts for Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler VS John Cena is our first match of the night.  Great match between the two, typical Cena ending however.  Big E. Langston and AJ both get tossed from ringside, the referee gets knocked out and Big E. comes back and delivers his finisher to Cena, Cena kicks out after a new ref comes out, Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment for the win.

Divas Championship match, Eve Torres defending against Kaitlyn.  Not a bad match, Kaitlyn gets the win by count out after Eve took her title and left.

Team Hell No VS Team Rhodes Scholars up next, non title match which means Cody and Damien will probably win.  Pretty good match, Team Rhodes Scholars do get the win.

Randy Orton VS Heath Slater.  No surprise, Orton wins, but I was surprised about how much offense Heath got in.  I don’t know why or how the hell Slater is getting so much air time.

Wade Barrett VS Santino up next in a non title match.  Ricky Steamboat is in Santinos corner after an altercation earlier tonight.  Wade Barrett gets the win.

Antonio Cesaro VS The Great Khali up next.  Antonio Cesaro gets the win after hitting The Neutralizer.  VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Sheamus VS Jinder Mahal, really?  More 3MB?  Yawn.  Sheamus wins.

TLC match up next, WWE Champion CM Punk defending against Ryback.  Great match, quite a few scary moments for Punk with some of the bumps he took here, Punk retains the title after The Shield took out Ryback.

Kofi Kingston going one on one with Big Show.  Kinda surprised that the TLC match wasn’t the main event, but I guess it makes sense since the show will probably end with a Punk/Dwayne face off.  Big Show gets a quick win, not even a minute.

CM Punk comes out from the back, he goes to the ring and takes a microphone, this should be good.  He goes on a HUGE tirade, Dwayne eventually comes out and pretty much says Punk is scared, blah blah blah.  Both men go back and forth.  Very intense stuff at the end, the show ends with Dwayne giving Punk a Rock Bottom.

Overall, great show, I really liked how many matches they had this week.  I didn’t like seeing 3MB so much tonight, I don’t see why a guy like Zack Ryder can’t get on TV seeing as how he’s more over then those clowns.

I give tonights show a 3.5/5 I can’t wait to see what happens next week on Raw.

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