– Bruno Sammartino reportedly approached the WWE Hall of Fame offer from Triple H as purely a business decision, giving Triple H a price that he thought would be turned down. Bruno didn’t think the deal would go through and eventually believed that Vince McMahon likely nixed the deal due to his asking price.
The price is apparently in line with what WWE would pay one of their top stars for a WrestleMania pay off. Nobody going into the Hall had ever asked a deal anywhere near what Bruno asked.
Sammartino ended up getting a significant deal.

 – Vince McMahon and Bruno still have not spoken as Triple H has handled the deal. Triple H is hoping to get Vince and Bruno together to talk in April. Regarding Triple H’s talks with Bruno, he portrayed himself as a student and a fan of Sammartino’s era. Triple H told Bruno from the start that WWE cleaned up their product and that when he got more power, he wanted to make WWE’s product similar to the product that Sammartino headlined years ago.

 – One of the connections between Bruno and WWE is Pittsburgh neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon. Maroon had operated previously on Bruno and worked on WWE’s medical team. Sammartino credits Maroon with keeping him out of a wheelchair after successful back surgery years ago. Sammartino viewed Maroon in high regard when he spoke of changes that had been made when it came to the health of WWE’s performers and their strict drug testing.

 – Sammartino said during negotiations that if the deal didn’t happen this year, he was not open to it any time in the future. The deal will see Sammartino be involved with WWE after his Hall of Fame induction. Sammartino was asked to be part of DVD’s on his era. He will also do voice-overs for some of his matches and a straight Sammartino DVD release is likely. Sammartino will also appear on WWE’s Legends Roundtable shows at times.

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Ray’s Opinion
If there is one man who deserves a significant deal, it’s Bruno Sammartino. Before there was Hogan, Flair, Stone Cold, Cena, Punk, it was Bruno Sammartino. It is such a shame it has taken this long for the living legend and WWE to come to an agreement. Bruno is a man who deserves the respect of wrestling fans and I can’t wait to buy his DVD. To hear his voice/input on future DVD’s is going to be awesome too. Aside from the deal itself, I want to note how good it is for us and WWE that Triple H is sensible and can negotiate with former talent. Triple H is doing everything right since his new management role as both the Diva’s and Tag Team division are on the rise, along with the improvements with developmental. 

Are you glad Bruno and WWE have finally reached an agreement? What do you think of Triple H’s role in this? Whether you’re a regular in the comment box below or have never commented before, please share your opinion with us! 🙂 


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