Hello everyone, and welcome back to the “Insight into Impact” review, in which I will be giving you the results and rundown on the 31st January 2013 episode of TNA’s Impact Wrestling, as well as giving you my opinion on this show.

It’s time for the 1st of 2 shows from eminating from Manchester, England and this show opens with Bad Influence dressed in kilts wearing blue facepaint. They discuss how Daniels lost his World Title chance, before Daniels says he’ll win the title, and be back to easily beat the English. This brings out the returning Magnus, who reminds them he’s English, and suggests to fight. Bad Influence double team him, before Magnus fights back and clears the ring. Magnus then wants to call out the guy who set up to take Magnus out of action: Devon.

Match 1: Magnus vs Devon

Magnus uses his momentum to get the upper hand, but once back in the ring, Devon takes control. Devon works over Magnus and plays to the crowd, before missing a diving headbutt. When Magnus gets on the offence, D.O.C. and Mike Knox rush in, only to get cleared out the ring by Magnus.

Magnus wins the match by disqualification in 5:13

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are backstage with Sting. They haven’t heard much from Hulk Hogan and wonder if he’ll be there tonight…

Joseph Park is in the ring, and ready for Open Fight Night. Before he can make his call out, Robbie E and Big Robbie T appear. Robbie E suggests Park is a “hamster” like everyone in the UK, till he remembers Robbie T is Welsh! Robbie E then challenges Park to a fight.

Match 2: Joseph Park vs Robbie E (with Robbie T)

Bit of a funny match here, with Park doing the basics, while also seeing Robbie E fail to make an impact with a crossbody or corner splash. Park with a belly to belly suplex and splash off the 2nd rope to get the “W”.

Joseph Park wins by pinfall in 3:32

Hulk Hogan has arrived, and is shown going into his dressing room.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are up next, with Aries suggesting they’ll win all the gold, starting with the easiest titles: TNA Tag Team gold. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez take exception to this, and appear. Aries suggests if he can beat Chavo, then Roode and Aries get a Tag title shot.

Match 3: Austin Aries (with Bobby Roode) vs Chavo Guerrero (with Hernandez)

Aries controls most of this match, but fails to be able to keep Chavo down for the 3 count. Aries drops Chavo, and goes to the top, imitates Chavo’s uncle Eddie with a top rope shimmy, only to miss a frog splash. Chavo turns the match his way, and backdrops Aries, hits 3 Amigos and a frog splash, but as he pins Aries, Roode rolls in and out the ring. The ref turns to stop Hernandez who tries to follow, Chavo knocks Roode off the ropes, allowing Aries to hit his corner dropkick, and a DEVASTATING Brainbuster for the 1-2-3.

Austin Aries wins by pinfall in 6:29

Brooke Hogan informs Bully Ray that her father is here, so they decide to make their way to the ring.

Kurt Angle is in his dressing room with Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff and Samoa Joe. Angle says he wants it just to be him and Mr Anderson, and Joe says he guarantees it will happen, and tells Wes and Garrett to back off, as he can handle it. They’re not pleased, but Kurt says it’s just “Joe being Joe”.

Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray make their way to the ring. They want Bully’s suspension lifted, and think Sting can help, so call him out. Sting appears, and says he can’t get Hogan out, but the fans may. It takes 2 amounts of “Hogan” chant for the Hulkster to appear. Hulk says he always does right by his family, which is why Bully is reinstated! Hulk then books Bully Ray and Sting vs 2 Aces in a TABLES MATCH for next week!

Dixie Carter appears on a pre-recorded video to announce TNA are taking Impact on the road from March 14th (about frickin’ time!!!).

Velvet Sky enters the arena, needing to get something off her chest. No, pervs, not her top! She calls for Tara and “her hollywood girlfriend”, Jesse. They come down, and Velvet wants a tag match, picking James Storm as her partner!!

