So, obviously, I am Kyle Fitta. I wrote a column with Matt Peddycord on the Alliance around August on here. And now I am writing here whenever I feel like writing. Truthfully, I haven’t been following since August, and the reason why is due to mixture of things.  But it basically boils down to my interest being devoted to football . However, I always watch the Rumble. So why not write about it, right? The Rumble is easily the second biggest PPV in WWE. The longevity, nostalgia, and importance of the Rumble match itself are essentially unparalleled to anything in wrestling’s history. 

Well, that is until lately. Even though the Rumble is always an entertaining match (usually it flirts with MOTY each year), the long-term merit of the Rumble has been incredibly tarnished. The Rumble’s importance is based on it gives you the golden ticket to wrestle in the MAIN EVENT of Wrestlemania if you win it. Before I explain why I capitalized Main Event, I will first explain why there being two main event titles has hurt the Rumble. The reason to why it hurts is actually quite self-explanatory: it diminishes the importance of winning the Rumble due to there being another option to get a title match at Wrestle Mania (besides winning it).

Additionally, the WWE doesn’t help its credibility by having the winner face the champion in the mid card at Wrestlemania.  Well, that’s me putting it gingerly, considering that both the winners of the Rumble curtain-jerked at Wrestle Mania. I believe the WWE is too occupied on giving the viewer shock-value in regards of the Rumble nowadays rather than having someone win it that actually is better suited from a longevity point of view.

Therefore, the WWE needs to start having more logical winners and then having them compete in the actual Main Event at Wrestlemania in order to fix the problem with the Rumble’s credibility. Despite that, the Rumble is still a very wild and entertaining match and I cannot wait for it.

Speaking of being excited, the Rock vs. CM Punk has epic written all over it. The Rock, however, needs to give a better performance than he did against Cena at Wrestlemania. His cardio and ability to structure the match need to improve in this match. I am confident they will. After all, CM Punk is a lot better than Cena in every facet of wrestling.

Without a doubt, the WWE could have done a better job in building up the match. I rather have seen vignettes of the Rock training hard for the match and doing sit down interviews to stress the importance of this match and his opportunity to also get a crack at the title and to take down the longest reigning champion of our era.That would have been made it feel much more special than hearing the Rock howl out prosaic insults that made your typical elementary scholar insults seem witty.


Without the Attitude Era’s lack of restrictions, the Rock on the microphone has been exposed as an overrated talker. Even back then there was never a lot of substance behind his promos and it’s not as if they made you invest into what he was saying or he ever convinced the you that you needed to see a match solely based on his microphone work. In both his prime and the era, he was a good talker, sure, but nowhere near the pedestal people put him on. The PG restrictions have verified that he lacks versatility and is one-dimensional.

In regards to the build, I believe that we have come accustomed to WWE mediocrity building up big matches, but at least they haven’t butchered the match’s intrigue like they did with Rock-Cena. In addition, CM Punk vs. Rock kind of builds itself anyway.

The favorite to come out with the title is the Rock. It seems like Cena will win the Rumble and then they’ll Main Event at Wrestle Mania. This is not a bad idea. It’s a horrible idea. CM Punk is trying to cement himself as the heel of the company and as one of the biggest stars in the company. The Rock is leaving after Wrestlemania again. Punk is staying. The Rock is a thing of the past. Punk is the future. It’s sour-grapes to even explain why Punk should win at this point. It’s just not smart to put past stars over future ones. It’s known as passing the torch, which is something the WWE apparently doesn’t believe in anymore. To think, they actually wonder why they only have two legitimate stars on the active roster. Hmmm….

My guess is either the Undertaker or Brock Lesnar will re-debut at the Royal Rumble. It seems safe to say the plan right now is to have Brock Lesnar continue his feud with Triple H, which means the Undertaker is the odd man out for Wrestlemania. Realistically, the only opponent for Undertaker is CM Punl. Personally, I have no problem with Undertaker vs. CM Punk. It’s in fact the most intriguing match on the card.

The challenge , however, will be making CM Punk feel like a worthy opponent for the Undertaker after he seemingly loses to the Rock. I’ve stated before that Undertaker’s streak is the most credible thing in wrestling today. Unlike everything in wrestling these days, once the streak ends, it’s over. There’s no winning it back. So, it’s important that Undertaker has a credible and perhaps a wrestler who could convince us that they have a realistic chance to put the streak in peril.

Overall, the Rumble looks good head-to-toe. It is actually the most good-looking card since Summer Slam. But unlike Summer Slam, hopefully it delivers. Chances are I will talk about the PPV, the Road To Wrestlemania, and perhaps even Raw if I can muscle through it next week.


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