Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I bring you through this weeks edition of WWE Raw, tonight is a very special Raw, tonight is the 20th anniversary of WWE Raw!  My only wish however, was tonights show was taking place where it all started, New York City.  Obviously it would have to be held at Madison Square Garden instead of the Manhattan Center.  I also wish it was there so I could be there live lol.  But tonights show is taking place from Houston, Texas.

We open the show with a really cool opening video, highlighting the past themes from the last 20 years.

We go live and Vince McMahon is in the ring, he welcomes us to the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.  Big Show interrupts him and says the 20th anniversary is going to have to wait because they need to address the travesty of what happened on SmackDown! on Friday.  Alberto comes out and tells Big Show if he wants to keep complaining then how about a rematch tonight, Big Show says no, he’s not dressed to compete and challenges Del Rio for the Royal Rumble.  Slight brawl breaks out after Ricardo throw confetti at Del Rio, Del Rio sends Big Show from the ring ending the segment.  Eh, not awful.

Wade Barrett VS Randy Orton is our first match.  I have to say I am VERY surprised, Wade Barrett gets a CLEAN win over Randy Orton!  Shocked!

Kane VS Damien Sandow is up next.  Kane gets a pretty quick win over Sandow.  Surprising.

Up next, we find out the first inductee into the WWE Hall Of Fame.  The first inductee is Mick Foley.  No surprise since it was announced the other day.  Mick Foley is talking until he gets interrupted by The Shield.  Before anything can happen, Ryback comes out and saves Foley, followed by Randy Orton and Sheamus.  I’m sensing a 6 man at the Rumble.

Eve Torres defends her divas title against Kaitlyn up next.  Very good match, Kaitlyn gets the win and becomes the new WWE Divas Champion.

CM Punk takes on Brodus Clay next.  All I have to say about this…  Wow.  CM Punk wins with the Anaconda Vise, surprised Brodus got as much offense as he did.

There is an over the top rope challenge up next, Sheamus VS 3MB.  3MB wins.  I hate this company sometimes.

MizTV up next, his guest is Ric Flair.  Pretty brutal until Antonio Cesaro interrupted, made this segment bearable.  Cesaro owns Miz and Flair, he attempts to leave and gets attacked by both Flair and Miz.

Daniel Bryan VS Cody Rhodes up next.  Another short match, Daniel gets the win.

John Cena VS Dolph Ziggler, same result as all the other times, Cena overcomes and wins.  Yawn.

Dwayne Johnson comes out next for his little concert that will be nothing like last years I’m sure.  Awful.  I don’t even know how to write how bad that really was.

This was a bad show in normal terms, but considering this was a 20th anniversary?  1.5/5 I considered leaving this half finished it was so bad.

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