Drinking Game

– Before EVERY match, you pick who you think is going to win. If you lose you must take a shot. If you are correct you do not take a shot.

– If you’re the only person who predicts Dolph Ziggler will leave Royal Rumble World Champion, EVERYONE else must take 2 shots. If he doesn’t, you consume 3 shots. 

– For every cookie puss chant take a shot.

– For the Rumble match itself….

  • If Cena gets eliminated take a shot.
  • If by some surprise CM Punk or The Rock end up in the Rumble, take a shot.
  • If Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus or Randy Orton end up in the last four, take a shot.
  • Each person picks a prediction for who they think will win the rumble, if that person gets eliminated, they take 3 shots.
  • Every time a Rumble stat is said (Kane has the most eliminations with 11) take a shot. 
  • For every ”surprise” entrant you take a shot.
  • If Chris Jericho or Undertaker come out… you must take a shot every 3 minutes they’re in there.
  •  Every time Ryback is alone in the ring and says ”FEED ME MORE” you take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time a wrestler stays in the rumble in a creative way. Example: Like Kofi last year.
  • When an announcer says ”now here is my pick to win the rumble” take a shot.

– Whoever consumed the most shots throughout the night must chug a pint.

By the end of the night I think you will have consumed between 4-10 shots. The loser will consume at least 12 shots IMO. Rules like a surprise entrant, stats and stuff will occur more than one time. This will work best with a group of people anywhere between 4-10 people. If you have a suggestion I will include it and replace one from above, if it’s better of course. Enjoy and good luck! 


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