Match 4: Velvet Sky and James Storm vs Tara and Jesse

Storm beats down Jesse, and despite Tara’s attempts at distracting him, Storm hits Closing Time. The ladies get tagged in, Velvet hits a headscissors takedown, but can’t get the pin. Storm tags back in, and hits Closing Time again on Jesse, as he sets up for the Last Call, Tara stops him, Velvet back in to hit In Yo Face and pins Tara.

Velvet Sky and James Storm win by pinfall in 3:49

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Brooke, and says he changed his mind on Bully Ray after seeing Bully take a beating to save Brooke.

We take a lookback at the last Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson cage match from TNA Lockdown 2010. Mr Anderson says how the Aces have shown more respect for him then the rest of the roster, before suggesting Angle won’t leave the cage the way he entered.

We cut to Kurt Angle’s dressing room, where Samoa Joe is laid out. Angle flips out, and tells Garett Bischoff to stay with Joe, and Wes Brisco to follow him to the ring.

Match 5: Kurt Angle vs Mr Anderson (Steel Cage match)

Angle goes straight after Anderson as soon as he gets in the cage, takes him down with a few clotheslines, but can’t connect with the Angle Slam. Anderson tries to escape, Angle stops him, they trade blows on the top rope until Angle gets dropped on the rope. Anderson chokes Angle, before trying to leave the cage, only to be hit with a super Angle Slam off the ropes. Anderson kicks out of the pin attempt, and manages a Mic Check. Anderson tries to get out once more, but Angle stops him and powerbombs him, as Anderson kicks out of the pin, Angle turns it into an Ankle Lock, drops down and forces Anderson to tap out.

Kurt Angle wins by submission in 10:17

As the match ends, a member of the Aces and Eights climbs into the cage. Angle calls Wes in and tells him to lock the cage. The Ace unmasks, revealing it to be Garett Bischoff! Angle goes mental at Wes, asking what’s going on, but Wes protests he knew nothing. As Angle goes for Garett, Wes attacks Angle, before taking off his jacket and shirt, revealing an Aces vest! They double-team Angle as the show ends….

I felt this was a good, enjoyable episode of Impact, which I haven’t been able to say for a while if I’m honest. Having been there live for this, it was an entertaining night, and came off just as good on TV. The crowd was just as hot and loud live, as it came across on TV. Hopefully this can be continued when TNA begin taking the show out on the road….although, US crowds aren’t as good as us UK and Irish fans! 😉 There were only 3 negatives for me, which I’ll get to shortly. First off, I’m loving the pairing of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode, both guys are fantastic wrestlers, and entertaining on the mic, so seeing these two paired, well, it can only lead to good things. Speaking of an “entertaining duo”, Bad Influence just keep getting better and better, becoming quite a highlight on the show. Being “heels”, we’re supposed to boo, but I can’t help cheer or laugh at these guys. It was good to see Magnus back, and he looked in great shape, seemed to have bulked up muscle-wise. Angle and Anderson delivered a good cage match, as I expected, and I was just thankful that we didn’t see the traditional Angle moonsault (I had worries he might screw up, and I’d be 2 rows from seeing a bad injury). Onto the negatives. First off, this is more to do with the taping aspect of the show. I’m unsure why they never showed the backstage segments on their big screen. It would have made sense as to why only Wes Brisco came down with Angle, or why Samoa Joe didn’t come down to help at the end of the show. Also, it just seemed strange how easy and quick Hulk Hogan seemed to just lift the suspension of Bully Ray. Didn’t seem to need much convincing on the night, just a case of suspension lifted, match booked, and moving on. Finally, the reveal of the 2 Aces members. For weeks, they’ve had Aces members stating how they must keep their masks on….yet Garett was quite quick to remove his, once in the cage (could tell it was him before he removed the mask anyways, at least from where I was stood…the eyes gave it away, surprised you didn’t hear my big gob yelling “THAT’s GARETT BISCHOFF, I SWEAR!!”). Maybe they could have had him attack Kurt, Kurt fight back, pull the mask off, looked shocked, and they had Wes turn on him like they did. At least that’s how I’d have booked it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this column, and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the show, and this review. As always, comments are appreciated.

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